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Unlock Your Chiropractic Potential with Dr. Michael B. Dibley

6 years ago

Dr. Michael B. Dibley, Founder of The Institute for Human Potential, grew up in the epicenter of chiropractic. He got his first adjustment eight minutes after birth. His father who is also a chiropractor made the adjustment as well as helped cut the cord. Now, his passion and enthusiasm for the profession are unrivaled and he is always spreading the good word of chiropractic. He is constantly traveling all around the world to give health to educate people about what chiropractic truly is and teaches on how to unlock your chiropractic potential.

It is an honor to have Dr. Michael B. Dibley. His passion and enthusiasm for the profession are unrivaled and he is always spreading the good word of chiropractic. He is constantly traveling all around the world to give health talks and educate people about what chiropractic truly is. He is the Founder of The Institute for Human Potential in Norway. He also has a website We have a great episode.


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Unlock Your Chiropractic Potential with Dr. Michael B. Dibley

We have Dr. Michael B. Dibley. Dr. Dibley is a chiropractor out of Norway. You have a pretty interesting story of how you ended up there and everything, so we’re looking forward to getting to that. Dr. Dibley, where are you from originally?

I came on planet Earth in Iowa City, Iowa in 1983, March the 14th. It was three days before my father graduated from Palmer.

Your dad was a chiropractor too.

Yeah, my dad still is, 35 years in practice in Elkhart, Indiana, top rank, Dibley Chiropractic Center. For almost 30 years they have number one ranking there.

When did you get your first adjustment?

That was probably after my father helped cut the umbilical cord, which is probably seven to eight minutes after birth and I was checked. Let’s say seven, eight minutes into it.

I have so many people all the time don’t even know that you can check babies and kids and everything, and I’m like, “That’s the best time to do it.” Dr. Dibley, what were you into growing up as a kid?

I went to a private Catholic school my whole life, so it was soccer and it was baseball, it was golf in the summer, tennis, and swimming. My mother was a state champion swimmer. My father played rugby for Palmer, a real athletic family. We come in after school snack and we have to be outside until dinnertime. We weren’t allowed to be in inside no matter what season it was. I grew up on a compound on a plantation home. You know Harriet Tubman, the Underground Railroad, our property is on the Underground Railroad and it’s on seven acres. We had five acres of forest and two acres of yard, of grass, and pool area and sauna, and stuff like that, so we were always outside building forts. That’s what I was into. Building forts and riding bikes and going to the library and do my newspaper route when I was twelve. I was into everything that I knew of at that time, played ice hockey my whole life.

Did you know from day one you were going to be a chiropractor or was that something you fell into?

I felt innately always pulled to it because it was weekly adjustments. I went to school with the Broderick family and they all went to Palmer. In my class was Sean Broderick and he always joked about how we’re going to become chiropractors from probably second or third grade or something. We’d go back and forth, we’re going to be a chiropractor and my dad’s a better chiropractor than your dad. I grew up in this chiropractic universe.

You grew up in the epicenter of chiropractic.

The thing is I didn’t even know another school existed. Honestly, I had no idea. We heard about Palmer from day one. We used to go to the Lyceum every August. I’ve been adjusted by Fred Barge, and Sid Williams and a lot of the people that are responsible for forming our profession as we know it today.

You went to Palmer in Iowa. Doc, how did you end up overseas?

I had a beautiful partner, beautiful girlfriend, Dr. Cathrine S. Walle. I met her when I was finishing up the last little bit of my prerequisites, which was organic chemistry. I was in chemistry lab, I see this girl rolling through with fur boots. It was before girls were wearing boots. She was wearing real fur boots up to her knees and then she had these beautiful Scandinavian eyes that we’re so blue. I was raised in an Italian family and so it was this beautiful being and I was like “I have to meet this girl.” My dad, maybe 25 years or maybe more, had a patient in the practice, I remember, when I was a student, named Betty Gorman, and Betty Gorman went to the B.J. Clinic. One year we’re back from Lyceum, he saw the house was for sale and called up, bought it on the spot. It was her house and she had died and he just loved this woman, adored this woman. That was our house at Palmer. We still have it. My sister, Emily, is living there now. Long story short, I met Cathrine there in the lab and then I pointed it at my house and I’d love to cook and I had dogs. I said “If you want to come over for a proper meal, just come on over.” She was over there the next 24 hours and it worked like a charm and then we’ve been close.

She swayed you over to Norway after graduation?

Chiropractic Potential: The magic ingredients in the practice are loving your patients, taking care of people, being a good person, giving them hugs, being inspiring and optimistic.

It’s funny, I started working with my father and my uncle in practice and that was wonderful. I got to see I’m just the most amazing side of my father and my uncle and how they serve people, love people. The magic ingredient, the practice, which is loving your patients, your practice members, taking care of people, being a good person, giving them hugs, giving them love, being inspiring and optimistic. I felt like in a way it was a little too easy and I was the younger Dibley that was supposed to take over the office. To me it wasn’t enough of a challenge, so I had an offer to go to Italy with Dr. Gabriele Malinverno down in the south where my family is at in Puglia, and then Cathrine had said, “We’re not going to Italy.”

She stayed in the states after graduation? You were doing your thing together?

She graduated a year ahead of me, so she was with my father. My father mentored her for almost a year and then she went back to Norway. By the time I got to practice with my uncle and my father, she’d been annoyed and she said, “We’re not going to Italy. Italy’s where you vacation and Italy is where you drink wine. It’s not a place for you to run a practice.” I couldn’t argue with her there, “Domani, domani, domani,” or, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,” so then she goes, “I will talk to the docs I’m working with now,” and long story short, I got an offer from them. I said, “Sure, let’s go over there. Let’s do Norway for a year, one year.” That’s your educated mind, I said one year and then we’ll come back and help my family build out multiple locations. It didn’t work out like that. I have been over here almost nine years and have grown over nine offices, bought, sold, partnership, internships, nine different practices in that time, and now we’re rated as the number one clinic in Scandinavia.

What is it like being an American trying to start a chiropractic practice in a foreign country that you didn’t speak the language yet or you did?

No, I didn’t. I spoke a few words, but as being “American,” Norwegian isn’t something that’s widely spoken on planet earth. There’re only 5 million Norwegians in Norway. There’s another 5 million dispersed throughout America, so you’re dealing with maybe 10 million to 15 million total on planet earth of about 7.4 billion. The first time I heard Norwegian was through Cathrine at 20 to 21 years old, so I knew very little language as far as the Norwegian language, but I knew chiropractic. I knew how to help people.

I knew how to find the subluxation. I knew how to adjust people very well. I knew that and then I just had to learn lifetime care, lay on the table face down, lay on your side, come back tomorrow. Here’s what we’re going to do, maximal potential. I started with a couple words and then built on that. It’s the energy and the love and that’s what taught me the true essence of what we do as human potential because I didn’t have the BS type of small talk words available to me, like, “How was the game? I saw the Jets last night. I saw these people.” It wasn’t like that. It was chiropractic, chiropractic, chiropractic.

You’re a man on a mission. I love your enthusiasm for the profession. It gets me excited every time I hear you speak. Where does that come from?

I was raised by cool, amazing human beings and not just my parents, not just my father and my mother, but my grandmother taught me service. It wasn’t like a lesson like “Here we’re going to talk about service today.” It was the way that she lived, as an example. I had a lot of these examples around me and, like I said earlier, I had it made in the shade. When I graduated, I had what most would consider a dream position at my dad and my uncle’s office. I realized that if I was going to do that, that’s fine, but I needed to test myself away from the nest and away from the comfort. What makes me driven is the very essence of what we do, which is human potential.

I want to see how many people we can help, how many people we can reach, how many people we can get reconnected before I physically pass. I made a decision. I didn’t come over here to tool around. I came over to own, operate and run the most prestigious, the most powerful, impactful human potential center on planet earth. If you’re away from everything you love, your family, your friends, everything you know, everything else is a perk. The sailing is a perk. The secondary and third homes are a perk. All that stuff is a perk. I didn’t come over here for that. I came over here to serve people. It was sink or swim in that direction. I wasn’t going to go “home” before I had changed the landscape and made chiropractic a household name.

It’s one thing to open your own personal office and help out your community, but you are reaching chiropractic globally. How did that start? How did that even come into being?

It comes back to moral obligation number one. I’ve always been morally obligated to chiropractic because of what it does. When you see someone literally come back to life, especially a child, anybody for that matter, but somebody with the innocence of a child, that comes back to life after being told, “It’s over for you and you have no hope,” it’s one of those things where you realize you squander it or for you to use the gift when it’s convenient for you is really up to you. We’ve been given a very sacred gift to give to humanity. As you give that gift and as you serve that gift and as you see more and more people, and as you perfect your craft, work your craft, more and more people notice what you’re doing, come to the office.

We have people from all over the world come to the office every single day, so more and more people fly in, chiropractors, celebrities, all kinds of people come in to get clear, to get connected, to get checked. That snowballs and then you get called and asked to come over to Mexico and run a mission trip. Then you get called to speak over in California at the university, and then you’re going to ask to help found a university in Scotland. It’s from relationships, but it all comes back down to that moral obligation of we’re not here just to eat, pee, poop and go to sleep. We’re here for a purpose and a reason. I’ve been fortunate enough to uncover the purpose, which is to reconnect man the physical to man the spiritual, to help people.

Chiropractic Potential: We’re not here just to eat, pee, poop and go to sleep. We’re here for a purpose and a reason.

We have a whole profession out there, and it gets a little muddy. It’s a little different and it’s tough to communicate the chiropractic message because other people aren’t into what you just said as chiropractors and it’s sad to see. What is your message in trying to get the profession on the same page?

What are we doing as a profession? What kind of energy are we putting out in the world? I was in a meeting earlier in Oslo, Norway with one of my advisors on my board. We were talking about this very thing because a lot of the chiropractors over here and around the world are very happy to “treat” musculoskeletal problems only and they go, “They gave us this and they gave us this to focus on. This is where we can be impactful.” I agree, I said, “That’s great. However, chiropractic is not about any symptom. Chiropractic is about a healthy, clear nervous system period.” The symptoms dissipate after you go to the cause.

The issue with we get in and we get locked in the neck, low back, headache, musculoskeletal, whatever symptom, whatever we get locked in, even the ten of them, the issue is it limits our potential as a human being, as a profession. I take care of some of the best medical doctors on planet earth. The great question for you to ask yourself is this is “What in the body is doing the healing? Is it you? Is it your hands? Is the body naturally hardwired to be healthy?” Great questions. We have to honor the innate intelligence within.

Can you touch on innate intelligence and what you believe that is to be for the audience?

We give a weekly health class in the flagship office in the European headquarters of The Institute for Human Potential, a 360 Clinic, is we have five doctors of chiropractic and we have a massage therapist, the best in Norway; acupuncturist, the best in Norway in our office. The point is we have quite a bit of high quality staff and doctors, so everybody takes a day and so every day there’s a health talk, so an event-based marketing. There’s always something to invite people to.

In regards to innate intelligence, we cover this in the health talk every single Tuesday at 5:00 PM, and question that I pose is, “What is life?” because we have somebody that’s “alive” and we have something that’s “passed away,” one who is not living anymore of this world. They both have nervous systems. They both have brain and spinal cord. They both have stomach, heart, etc. What’s the difference? Then we’ll start to go, “That’s interesting” because you know people think it’s the heart that keeps as alive or the nervous system or even the mental impulse. The point is the energy has left the building, and as a religious person, you may call it the soul. As a doctor or as an agnostic, you might call it innate intelligence.

I’m very curious of what you call it.

For me, I’m not offended. I’m not a religious person. I’m a spiritual person and I know that everybody is trying to say that same thing, like the Palestinians usually agree mostly with the Israelis and vice versa, even though on the news they wouldn’t like you to think that. When you get in there and talk to people around the world, I flew back from Punta Cana from a mastermind and I had to go through Switzerland, so I interact with people every single week from around the world. Honestly, I have not had an issue. We’ve got to turn our TV’s off, so the more that you connect with people and the more that you understand the human condition and what’s going on, then you realize that everybody wants the same thing. Everybody wants to be connected and everybody wants peace, prosperity, and abundance. Everybody wants the same thing.

What I call is innate intelligence or soul, but usually I call innate, that’s how I grew up and was taught and raised, I like the word. It’s very descriptive. The semantics are not important for me. The fact that we recognize and honor where the power comes from is important. The greatest message that we have as human potential specialists, which is the upgraded form of chiropractor in my eyes, that chiropractic is pure. It’s perfect. However, it’s like a profession with a perfect message with a lot of imperfect people and that’s okay, but we have to understand, especially the audience that are going to get locked into a symptom or say, “Thank you, AMA. Thank you governmental agency for letting me treat neck and low back pain.” That’s fine, but that’s not what it’s about at all. It’s about a healthy nervous system.

A great question to ask people is, “Is it your headache that’s the problem or is it your lifestyle?” When we ask that question, people are intelligent. I’ve never had anybody telling me it’s their headache. Once we empower people, and that’s what chiropractic is good at, it empowers people, the message is powerful. I say, “I’m top ranked chiropractic. Top ten best chiropractor in the world, and I have a ranking, but what’s better than me and what’s ten times more powerful than me is your innate intelligence. The best doctor in this office right now is inside of you.”

Chiropractic Potential: What’s ten times more powerful than me is your innate intelligence. The best doctor in this office right now is inside of you.

I completely agree with that because I hear some people talking like, “I got this person better. I did this for them,” and it’s like, “You are missing the point. You are way out of bounds there. You are removing the interference to help that innate intelligence do its job of healing the body.” It’s scary when people are walking around saying, “I did this. I got them better.”

B.J. speaks in “we.” We speak in we. Even if I’m alone, I’ll say, “We have a great time with you.” They go “We? Was there somebody else there?” Yeah, innate intelligence and myself. Innate intelligence is my educator. We speak in “we.” I always say this, if I’ve done anything brilliant, which I’ve been fortunate to get the credit for, I always say, “That’s not me. That’s my innate intelligence. That’s because I got myself out of the way. If I’ve done anything foolish, that’s my ego.”

I love talking to people that have a huge respect for B.J. Palmer because when you read a green book, I just can’t believe what he’s saying. I read that book where he called himself “I” and then transferred it to “we.” That whole chapter is mind-blowing.

I have been looking at The Bigness of the Fellow Within.

My favorite one is the Glory of Going On. What are you doing and what are you up to? What’s your goal here?

It’s HPM, Human Potential Movement. We’ve upgraded the lingo. We’ve upgraded the lexicon. I’m still keeping the chiropractic principal pure. Another thing B.J. was talking about was the fact that he said “Time was and always will provide humanity with methods that best serve humanity. Chiropractic is of no exception. There will be an evolution in chiropractic.” I believe and I see the effect, it’s beautiful to see it at life west. We started the Human Potential movement in chiropractic. Human Potential Movement started I think in Pennsylvania or something in the 1960s.

Truth be told, I know very little about that particular movement. I went to the mountain tops in Norway and I said, “What’s the essence of what we do?” The essence of what we do is we increase every single human being we can get a hold of and get them on the table and get them clear and connected. We increase your potential, increase your ability to express your life, and that’s the essence. We need to focus on the effect of what we do rather than the technical detail. That’s why we’ve been poor in the market, we’ve never broken and we have not broken the 7% market share because we keep talking about the technical side of what we do rather than the effect or rather than the benefits of what we do.

It’s like Steve Jobs. He wasn’t selling a computer. He was selling a lifestyle and a mindset. We need to start selling a lifestyle and a mindset to our public, and they come along with us because everybody’s looking for that. Everybody is looking for a better life that’s drug free and natural. Everybody. You offer people, “You want to go drug-free or do you want to do a bunch of drugs?” People pick drug free every time. Our message is radically popular but our packaging has not been upgraded for a long time. I feel like we’ve done a good job. I say “we,” not just me. I think we’ve done a good job of setting the tone for the next hundred years with the human potential movement.

Dr. Dibley, I’m just curious, what is the healthcare system like over in Norway compared to the United States or Europe in general?

It’s very similar in the sense that it’s not a healthcare system; it is a sick care system. In fact, the Norwegians call is sick house rather than health house, so it’s a sick care system. In other words, it’s reactive. It’s not proactive, it’s not preventative. However, we do get some compensation through the government as chiropractor from taking care of people, so that’s a great thing, but it’s predominantly a system that’s built around and for medicine. Again, I have nothing against medicine. There’s a time and a place. However, I think we’re using it all wrong, and chiropractic is something we use on a regular basis, acupuncture, eating healthy, thinking positive, meditating, having intimacy with our partners, going for walks in nature, being connected. This is something we do every day, weekly, and monthly.

Medicine was never supposed to be a lifestyle. Medicine is not a lifestyle profession by any stretch. The average medical doctor passes away by the age of 52. It’s a radically unhealthy lifestyle. Medicine, because of its power financially of selling products, also known as pills and many other things, what happens is it gets a lot of funding behind it. Investors that goes public, IPOs happen, and you have a bunch of bozos sitting on boards of so-called medical companies that have nothing to do with healthcare and medicine at all. It’s all about numbers and crunching numbers. At the end of the day, they got to please shareholders.

Here’s the good news. People are waking up to that and people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s not a sustainable system. Everybody knows it. The truth is out. Chiropractic is radically popular. There is not a better time to be a chiropractor. However, with 7.4 billion people on the planet that want you, that need an answer from you, you’ve got to step up and package this thing called chiropractic so you can reach them. The big thing that I’m passionate about is the human potential movement and then helping other doctors grow. Not just doctors, but other healthcare professionals grow their practices and help serve more people.

Chiropractic Potential: People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s not a sustainable system. Everybody knows it.

The thing that gets me is I have so many patients that come in the door and they say they have been told there is no hope. Somebody comes in with Meniere’s, ear ringing, the ENTs do not know what to do, it’s incurable. They literally tell these people that they are never going to get better. Who are you to tell that to anybody? Chiropractic can help that, fix that, and then when you turn that person’s life around, they are your biggest advocate and they are spreading the message and it’s such a beautiful thing for somebody to get their life back like that.

It’s heaven on earth. When you’re in the flow of serving people, we’re a results-driven company. We’re a privately held company and our company, no matter who you are, where you’re at, you’re going to have to pay to be in our office. We’ve never turned anybody away by the way. We have payment plans. The nice thing about that is when people come and pay you from their own pocket, it’s saying a heck of a lot because it’s saying that, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want an answer and I want results.” Because the thing is people do not pay for excuses. People pay for results. If you’re a results-driven company and a results-driven clinic, that’s the thing I always tell people, “I happen to like to talk. I can be a total introvert and say nothing to you. The principle is the principle.”

I love and I’m totally freaking addicted to results and radically awesome results where people come in every day and it’s almost like they were talking to a kindergartener or something, “Who told you that? Who told you that that’s incurable? Who said that will never get better? Who are they to judge it?” It’s not even in their Hippocratic Oath. Hippocratic Oath is the first do no harm and to serve people. It’s hilarious to me, but then again it goes back to the scope of practice because their whole profession is so focused. You have a heart surgeon, you have a cardiologist, you have a neurologist, you have an ENT, all these different things.

We’re chiropractors. We know every single bone, tissue, muscle, nerve, everything in the body front to back, back to front, side to side. We know the system and we also look at the system in relation to the big system, the universe and that is where we come in and kick some major butt as doctors, because of our understanding of the major premise that the universe is intelligent. It would not make something that could not heal itself. It doesn’t do that. Our philosophy, our integration of our mastery of anatomy and physiology, our art, when we apply those beautiful adjustments that you apply every day in your office and the hundreds of thousands of chiropractors around the planet, beautiful things happen. It’s not magic, it’s not voodoo. It’s a principle of life. You are meant to be healthy.

Anything else you would like to touch on?

You asked me what we were into, I’m passionate about success. I’m passionate about doctors of chiropractic, healthcare professionals in general, that are committed to excellence. I am passionate about these guys and girls getting very successful. Why? Because quite frankly, we have a sick and dying world. We have 57% of people who have a chronic illness on planet earth. We got to get busy. We can’t work until we have our house paid off and we paid for our boat or a second home or third home. It can’t be about that. You’ve got to be morally committed. It’s got to be people-centered. You’ve got to be on call 24/7, called to serve. That’s why I love our 360 global mastermind, our 360 Global Ambassador Program. This is where we train hard every day, every week, every month, every year, and we get people’s heads out of their butt, and we get them focused on the big idea and the big picture and then we give them implementable practical strategies on what they can do right now, today.

That’s what the profession needs because I feel like there is a ton of chiropractors out there with the light switch off. How are you supposed to help? You can’t pour from an empty glass. You, yourself, have to be feeling it so you can help your patients and the more specific care and detecting the subluxation we can do. Do you think something needs to be implemented into schools? Change? How do we go about doing that? I loved my education. I have nothing but good things to say about LACC, but I was not taught any philosophy or specificity at all and adjustments. It might not be their fault, but it’s gone and that needs to come back. How do we do something about that?

One of our partners, Brett Jones in the Kairos Training Culture, I’m proud of those guys for stepping up and training on the artistic side of things. They’re doing a great job. To change the schools, you’ve got to look at how everything is governed and it’s a policy thing. This is why when I cross the border into America, which I do at least once a month, I always think border security because those guys are getting shit on all the time, “Cops are the problem.” No way, buy them a coffee, buy them a banana. Would you like to go out there and deal with that crime? Would you like to do that? A lot of times we dog on the schools and we don’t realize that they are following the policy of the administration.

We got the CCE, we’ve got to look at how we’re governed as a profession, and if we don’t like something, we’ve got to get off our butts and get into legislation. Getting into lobbying and start to get to work because you can’t yell to schools, “I can’t believe you did it,” because the schools literally are like the police officers. That’s why it’s called police. Police follow the policy. You can’t yell at the police officer. They’re trying to bring home their daily bread. They’re trying to serve and protect. It’s like most doctors. I firmly believe most doctors got into being doctors because they wanted to help people.

Chiropractic Potential: Successful people in general are in a state of extension, “How can I serve? How can I help?”

What happens too is as students, we need to get off our butts, I certainly did, and go to every single seminar, go to every single person that speaks. If you want to see someone speak, call him up and ask them if they’ll come to your school. I have a call with soon to be doctor in Texas. I haven’t been down there to Parker, but he goes, “You need to come speak to our school. I want you to line them up. I’m going to do an all school assembly.” I said I’d love to so we are setting that up. You’d be surprised. I would always say this. Very successful chiropractors are always giving and always generous. Successful people in general are in a state of extension, “How can I serve? How can I help?” Unsuccessful people are in a state of flexion. They have something to hide, they’re scared, they’re fear-based model.

It’s not one answer. We have to look at the policy that is set out. If we don’t like it, we got to get involved. We got to join organizations that support our ideals. If there is no organization, we’ve got to make our own like Tim Young did in Oklahoma, like certain organizations that said, “I don’t see an organization that represents me. Let’s make one for us.” There’s never an excuse because there’s no power in victimhood. As chiropractors, we have to be empowered if we’re going to shift humanity and be that beacon, be that lighthouse for all those 7.4 billion ships roaming around looking for safe harbor.

Dr. Dibley, I would one day love to do all the traveling you do, all around the world, speaking and everything. I would love to do that one day. How do you manage a practice, travel and speak and do all that? What’s a regular week look like for you?

A killer week. That’s why I designed my life. I don’t like regular. I go crazy if I’m not moving and shaking, so to speak. I want to get as many people reconnected as possible. A regular week for me is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I’m in the office, serving our people here in Norway. On Thursdays, I usually fly out of Oslo, and I’m going to a speaking gig, doing a seminar, or I’m seeing specialty clients, our VIPs section up in Oslo, serving those type of people. I bring the family with me as much as I possibly can.

I’m around the kids a lot. I get a lot of family time which I really like, so the schedule is designed for that. Also, we have a world class au pair, Liora runs the house. She’s Filipina. She’s from where Manny Pacquiao is from, General Santos in the South Island of the Philippines. When you come to 360, you’ll see why it’s so successful. It’s not just the results. Behind the results is all the millions of procedures behind that. We’re organized people mixed in with passion and hard work and behind all that is a moral obligation to get as many people reconnected as possible. That’s a good winning formula.

I would say to the audience, all the doctors out there, and all those aspiring young doctors and even people who’ve been in the game for 25, 30, 40 years, “I hope this inspires you to get busy to get out there and start taking care and serving more people.” Like I said, once you do something really well and you fall in love with it, because I go all in, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I’m totally there. With you right now, I’m totally here. I say presence is the precursor to excellence. I always say “You think Monet was painting with a big Mac in his hand or an ice cream cone?” He was painting.

That’s what he was doing. You think Michelangelo was like, “Give me another glass of wine while I an upside down at the Sistine Chapel, losing my eyesight.” You got to be all in, you got to be PTC, present time consciousness, and you got to be super organized. One of my quantum sniper tools is I always have the best phone. I always have a Mophie that’s charging me up. I always have the best MacBook processor and practical things that need to happen in the modern day if you’re going to move and shake and go about the planet effortlessly. You’ve got to travel. There’s a lot of things there.

Chiropractic Potential: Presence is the precursor to excellence.

A lot of moving parts, a lot of probably trial and error on your part but learn and get better every day.

The thing is I innately thrive on the very principle of adaptability. I love being in different countries, climates, temperate. I had a meeting at 9, I had another meeting at 10, and then I was done by 12:30. During my lunch hour, I went to the spa. I went crazy sessions in the seat, in the sauna, the steam and the coal, and I repeated that five rounds crazy until I was blitzed off. Then I got back after it and had another meeting, and then picked up the kid, goes home with the kids, and now I’m talking to you. A normal week is not a normal week. You have to thrive on adaptability and change and we’re so blessed as chiropractors because we get to take care of people. Can you imagine? How many people we take care of that you would never thought. I can’t believe that. I didn’t know that you could farm that over there. I didn’t know that company existed or I didn’t know there was a truck called the Diamond T that one of my patients restores these things.

You meet a lot of amazing people.

I think you have to love people. I think you have to genuinely love people. I’m a little concerned about the Millennials and the new generation because I don’t see them. I see that is the number one thing. They have all this information, but they don’t look at people in their eyes and they don’t give them a hug and they don’t ask.

They don’t know how to talk to people anymore. It’s all everything in their hand. No one is looking up. Nobody is looking up.

No one’s looking up, that’s another podcast you should do. That should be a thing in Jersey, like That could be a website. No seriously, but no one’s looking up. Again the world is looking down. Looking down is survival, looking up is thrival. You see a vision, “I’m going way over there.” I’ve done quite a few regattas. When you’re sailing in the middle of the night and you can only rely on your instrumentation, your GPS that’s lit up with LCD, you have got to look out and when the sun comes up, you look out at the farthest point you can see, you’re going over there. You have to start looking up if you want to thrive. You’ve got to stop looking down quite literally. You got to stop looking down, you got to look up.

I like to ask all my guests this. If there is any piece of advice you have for the people out there, takeaways from your life, just important messages you’ve got over the years, what would they be?

Don’t waste your time. Your life is a gift. Stop wasting time. Stop right now, make a decision. Make a decision to do something with your life. Make a decision to help serve more people. If you don’t have a purpose, that’s not even true. Everybody has a purpose. You have either been too lazy to find it or you haven’t done enough things to weed out the other things. Do that crappy job. Work as many jobs as possible so you find out what you hate. I hear people say “I don’t know what to do.” “Go find a bunch of things you hate. Go find a bunch of things you don’t like, so you can check those off the list.” The point is get busy doing so.

Chiropractic Potential: Everybody has a purpose. You have either been too lazy to find it or you haven’t done enough things to weed out the other things.

My mother always told me when I was young, “Do something even if it’s wrong. Don’t stay still. Keep moving. You can sleep when you pass away.” It’s what we say to our people, “We die standing. We die standing. We are military grade cyber human beings. We go after our targets and we attain our targets. We die standing. We do not wait around for an opportunity. We create opportunity. We do not wait around for somebody to fix our life. We fixed our life.” Take responsibility and listen. At the end of the day, life is an amazing, mysterious, beautiful gift that we have been given. It’s like Maslow’s Hierarchy. Once you have your health, once you’re clear and connected, then you have to find your purpose, and your purpose has got to be intrinsically driven, so I hear that a lot too, “It’s my smoking hot wife or it’s my kids.” I love my girlfriend. She’s super sexy, she’s beautiful. My kids beautiful, but that isn’t the driver. The driver is the moral obligation.

Whatever you’re doing, if you’re a truck driver, if you’re a mom, if you’re a doctor in a prenatal unit, if you’re a chiropractor, if you’re a tension specialist, if you’re banker, trashman, you’ve got to get morally connected to what you’re doing. In other words, you’ve got to say, “What I do is important on so many levels. It’s integral for the people around me for their lives to function at optimal.” Just become an artist to life, everything you do, do it artfully, do it lovingly, do it with intention. Start with gratitude, that’s number one. That’s the gateway to enlightenment, gratitude especially when shit doesn’t go your way. I just laugh and I go, “I guess I’m supposed to meet some people here” and I did and those people are very interesting people and then we got reconnected to a chiropractor in Switzerland. Life is not against you. Life is for you. That’s what I would say. There’re a lot of things I would say, but that was the nugget.

We’ll have another episode strictly on that. I’ll bring you back on. Doc, thank you so much for a really great episode. Great reconnecting with you. You are on fire. Thanks for everything that you do. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

It takes one to know one. I love and appreciate you, Kevin. Keep lighting up your people in the Great State of New Jersey and around the planet. Your work does not go unnoticed, giving an adjustment in New Jersey is giving an adjustment on Mars. That energy goes reflective on the quantum. You’re doing work and would expect miracles. We’re very proud of you and thanks again for having me.

Thank you so much.

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