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Wendy Louise On Mindset, Meditation, And Success For Entrepreneurs

3 years ago

Success is something that you have the ability to create if you really set your heart to it. Mindset strategist Wendy Louise uncompromisingly believes that the universe has bestowed this manifesting power upon us since birth. It is up to us to discover who we are supposed to be and exercise our creative energy to become who we want to be and achieve what we want to achieve in this life. Wendy’s journey from rock bottom to where she is now is a testament to the power of these timeless principles. Listen in as she shares with Dr. Kevin Pecca how a pivotal moment led her to achieve the clarity she has been seeking all her adult life. Knowing how powerful those realizations can be, Wendy spent the next phase of her career helping entrepreneurs learn the tools they need to create the life and business of their dreams.


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Wendy Louise On Mindset, Meditation, And Success For Entrepreneurs

We have an amazing episode lined up for you. Wendy is a mindset meditation coach and success strategist, but more importantly, her journey to where she is now is what inspired me because the road here has not been easy. I loved hearing Wendy's story because it is one of triumph, the pursuit of happiness, and helping others. After suffering from a stroke in her early 30s, she knew it was time to make a major change in her life. She hit rock bottom hard. She could no longer physically work and had no idea how she was going to support her family and be the mom she wanted to be.

Being physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, she took this time to heal herself and figure out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Wendy is now healthier than ever, thriving and helping others do the same. She brings something different to the table. That's what I love about her and our conversation together. It was a pure joy hearing Wendy's story, all the amazing work she is doing, and all the people she is able to help through her own healing journey. I love these stories. They are my favorite, and I know you will enjoy them too. Please welcome, Wendy Louise.


We have a special guest, Wendy Louise out of San Diego. She is a mindset strategist. I am excited to have her on because her story is phenomenal. It's why I created the show and I'm excited to jump into it. Wendy, how are you?

I'm doing amazing. Thank you so much for having me. This is such an honor.

Thank you for coming on. I like to start the show with a little introduction of where you come from, where you grew up, and what you were into.

I grew up a military brat. Until I was age seven, we lived in Germany and then we went to Alabama, North Carolina, everywhere. I’m used to not having a super big comfort zone. I grew up with traditional parents. My mom was a real estate agent running her own business. My dad was a pilot in the Army. I remember him going to work some days because he could be mobilized within 24 hours and did a lot of special missions. He'd go to work and not come home. The big thing with my parents being traditional, and when I say traditional, this is what I mean. I think a lot of people can relate to this, “Wendy, you can be anything you want to be. You can do anything you set your mind to as long as you have to.” Even to this day, my dad will still say this to me, “College is not an option and whatever it is you set your mind to.” My mom would say, “It needs to make you independent, it needs to come with a good paycheck, and it needs to provide a certain class of lifestyle.”

Even though I was super creative growing up, I love to sit there and play. I call it meditation now. When kids sit there and daydream, we would go on car rides and we could be on a car ride for twelve hours. The entire time, I'd be off in my own land and you would never even know I was in the car. It was my happy place. I could create whatever I wanted to create. I feel like a lot of kids feel that way. Unfortunately, we stopped doing that. Why did we stop doing it? Your teachers would say, “What are you doing? Are you daydreaming? You’ve got to do your work. Pay attention. Stop doing this.”

Do you think it was beneficial for you later in life that you didn't have a home base? Did that help you in any way growing up?

It could go both ways. It is all based on your perspective. We have continued that lifestyle. We have traveled for many years. I continue to work in anesthesia and our kids, we have always done it with this preface of, “When you're not happy, we're going to stop.” It's funny because my daughter was showing me school buses because we always stay on Airbnbs. She's like, “We need to have an RV. I want to keep traveling. We need to convert a school bus.”

As a kid, there were times when I said, “I wish I still had the same friends,” because we're constantly moving. Now, I look back on it with some gratitude and appreciation for the fact that I have been exposed to as much as I have. I've seen as much as I've had. I've been able to do as much as I have. You're going to always have people who feel like, “I wish I had more of the same.” You're going to always have those people that are like, “It would be cool to do all of those things,” but fear often holds us back. I feel blessed to have lived the life I've lived.

Why are you always traveling around now?

Part of it is it’s innately in me. I am that crazy person where people are like, “What are you doing?” I've been that way my whole life. I marched to the beat of my own drum. When something pulls me, I’ve got to do it. Everyone goes, “No. You're supposed to live this traditional life.” I'll be super honest, at first when I was in my twenties, I took on a lot of guilt and I felt a lot of shame around the fact that I did what I wanted to do. Now that I'm 40, I sit there and I go, “I am lucky that I do all the things that everyone says, ‘What if I could do that? What if I did?’”

That's my definition of freedom. Doing exactly what it is you want to do.

We all sit there and think, “I've got this one life.” How do you want to live it? Life is for you.

How often do you stay in one place? Is it extended sometimes? Is it very brief? What does it depend on?

A lot of it too because I do anesthesia, I'll take contracts. It’s like local work. You're probably familiar with that terminology. We were in Indiana before this and we were only there for six weeks. It depends, but it's anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

What a world we live in now that you can rent out a beautiful house on the internet and you can make it your own. Is that your stay of choice, Airbnb?

It’s usually Airbnb. Sometimes there's a site called Furnished Finder, which is healthcare friendly. Now we're staying in an Airbnb on Mission Beach. Right outside, the view is the water. I sat there the other day and I'm like, “How lucky are we that this is our life?”

Especially coming from Indiana to California. I lived in California for four years. The people that grew up and live there, that's what they know. They know it's beautiful but when you come from a place with winter and you stay there for San Diego, you're like, “I've never seen anything like this.”

You have that sense of awe. It’s funny you said that because I was thinking about that. It's anything you're used to, I wonder when people that lived here forever are driving around, if they realize how fortunate they are.

Some do and some don't, like anything. I would love for you to jump into your story because you have overcome a lot. From what I'm gathering, it was unexpected and you had to rebuild your entire life almost. If we could jump into your story, that would be amazing. When did it start? What were you doing? All of that.

It started young for me. To take you back to where I said I had a traditional family. Things unraveled when I was still young. I went through a lot of hardships in my family life. I battled these demons of I feel like I am meant for something. I don't know what it is, but my parents said, “You fit in this box and it needs to come with these criteria.” At a young age, I went to college like they said because that was not an option. Not that I'm anti-college. I got a job out of school thinking, “I'm going to change the world. Everything's going to be amazing. I'm free.” It’s what everybody thinks and I hated it. The first job that I went into was in finance. Remember that I said I was always a creative person. I was always out of the box thinking and I'm sitting here doing statistics, numbers and analytics. Quickly, I marched to the beat of my own drum and I was like, “Screw this. I'm not doing this.” I started career hopping. I don't just mean job hopping.

You’re going from one completely different thing to the next.

If I went down the list, I've been in finance, mortgage broker, underwriter, sales. It wasn’t like, “I'm going to do this for a couple of years.” I would do it and be like, “Nope.” I'm on a mission to find where I belong. I did end up going into nursing school, and then I went to a nurse anesthesia school. I started working in anesthesia again because I started to feel that draw. I want to help people. I do like anesthesia, but it still doesn't feel like the perfect fit for me. It still feels like I'm a very multi-passionate person and it feels still like in that box. Two years into doing anesthesia, one of my colleagues introduced me to network marketing. It was the first sense that I got that you could do your own thing, “Maybe you are having all these issues because what you want to do doesn't exist for you.”

While network marketing wasn't my thing, it was an introduction to entrepreneurship. It was a crash course into what opportunities lie out there. It was a struggle. Most people that go into network marketing, God bless you, it is super hard. It is not what you think it is, but it's a pathway. Between trying to build this business and then going to work in the hospital, I neglected everything else in my life. I spent from my mid-teens to now we're talking about my early 30s, dealing with a lot of depression and anxiety. I went in and out of having eating disorders. I drank a lot because drinking for me was the only way I feel happy. A lot of people fall into some sort of an addiction. Around my early to mid-30s, my health started to decline. I was suffering from bad migraines. I had adult-onset asthma and terrible allergies. There was a six-month period where I was sick. Nobody knew what was wrong with me. Everybody was convinced that I was dying.

I woke up one morning after dealing with all of this for a while. I had a right-sided weakness. My husband, not knowing what to do and me being oblivious to what was going on, we went into the hospital and I had had a stroke. This was in my early 30s. How does that happen to somebody? I am a little bit more predisposed to my migraines and my auras, but it was crazy. At that moment, I realized, “I now cannot go to work in anesthesia, I don't have a successful business. What am I going to do?” It felt lower at that point because I had already been sitting in this bubble of, “Life sucks. Everything happens to me. I'm miserable, anxious and depressed. Now what?”

For a lot of people, there's an event that happens in your life that hits that wake-up button, if you're lucky. Many people say to me when they hear that, “I'm sorry.” I'm like, “I'm not.” It made me say, “I'm done. I'm not going to live my life like this anymore.” Everything else is unimportant if I can't wake up in the morning and I can't function, if I can’t be me and I can't find purpose, happiness, love and light. I pushed everything else aside and I said, “I’ve got to focus on me.” It is interesting because I had somebody on Instagram typed in, “I feel selfish worrying about me.” I'm like, “We have to revisit that because if you don't take care of yourself, how are you going to be available to help take care of anybody else? You cannot.”

I went on this journey of rediscovery. I was not spiritual before at all. If you talk to me about mindset, other than doing the stuff for network marketing, I was like, “I wasn't absorbing anything.” I was too focused on my own woes. Through that process, it was about six months, I regained my strength on the right side. I came off all my antidepressants. I started meditating regularly. All of a sudden, that void that I had been searching to fill by career hopping diminished.

Did you stop working or worked a little bit and worked on yourself?

I was not able to work because of the safety issue. It was pure me being like, “No more. I'm done.”

What did some of those days look like? How does one take a look at that and take advantage of these days and move forward?

It does depend on the person for me. I started meditating which was super powerful because it was almost like reverting to being a kid again. Those times when I used to sit there, daydream and allow myself to be, it's still there. I just wasn't paying attention to it. Being no stranger to going to school, there was a lot of journaling, reading and researching. I took on a mentor. I started doing online courses. I went from not being spiritual, not being mindset-oriented to being like, “I can't consume enough.” It was like, “This is it.” The more you do it, the better you start feeling, and the more results you start getting, the more it pulls you in. You're like, “This is it. This is what I've been missing.”

What does being spiritual mean to you? That's a very broad term that gets lost.

I truly believe that you cannot have spirituality without science. You can't have science without spirituality and religion. When we intertwine these three words, they all are talking about the same thing using different terminology. Being spiritual is about still believing there's something bigger than you. For me, that's God, the universe, the collective. Whatever you want to call it. There is no judgment. It is about love is the way, it's the solution to all of our problems. It is the belief in yourself and each other, and that we're all interconnected. Whatever it is that I do and who I am being affects you and everyone. We all feel, change, grow and evolve as one, even though we're only seeing ourselves.

A lot of people are very religious and religion is great. There's nothing wrong with that, but at the end of the day, the real statement is, "Show me.” I'm a Christian, I'm a Muslim. Show me what that is because if you're just regurgitating a book, it's like how you were with the mindset. It wasn’t set in stone. You weren't embodying what your belief is.

The other thing that I love to say is there are people that I had conversations with that are very Christian. They say, “In the Bible, it says that this is the only way.” I said, “If you were born in another country. You weren't born here. You were born from parents that were Muslim. In that religion, they believe that too. Does that mean that you're then going to go to hell?” You have to understand that there's nothing wrong with you believing what you believe.

However it is you want to get there is fine. There are many ways to get there. When you're starting to have more good days than bad and you are starting to heal, what was the next step for you? What did you want to do?

I want people to understand, there's no such thing as, “Every day is a good day,” and “Life is still bliss.” This is a constant work in progress and constant evolvement because as you grow, it's like you're climbing the stairs. There's a whole other set of obstacles that you have to learn to overcome and evolve. As I continue to grow, you can't help but look back and see the people that look exactly the way you felt, and have this desire to say, “There's a better way.” I know you don't see it because I couldn't see it. For me in the role I am in now, I fully understand. I cannot help somebody who does not have the desire, can't see it, doesn't want it, doesn't believe it. That's okay. That's for them.

There are people that are in different steps and there are people that are starting to see it. There are people that are starting to want it. They don't know how. For me, it became almost like this calling to turn around and say, “I got you. I've been there. I've done that. I know exactly how it feels. I don't know how it feels for you, but maybe we have some of the similar types of emotions that you're experiencing, and I can show you what I did. Maybe that will help you create your own way.”

That's powerful. Healing is when the person that is helping you has been there. It gives that person the faith to know that it's possible to heal when they're looking at somebody that went through it themselves. That's such a powerful thing to have on their side.

Here's the thing that I love, even when I'm at work at the hospital, patients are terrified, especially when they're about ready to have surgery. I feel like I have gained many wonderful skills that even in a super nonspiritual way, I can try to provide comfort and understanding. It has helped me in many aspects of my life.

I had a bunch of ice hockey concussions and for four years I had blurred vision, dizziness, headaches, anxiety, depression, and nobody knew what was going on. I landed in an upper cervical chiropractic office and it saved my life. I have a bunch of people that come to me with the same things, and knowing that somebody's been there and capable of beating a traumatic brain injury, that helps other people out tremendously. It doesn't have to be with chiropractic. It could be with anything. The light of possibility and hope is a huge thing when it comes to any form of healing.

The big thing you said is hope. People need to know it's possible. You’ve got to give yourself the shot.

This is your domain. It helps change the mindset because a lot of healing takes place up here first and foremost. A lot of people want to be healed. You said that people are on different levels. Some people are like, “I'm not sure if this is going to work. I'll give it a shot.” There are other people who are like, “Let's do it. I'm in. What do I have to do?” The people that come into my office with that mindset heal tremendously faster than the person that walks in and says, “I don't know if this is going to work. I don't know what to expect.” They'll still get better, but the mindset is huge when it comes to healing.

That's that placebo effect. I love talking to people about that. The faith, belief, perseverance and understanding, if you're in control of these, it’s huge.

That lucky moment we were both talking about that doesn't seem so lucky, it’s do this or bust. There's no plan B. You get to that point where you burn your bridges. There's no plan B. This is the only way you’re going. When you tell people that moment of your story, they're like, “I'm sorry.” It's like, “No. It was the best thing that's ever happened to me.” It's tunnel vision. It's the only way you're going.

This may have been true for you too, if you think about it, there were signs all along the way that were a lot more subtle. You don't pay attention to them. For me, the universe is going to smack you from behind and is like, “You're not getting it. We're going to make you get it.”

In your journey, what did it lead to for you?

It has led to that calling, and it's always evolving, but it is to help people. What's interesting is at first, I wanted to help everyone that wanted the help. I found that there are certain people who feel a lot more pressure, a lot more drive to want the change. There were people that were very similar to the way I was when I said, “I don't belong in a box. I'm here to do something more. I'm here to share with the world something. I don't know what it is.” I started niching down into entrepreneurs because I do feel there's something about that entrepreneurial spirit. It may not be that you're wanting to start a business, but there's something in you that's trying to come out through you. Helping them transform their mindset so you can get clarity around what it is you want because when you're seeing through a fog, you have no idea. You're like, “It was me. I'll try this. I'll try that. I'll do this. I'll do that. I'll go back to school.” I had no idea I was pulling strings and I needed to get out of the fog.

What you said there about clarity, that is the top 2 or 3 most important things of getting what you want when you tell the universe what it is you want. It's like people will say, “I want a car.” It's like, “What kind of car do you want?” The people that aren't clear, they might get a shitty car. The people that are like, “I want a red Porsche convertible with all the bells and whistles,” they've narrowed it down. They're very clear. They'll get that car. When you ask the universe for a car, you can get anything. How do you help your clients get that clarity, get clear, and narrow down what they want?

Have you ever heard of human design?

I don't think so.

Human design is when you were born, there is a picture, think of astrology, the way the stars and all of that were aligned. The way the energy was moving. It's formulated not into astrology, although astrology influence this. It is formulated into your energetic makeup. Using that, there are different types of people. Before, I thought that everyone had to get super-specific. You’ve got to be specific. The more specific, the better because if you don't ask for exactly what you want, the universe doesn't understand. It will give you a penny and be like, “I need more money.”

What I've learned is there are two types of manifestors. There are specific manifestors, I happen to be one. I like to sit down and say, “What do I want? How much will it cost me?” I need to add tax to that. Exactly what is the color? How does it feel? What am I smelling? All of these things. There are people that it overwhelms them. They're like, “I don't know how to do that.” I typically look it up. For those who are specific manifestors, you have to get very clear on what it is you want. If you don't know what you want, you're going to start with how do you want to feel?

If you're like, “I'm a specific manifestor and I want a dream house, but I don't know what I want in the house.” Let's start with how do you want the house to make you feel? What do you want to be nearby? What do you want to see? What do you want to have access to? You start with those things, “I want a house. It's on the water and the water is blue, and there are amazing restaurants and food nearby. I can get to the airport within 30 minutes.” Those things. If you're a nonspecific manifestor.

This is what I'm most curious about. I've always only heard of the specific one.

That's what's interesting. It makes a big difference. If you're a specific manifestor, vision boards and journaling are huge for you, getting very specific. If you're nonspecific, things like vision boards, journaling, specifics may not be the best for you. What you need to do is 100% always focus on what you want to bring in and the feeling. While specific can start with the feeling and move towards the specifics, nonspecific will always focus on, “How do I want this to make me feel?” For me, I would be specific. I'd be like, “I want to make $1 billion.” A nonspecific will say, “What is the money going to do for you? How is it that that money is going to make you feel? What is it about getting this money? What is it that's going to improve your life, improve your business, improve your state?” States are happiness, joy, fulfillment. That is what you're going to focus on, who you're becoming. It’s not what you're getting. It’s who you're becoming.

Money as the example here for nonspecific, are you picking a dollar amount or are you feeling how that money is going to make you feel, change your life, and all that?

You can pick a dollar amount, but it doesn't have to be specific. On the specific side, what you're going to do is say, “What is it I want?” You're going to reverse engineer. If I want a certain house or dream house, I'm going to say, “How much will that cost me?” You're going to work backward on coming up with the dollar amount that's going to give you what it is you want. For the nonspecific, you're going to be like, “I think I want to make $30,000 a month.” You're going to focus on how that's going to make you feel. You're not going to sit there and dwell on the number as much as what that number you came up with means to you.

I'm more on the nonspecific side. I've had a lot of amazing things happen to me. I didn't have that one specific like, “This is it.” I've lived in $2 million houses in chiropractic school, on student loans, on the beach. The one guy was from the East Coast. I'm from New Jersey. He was from New York. He's like, “I want to help you. We'll get you in here. Don't worry about the money.” It was too good to be true. It happened. I wanted a house on the beach in chiropractic school. If you tell anybody, that's ludicrous. That's never going to happen. Strangely enough, it was one of the best experiences in my life and I was nonspecific. I've been trying to get very specific lately. I'm thinking maybe go back to the nonspecific and do it that way.

I'll send you some information after this. It won't give you all of the details, but it will give you the basics. You can go to and put in your birth details. There are four arrows there, two on the right and two on the left. The one that is on the bottom right, if it is facing towards the right, you are nonspecific. If it is facing left, you are specific.

This is a link based on birthday and all that?

It asks your name, birth date, birth time, city and country. It autopopulates the state.

My girlfriend is huge on astrology and all that. When she first started doing it, I was skeptical, then you find out some cool things. If you're open to it, it's a cool experience.

When I do human design readings for people, they're always shocked at how accurate it is. I love it because you can find out where you have been, where you're going, where your business is going, your Chiron, which is your wounding. There's so much stuff. It's so cool.

Where did that come in to play for you, the astrology part and that aspect of what you do? You mentioned it a little bit, but it didn't sound like it was something you were into from the very beginning. Did you find that later?

It's been a few months that I've gotten into it. That might be the specific part of me because I still love the science part. While astrology is not science, it is. It’s that part of me that was still searching for another piece to make things more specific to the person. I feel like in the mindset, in the speakers that are on stage, that are uplifting, the motivational speakers, they were speaking to the masses. The reason there is a disconnect between hearing and absorbing is when you're speaking to the masses, you may not be speaking to me. What I love about incorporating this is I can literally speak to you and say, “I can help you decondition. I can help you reprogram your subconscious mind,” because I love things like meditation, tapping, and all of these other modalities, but I don't want to help you with things that are your strength. I want to go ahead and say, "Did you realize this because you might not even realize it?” I want to help you in the areas that you need to have that deconditioning in so you get the most impact.

I love what you're bringing to the table because it's different. There are a lot of life coaches that are doing the same take on everything. I always like people that are putting their own spin and combining things to help people. You're passionate about it, which great too.

That comes from walking in shoes I have walked in.

You were saying something when I was thinking of my own story of trying to find the right doctor to help me. I was going to all these brilliant doctors. Everybody I was trying to see with would tell me all these big words and how they were going to get me better. What they were saying was almost not making sense to me. I found this one doctor who didn't use any big jargon. He was a straight shooter. He sat down and met me on my level. That was the person that help me heal to get to where I was. I feel like you have to find that person that resonates with you regardless of what it looks like.

That will be different for everyone. That's why it's important to show up as authentic as you can, no matter who you are. I always tell people, “If you're walking around being vanilla because you think everyone is okay with vanilla, I don't know too many people that walk into 31 flavors and pick vanilla. How will the people who truly love Rocky Road find you? You're missing them.” To talk about the chiropractor who helped you, how incredible was it that not only did he heal you, but also inspired you to be who you are?

The craziest thing about that whole entire story is I was about 4 or 5 years in. I woke up one day and I was like, “I'm ending it. I can't take the pain anymore. I'm killing myself.” About a year after, that was my rock bottom moment where I'm like, “I'm doing everything in my power to get healed and I don't care what it's going to take. I'm going to share that gift with the world.” Fast forward, two years later, I was about to drop out of chiropractic school because my headaches were so bad. I was getting ready to leave that weekend. My friend goes, “I might know one person that could help you.”

I go to this guy's office. I'm telling him my story and he's smirking. I'm like, “What is funny? This is not a funny story.” He was like, “Everything you're telling me, I've been through myself. This completely saved my life. There's no doubt in my mind that we're going to help you get back on track too.” I could have gone anywhere that day. I could have said no. It would have been my twentieth doctor that I went to see and I’m like, “This is not it.” It's crazy how the universe, the world, or whatever you call it leads you to certain aspects of your life. There are moments that are too good to be true. That was one of them. I can't believe it.

It’s incredible that you recognize these things. When you're in the fog, this is happening to you all the time and you don't recognize it. You don't see that there's a path here. You're always supported. You're always guided. There are people on your side who leave at night.

How do you get your clients to see the signs, lift the fog, and ask for help?

I truly believe I can't. I don't believe I can heal anybody. I can love and guide them. I always say, “I can take you to the water. I cannot make you drink. That comes from you.” The only person who can heal is the person themselves. I’m just the guy, the navigator, the tool. It has to come from them. When they are receptive to what I say, what I offer, or what guidance I provide, they will take the actions that they need. That's all I can do. I can be there for support, but you’ve got to heal yourself.

What exactly is it that you do? Who are your clients that you help?

I focus primarily on entrepreneurs and I do a lot of reconditioning or what people call subconscious reprogramming. I use modalities such as human design, meditation, tapping and awareness. That awareness key where they understand things like, what is fear from a biological standpoint? People feel fear and then they think that means, “I can't.” I try to help people understand that your brain's number one function is survival, and then number two is to keep you safe from the potential of pain, whether it's emotional, financial, spiritual, whatever it is. That check engine light that comes on in your body. If you were driving your car and the check engine light came on, would you all of a sudden pull over, freak out and be like, “I’ve got to get an Uber. No way. The car is falling apart?” Would you take note of it and say, “There's something going on here. I should probably get that checked out?”

Some of you might freak out, but fear is nothing more than your brain saying, “There could be a problem here,” but it's outdated software. It doesn't understand that there is a difference between “I am unsafe” and “I am uncomfortable.” Giving people the understanding and awareness about these things, and then helping them to navigate through releasing all of the autonomic habits and beliefs that do not serve the path that you're trying to walk. I help people to learn how to meditate in a specific way that I had done it, which is interesting. I've never heard anyone teach it this way, but I have decided that I would march to my own drum. I am like, “This is what worked for me. It may not sound like what you've ever heard, but this is how we're going to do it.” I teach people how to disconnect because you can't meditate 24 hours, 7 days a week. When you're having that, “I'm getting the anxiety, fear or whatever,” I’m like, “This is how we're going to disconnect it.” We disconnect it at that moment so you can gain clarity.

What I love about human design is it has another piece that brings in awareness, that thing where you're like, “I'm sensitive, this is awful. I feel bad about it.” That might be your gift. Maybe it helps you to be more empathetic. It helps you to sense the collective energy. It helps you in many ways. How can you use that? Here are the areas where you may have conditioning. Here are the areas where I don't like to say that I like it to be empowering, where some people may say, “This could be your weakness.” I say, “No. This is where you have the opportunity to become the wisest in this lifetime. This is where you can truly grow.” When you go from that standpoint, you're unstoppable. What do you want? Now you can have it.

Wendy, where can people find you? Where can they make an appointment with you and get more information on your services?

I mostly hang out on Instagram and my handle is @HigherVibeCollective. There is a lot in my link section. If you're an entrepreneur, there is a free guide on there. It is all about this awareness piece. It's all about bringing to the forefront six of what I like to call the Six Mindset Shifts to Six Figures, which are those pieces though that tend to play over and over again as a theme in the collective. When you read through it, it will help provide some of that clarity piece. It’s 100% free.

Wendy, at the end of every show, I'd like to ask all my guests, what is one piece of advice that resonates with you that you would like to give the audience? It could be absolutely anything.

If I could leave you with anything, I want you to understand that you don't belong in a box. You have the power within you to do, be, have anything you truly set, not your mind, but your heart too. All you have to do is believe that that is true and it can be yours.

Wendy, thank you so much for coming on. I love this episode. You're great and very interesting. You have a beautiful story. I would love to have you back anytime down the road.

It's been such a pleasure. I enjoyed this. I'm fascinated by your story as well. It's incredible and a testament to exactly how this all works.

That's why when I saw your story, I was like, “This is it. She's perfect for the show.” My favorite thing to do is to know how people got from A to B and especially with a story like that. It's empowering and it helps out a lot of other people that may not be in the right spot. Thank you for laying all the cards out on the table too. I will talk to you soon.

Thank you so much. It's been such a pleasure.

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