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Vaccine Awareness with Dr. Liz Hoefer

6 years ago

Newborn babies often get vaccines that contain aluminum and mercury, chemical ingredients that can be harmful to the body and immune system for the first 12 hours after birth. A child is a precious gift every parent will always be protecting. Sadly, there is a side of the medical world with hidden agendas that threaten the lives of our children in exchange for money. Hear mother and chiropractor Dr. Liz Hoefer stand up and speak up about vaccine awareness.


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Vaccine Awareness with Dr. Liz Hoefer

We’re going to talk about the hot issue of vaccination. Did you know that 1 in 50 children in the USA are diagnosed with autism each year? In 1978, this number was 1 in 15,000 kids. Since 1978, the vaccination protocol for kids has nearly tripled and the autism rate has skyrocketed. We’ll be talking about the chemicals that have been put into vaccines, the research that have been covered up by pharmaceutical companies and the side effects of what thousands of parents are saying after their own children have been vaccinated. I want to make this clear: I am not anti vaccination. I would just like to help educate the people on what is in a vaccine and the side effects that they can cause so parents can make their own decision if they want to vaccinate themselves or their children. Please welcome Dr. Liz Hoefer, who is a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Dr. Hoefer, it’s a pleasure to have you back on the podcast talking a little bit about vaccines today, which is a very hot topic. That new movie came out, Vaxxed, which is extremely informative and just heartbreaking for those thousands of parents that are saying the same exact thing, that they literally watched their children become a completely different baby immediately after vaccines. Dr. Hoefer, let’s talk about vaccines, why can they be harmful? Why is this such a hot topic right now?

Thanks, Dr. Pecca. I’m so glad you have me on the podcast. This is a super important topic. I just want to start with saying that I am coming from this perspective as a mother, as somebody who has seen people in their family injured by vaccines, and as an advocate for parental choice and medical freedom. As a chiropractor, I don’t have the authority to make recommendations on medicine, and vaccine is considered a medical procedure. It has ingredients and it is a drug, essentially. That is why pharmaceutical companies make them. I don’t have authority as a chiropractor to be giving advice but I am giving advice and I’m giving my opinion as a mom and as an advocate for parents.

I just want to get that clear in case there are any people out there that just get it twisted. I’m not talking from my doctor hat today. I’m talking from my mom hat and from my freedom hat. With that said, obviously, vaccines is a hot topic and it’s a very divisive topic. I am not afraid to talk about the truth that I know because if we can save one person from being damaged, it’s important.

Dr. Hoefer, what goes into a vaccine that could be damaging especially in a young infant whose immune system could be very easily compromised to begin with?

Let’s just say we weren’t born Hep B deficient. When a baby is born in a hospital in the United States, within 12 hours, they’re given a vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease. The only way that you can get this disease is if you have sexual contact or you share a dirty needle. Typically, you’re thinking IV drug users or people that have very risky sexual behavior, i.e. prostitution and things like that. The interesting fact is that a baby is vaccinated with this particular vaccination at 12 hours of life and then it actually wears off before they ever even become sexually active, so it’s really serving no purpose.

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Vaccine Awareness : They made completely healthy babies subjected to something that’s completely unnecessary

The story that is told is that the reason why they give this is because they were high-risk women that were coming in and giving birth. They didn’t know the medical history of these women. They didn’t know if they were positive for this particular issue or not. This disease was getting passed onto the baby during childbirth, and so they just made a blanket requirement for all people. Instead of just enforcing policy or doing a better job at check-in, they made completely healthy babies subjected to something that’s completely unnecessary, in my opinion.

You asked about ingredients. A couple of ingredients that people don’t even know, they’re called adjuvants. They’re basically what the virus or the antigen that they want to grow. They put it into a petri dish and they grow these things, and aluminum is in there. Aluminum is a very well-known neurotoxin. They’re actually coming out with reports and studies now. I just read something yesterday that they took fifteen different samples from people that have autism, from their brain tissue and they had the highest amount of aluminum they’ve ever even seen. When you inject aluminum into your bloodstream, it’s going to go straight to the brain because the blood brain barrier doesn’t protect it from getting in there. Aluminum is a problem, mercury and it’s also known as thimerosal. Supposedly, most of the vaccine makers take thimerosal out, but they’re still thimerosal in the flu shot and different things that they recommend getting every six months, basically, from the time you’re born and then forever.

I don’t know if people understand that the aborted fetal tissue from fetuses is what they use to create vaccines. People that have a religious or a moral offense to abortion, if they knew what these vaccines were created in, they would have a problem knowing that they’re injecting aborted fetal tissue or aborted fetal protein into your system. Some of the vaccines are cultured in peanut oil and then they wonder why there is an issue with peanut allergy, all these kids that are anaphylactically allergic to peanuts. You have to look at the mass rise in the allergies, and the sinusitis, and the asthma and the chronic illness of children and you have to look and see what could possibly be doing this.

I just want to go over one stat real quick just to give everybody an idea of the growth in autism and how it can be associated with the amount of vaccines. In 1978, one in 15,000 kids was diagnosed with autism. In America today, they’re saying one in 50 kids is showing up on the spectrum with autism and the vaccination protocol has nearly tripled. I know there are other environmental factors that can be going on and there was even a claim that autism can be genetic. There is no way in hell that that’s genetic. There’s no way.

Epidemiology is the study of disease and the progression of disease. There has never been in the history of any disease or condition where there’s been this ridiculous increase in people being diagnosed and suffering. You have to step back and say in the last 35 years, what has changed? The only thing that has changed is the frequency and the amount, the number of diseases that were being vaccinated with. I just pulled up a quick little stat from the CDC. This is from the Center of Disease Control from the United States government. They have these facts on their website,

In 1983, it was a total of 24 doses. You had seven injected vaccines, you had four oral vaccines, a total of 24 between birth and eighteen. This is when I was three years old. I think that when I was born, by the time I turned eighteen, I may have been subjected to this amount of vaccination schedule. In 2016, it was just a year ago, the entire schedule had changed and now, from 0 to 18, you are required to have 74 doses of 53 different injections and three orals. If that isn’t a huge sign, for somebody that has a rational mind, you don’t even have to be a neurobiologist or a medical doctor, you can be a mom looking and doing research and saying, “Wait, what’s going on? Why all of a sudden is a woman who is pregnant is recommended to get a flu vaccine and a Tdap vaccine?”

Did you know? This is another fascinating thing that they don’t tell you when they’re asking you to get these vaccinations, is that none of them have been tested for safety. They do retroactive studies to find out if these kids that have been vaccinated pop up with this disorder, but they’ve never tested to see if it’s safe in the first place, especially in pregnancy. In fact, the insert of these vaccines say this has not been tested in a pregnant population. The only way or reason that one would come to think that this is possible is because somebody has an agenda. What do you think that agenda is? It’s to make money and to keep people sick.

Another thing that changed that allowed this ridiculous schedule to happen was in 1986. There was a law that was passed, Regan actually had signed this law, giving vaccine makers complete immunity which means that they cannot be sued for any damage caused from the ingredients or any damage that ensues because of their product. They have blanket immunity. There is no other product in the free world that has this immunity. Vaccine makers know that if they make these vaccines and create this marketing plan to scare people because chicken pox is deadly, for God’s sake, eye roll inserted, it’s important to understand that there is an agenda behind this.

I wholeheartedly believe in my heart that vaccine manufacturers or people that give vaccines, doctors that are trained to give vaccines, they believe in what they doing because they’ve been educated and they’ve been trained and they’ve been brainwashed to believe that what they’re doing is helping. I am on the other end of it as a mother who has a daughter that’s vaccine-injured, as a family member who has family members that are vaccine-injured. I see the effects of it. Obviously, we can’t prove it because if you go and you say, “My kid has this reaction,” they’ll just say, “That’s normal.” Screaming at a high pitch for 24 hours straight and having diarrhea to the point where you’re so dehydrated you have to get hospitalized, somehow that’s completely normal and okay after you get injected.

I was watching that movie, Vaxxed, last night and it was so eye-opening and just sad for all those parents that actually have video footage of their child a couple hours or a week after their vaccine with that high-pitched scream literally banging their head against the wall, a blank stare, unresponsiveness, paralysis, speech loss, diarrhea, hair falling out, rash, fever. It’s almost endless. There was one where they had the video of this little baby boy, a week before the vaccine, he was walking around and talking fine, a week later, they had the same video footage and the kid couldn’t even walk. He was popping up, popping down. He was unable to walk anymore and every week after that got worse until he was literally not the same kid ever again.

One shot could be deadly. The entire premise of that movie, Vaxxed, it isn’t necessarily about how deadly vaccines are. Obviously, you can gather that from the movie but the main point of the movie is to show you that the CDC has a whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, and he has evidence showing that the CDC committed scientific fraud when producing these scientific studies that all these medical doctors quote to give you safety.

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Vaccine Awareness : You have to do the research. You can’t just blanketly trust anybody.

What I’m saying is that you have to do the research. You can’t just blanketly trust anybody. I would never expect somebody to come into my office and do what I say just because I said so. I would hope that they would do research and understand why chiropractic is safe and effective. It’s interesting because even I, as a chiropractor who literally has zero risk of any kind of issue, I have to read an informed consent that talks about the fact that there are risks associated with having an exam, getting a manipulation. When parents go into these doctor’s offices and they talk to the doctors and they say, “What are the risks associated?” They’ll tell them, “They’ll get a little fever. Their arm will get a bit red. They may be sleepy.” The truth is, they can die.

In my opinion, SIDS is not sudden infant death syndrome, it is vaccine infant death syndrome, or vaccine-induced death syndrome because there are so many babies that, after their two-month shots, after their four-month shots, after their twelve-month shots, they go home, they go to sleep and they don’t wake up because their nervous systems are so overwhelmed with the toxins being injected in their poor little system. They can’t handle it.

One of the moms was talking in the documentary and she’s like one of the doctors told her, “No, your son was born with this.” She made the point, she’s like, “When you have a newborn child, you notice every little hiccup, every little cough, every little thing. Anything that pops up, that child is your entire world that you’re paying attention to.” When the child suddenly becomes lifeless, banging their head against high-pitched screams, seizures, it’s like, “My child was not born with this. I’ve been raising my child every single day, it’s my whole world. This was environmentally-induced. My child was not born with this.”

They just try to patronize women and men, fathers that see the difference. Thank God there are so many fathers that are in this fight with us. It’s just really sad because they can’t admit this is so deep and so ingrained in the policy and it’s just sick. The good news is there’s hope. There’s hope that people are waking up. Recently, sadly, there was an MMA fighter, a guy out in New Jersey, his little boy was given his vaccines and he was 22 months old. Two weeks later, he died. The autopsy said that it was natural causes. This dad is mad as hell because he said 22-, 24-month-olds do not die from natural causes. His wife is a nurse and she knows for a fact that her son was different and that he died because of the vaccines he got two weeks before. They actually have medical proof now. They had a secondary autopsy done and they’re in the process of working through the court system.

If vaccines were safe and effective, why does the Supreme Court say that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe? This whole rhetoric of it’s safe and effective, it’s a lie straight from the pit of hell and it has to be stopped. I’m not saying don’t vaccinate, because if you’re choosing to do that, that’s your choice, but you shouldn’t have it mandated. It should not be a requirement for any kind of education. It shouldn’t be a requirement to be able to have a job.

In order to send your kids to a public school in California, they need X amount of vaccines up-to-date in order to go to school, correct? There are no more religious exemptions or any of that?

That’s correct. The only way that a child can enter into public or private education in the State of California is if you have a medical exemption if you’re not up-to-date on your vaccines. That means that you have to be up-to-date according to the CDC schedule against ten or eleven different viruses. The law is called SB 277. I fought tirelessly for two years to educate people, going up to the state capital, talking with legislators, having events. We brought the Vaxxed bus to an event in my town, around the corner from my office, and had a huge event, just educating people about the dangers. So many medical doctors, Suzanne Humphries and Andy Wakefield and even local medical doctors in Orange County that see the devastation that can occur, they’re being shunned from their medical community. They’re being made to say that they’re quacks. This is the thing. If they were really crazy, why would they be fought against so hard? You know what I mean?

Remember when I broke my elbow, you were the first person I called, and you were like, “Go to the hospital. What are you doing?” I went to the hospital and the nurse comes up, “All right, let’s give you a tetanus shot.” I’m like, “Why do I need a tetanus shot right now? I fell on the street. I’m good.” She’s like, “No, you need a tetanus shot.” I called you and you were like, “No way. Don’t have them.” You said like, how was fecal matter from a horse or whatever, how was that going to help you heal? I said, “Absolutely not.” I went back the next day to get a cast, “Here’s your tetanus shot.” I was like, “I don’t want a tetanus shot.” Over the course of the next two or three days, I was offered a tetanus shot four times.

The interesting thing about tetanus is that it is an issue. Obviously, you get lockjaw and your muscles shut down. It’s a bad deal if you get tetanus. However, if you bleed in any capacity, you’re not going to get it because it’s an anaerobic toxin, which means that if there’s blood flow, it’s getting oxygen and you’re not going to have an issue. The other thing is the really only time people get it is if they’re around horse manure or in a field working and they get punctured or cut with something that has that tetanus on it. You were skateboarding on a sidewalk in Huntington, Beach. You didn’t have a gash. You had a broken elbow. The fact that they were trying to give you a tetanus shot for something that was completely unrelated, it was just an agenda. They’re trained like clockwork to offer it to every single person that comes into their establishment.

I was baffled. Literally, there was a congregation around me after I refused the second one. They were like, “What do you mean you don’t want a tetanus shot?” Four people looking at me like I was insane. Imagine if someone’s uneducated, they’re going to get that shot because you have four doctors looking at you like you need this shot. It’s absurd.

That’s the power of the medicine model. It’s almost like it’s a religion. Here in Orange County, there was a little girl, it was in this last month, she was given a recommendation by a medical doctor to do a certain treatment. Her parents thought that the medications that they were giving her were causing ridiculous side effects to the point where she was looped up and drowsy and she couldn’t function. They decided instead to give her CBD oil which is 100% legal in all 50 states. There’s no THC associated with it. It made her better from her seizures. Do you know what? The medical doctor got offended and he called CPS and they medically kidnapped that little girl from her home and she wasn’t with her family for five days.

They put her in a foster care with strangers because they said that she wasn’t following medical orders. Kevin, you had me to call and I was like, “Under no circumstance do you need to take that.” I was able to be strong for you in that moment because you didn’t know. Now you do and now you’re digging into it and you are so much farther ahead than most people your age who don’t have children yet. This is the thing. I’m not anti-vax, I’m ex-vax. Does that make a difference? Yes, it does.

Anti-vax is this label that we’re given, “You’re against science. You don’t believe in science. You don’t believe in anything that’s been published.” Everything that’s been published is based on fraud, first of all. Secondly, there are so many different articles that are linked to neuro damage and neurobiology issues and all of this stuff with the adjuvants and the different chemicals and the different ingredients inside these vaccines, but it’s not labeled blatantly, “Vaccines cause this, vaccines cause that.” You have to have a medical mind to read these research articles to be able to decipher what it is actually saying.

I’m an ex-vaxxer which means that my first daughter was vaccinated on a very remarkably low schedule. It wasn’t until my ex-husband took my daughter and got her, “all caught up” on her vaccines so she could go to kindergarten without me being there. Sadly, he had the right to do that because he had a custody of her, just like I did. He took her to get all caught up. She was in the hospital within six months completely dehydrated, having the worst diarrhea, never stopped puking. She has horrible skin. She has endometriosis. She has a learning disability. She still has horrible eczema. She has the weakest immune system on the planet. Everything that I’m doing as her mother and as a chiropractor is propping her up but she is damaged. She is damaged.

The two little girls that I have, I decided not to take that risk with them. I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I’m an ex-vaxxer because I’ve seen what can happen. There are people in my family, there are people in my husband’s family that have issues with autism spectrum and I don’t want to take the risk from the fact that there could be an issue on a gene. There are a lot of information linking the MTHFR gene to not being able to properly handle folate and metals. If you can’t detox properly, how are you going to be able to handle that toxic load that gets injected into your system? Measles isn’t deadly. It can be if you’re immunocompromised but there hasn’t been one death from measles in this country in the last 30 years.

The way they advertise the flu vaccine is really cute. They have a nice little poster, like, “Don’t get sick this winter. Here’s your flu vaccine.” They’re just guessing the strand of the flu that year. This is coming from me that I used to get the flu vaccine every year until I knew better. I haven’t had the flu vaccine in four or five years and I haven’t had the flu. Even people that do get the flu shot, they still get the flu. What is it doing?

![EM 033 | Vaccine Awareness ](

Vaccine Awareness: It’s hurting people. It’s compromising their immune system.

It’s just hurting people, in my opinion. It’s hurting people. It’s compromising their immune system. The flu isn’t a season, like, “It’s flu season.” It’s not a season. It’s a respiratory problem and you get a cough and you feel terrible for a few days. Do you know what’s interesting? People that get multiple myeloma, the cancer, they actually inject live measles virus into them to fight the cancer. If the measles was so deadly, why would they be using it to fight a cancer later on?

Our immune system was designed to build upon itself. Kids that get sick as toddlers and they get runny noses and all this stuff, their immune systems are being made healthier because of it. You can hardly find wild chicken pox anymore because all these kids are vaccinated against it. Do you know what’s happening because they’re vaccinated against chicken pox? Children are getting shingles. Shingles is like the adult version of chicken pox that happens when you’re immunocompromised during a stressful situation later in life. Children are coming out with shingles, something that isn’t even supposed to occur until you’re well into your adult years.

We’re trying to play God. We’re trying to fix a system that isn’t broken. Our immune systems, as we know from a chiropractor perspective, are designed to be whole and functioning 100% optimally and it builds upon itself. If you get exposed to something naturally, as in through your gut, your body is going to launch an immune response that’s natural that is life-long.

When you inject something, it’s going to help protect you from other things. There are so many different opinions that I have about this. Like I said, I’m not talking as a chiropractor. I’m talking as a mom. I’m talking as an educated woman. I’m talking as an advocate that has tirelessly worked in the state that I live in to inform people about the truth.

Some of the websites that I’ve used are, Brandy Vaughan has an entire platform. She goes around and talks about it. She is an ex-pharmaceutical employee. She was on the inside and realized like, “There is an agenda here. It isn’t about health or wellness. It’s about making money.” Sure, does everybody need to make money to live? 100%. Do I have an agenda when somebody comes to walk in my door? Absolutely. I want to get them better. That’s my agenda. I should be paid for the work that I do because I went to school for freaking ten years and got an education.

There has to be an exchange of goods, but I don’t ever put myself in a position to do harm. That’s what the Hippocratic Oath is. Medical doctors that take that Hippocratic Oath just like we do, the first thing is I will do no harm. Do accidents happen? Absolutely. Do mistakes get made? 100%. If you know better and you continue to do something for the sake of profit, that is wrong.

All the research has been covered up over the years. They say they’re struggling with the results they’re getting from the vaccines. How do you struggle with scientific results? It’s a fact. You’re hurting these poor kids and they’re struggling with the results. That’s not struggle, it’s like, “Don’t do it. Stop.” We’re so far gone and there’s so much money involved, and this is America, along with everything, that it’s so tough to go back. That’s why that movie, Vaxxed, is so valuable, where the people can actually just see it for themselves and make their own decisions.

Another incredible documentary to listen to or to research is called The Truth About Vaccines. Ty Bollinger is a man that started this truth about cancer and it’s very well-received and well-respected even within the medical community, the stuff that he does. He really stumbled upon this truth about vaccines concept and he got all these really educated people to come in. It’s something that people should check out. Obviously, we want you to watch the movie, Vaxxed. We want you to watch The Truth about Vaccines, which is something, if you put it on Facebook, you can Google it, you can find it and you can watch it. In fact, right now, it’s a nine-series thing. It’s on. It’s free. You can just download it and watch it.

Dr. Hoefer, what options do parents have now with getting vaccines?

In California, Mississippi and West Virginia, the only option you have is you can get your kids fully vaccinated or you can get a medical exemption. In the State of California, there was such an uproar that we had the original language of the law amended. In my case, my two girls that haven’t been vaccinated, I already had a personal belief exemption on file and they’re “grandfathered in”, which means that all the kids that had this thing on file are allowed to stay in school until the next checkpoint. For my kids, it’s kindergarten and seventh grade. My little Claire isn’t going to be able to go to kindergarten if the law doesn’t change in a year and a half.

Medical exemption is obviously something you can’t just go have a doctor lie. They’re not going to risk their license to write you a letter saying your kids can’t have vaccines. You have to be able to prove it. Things that you can use as your family history, autoimmune disease, things like seizures and anaphylactic shock. Obviously, if you have a sibling that has vaccine injury, but the problem is, like with my oldest, I can’t prove that it was from vaccines. All I can do is have a correlation, like she got these shots and then these happened. No medical doctor ever documented it. Autoimmune diseases like lupus or fibromyalgia, things like that that allow them to see that there is a compromised genetic disposition and that if you gave this kid a shot, it could be detrimental.

What about for like a 20-year-old mom that’s just had her first kid and she’s in the hospital, do they give them right away?

At birth, you get the Hep B vaccine and you also get this thing called the vitamin K shot. They name it really like, “Who wouldn’t want to give your kid vitamin K? It helps with clotting.” Vitamin K is synthetic in the hospital and it’s got this thing called Polysorbate 80 which is a blood-brain barrier issue. It goes right through the blood-brain barrier. It’s going and it’s creating neurotoxicity immediately at birth. These kids come out and they’re whole and great, and then all of a sudden within hours, they’re being inoculated with toxins and their little immune systems don’t have the capacity to handle that.

Can that mom say no without a ‘no exemption’ right away?

Yes, because everything is based on education here in California. You can’t take your kid to a daycare, you can’t take your kid to public school or private school. If you’re going to be a stay-at-home mom and home-school your kids, you don’t have to vaccinate your kids.

I’m just saying her going into that situation, she doesn’t have any medical exemption, nothing behind her, can she just say, “No, I don’t want the shots”?

She has to sign a bunch of papers. Even if she does that, she has to trust that they’re going to follow the rules because the nurses are so ingrained that every baby gets a shot. I know several women who went in saying, “I don’t want any vaccines,” and they took the baby away to go do a hearing test and they gave it a shot. The mom didn’t even know until she got the records back, because she started noticing there was something wrong with her baby. She looked at the records and they documented that they did it and all of a sudden, there’s no recourse because, “Sorry, we made a mistake.”

There’s nobody to sue. There’s nobody to blame. It probably takes years for it to even go through the court.

![EM 033 | Vaccine Awareness ](

Vaccine Awareness : Court says vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. This is the deal.

No, you cannot sue. There is a special court called the Vaccine Injury Court and it’s already paid over $3 billion worth of injury. Let me explain something to you about this. The highest payout you can get, and that’s because your child was dead because of one of their products, is $250,000. If $3-point-something billion has been paid out, how many kids have died from that? There is an issue. It’s interesting because every time somebody purchases a vaccine, the taxpayers are paying for this Vaccine Injury Court. Our tax dollars are funding this. Again, the Supreme Court says vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. This is the deal. If you have any questions, do research. If you feel that gut instinct in the pit of your stomach, you should not do it. You can always vaccinate, you can never un-vaccinate.

Dr. Hoefer, thank you so much. That was one of my favorite episodes. I will talk to you soon. We’ll have you back on soon.

I appreciate your time and thank you for letting me share my opinion. Again, this is just my heart and I’m not trying to be divisive, but I want to people to know that there are choices, there are options. The truth will come out. I just want people to know that it’s okay to say no to this and it’s okay to stand up. The more people that do it in the name of health, in the name of saving babies, our country is going to be a better place because of it. Thank you so much, Dr. Pecca, for allowing me to share my obviously heated opinion on this. I look forward to talking to you soon.

All right, talk to you soon.

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