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The Dangers Of 5G With Dr. Ben Benulis

3 years ago

5G wireless technology is meant to deliver higher data speeds, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and more uniform user experience to more users. However, unknown to many, it is doing a lot of damage to the planet and everyone's health. Joining Dr. Kevin Pecca on the show today is Dr. Ben Benulis, a chiropractor and a healthcare advocate for the truth based in Phoenix, Arizona. Don’t miss this very important episode as Dr. Pecca and Dr. Benulis shed some light on 5G and what it's doing.


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The Dangers Of 5G With Dr. Ben Benulis

We have Dr. Ben Benulis who is a chiropractor and a healthcare advocate for the truth. He has a great Instagram page @Dr.BenjaminBenulis. He has a great book on how to heal naturally from autoimmune disease called The Autoimmune Recovery Blueprint. He is also a recurring guest on the show. His previous episode is titled The Digestive Rescue Blueprint. You would want to check that out after this episode. He has an amazing life story on how he was able to heal himself naturally from autoimmune disease, but we are not talking about that. We are talking about the damage and the danger that 5G is doing on our body and our planet. I wanted to shed some light on what 5G is and what it's doing.

The 5G technology can cause cancer, DNA damage, breakage of the blood-brain barrier, impaired blood flow to the brain, reproductive system injuries, damage to the prenatal brain, reduced melatonin, mitochondria damage, sperm and testicular injuries, cognitive and memory problems, neurological disorders, endocrine changes, Alzheimer's, heart palpitations, EEG changes, auditory effects, immune system dysfunction, oxidative stress, calcium overload, and this is all cited from an Environmental Research Journal in 2018. I'm excited to learn more about what 5G is doing. It's a hot topic right now and it needs to be talked about because it is doing a lot of damage on everyone's health. A lot of people don't know it's happening. Without further ado, please welcome, Dr. Ben Benulis. How are you?

I'm having a good day. Thanks for having me on. We did an Instagram together awhile back. I don’t think that made it on your show. We haven't checked in since maybe the beginning of COVID.

It's been a couple of years since you've been on the show. We did that one Instagram Live, which was great. You're doing some great work. You got a big voice of sharing the truth about what's going on in the healthcare industry. I applaud your bravery for speaking out because a lot of people don't want to do it because they're afraid of what might happen, but it's great to hear people speaking the truth and shed some light on what's going on in the world.

I have a duty and obligation. We both took an oath to first do no harm and take care of people. If that means being disliked, hated, ridiculed or being called a quack, I'll take the punches.

There's plenty of research going on behind this that's showing that 5G causes radiation, the EMF or Electrical Magnetic Field. You reached out to me and you said you wanted to do a 5G podcast. I've been looking for someone to do this show. I'm glad you reached out. Why is this a passion of yours?

Number one, I live in Arizona, which is the pilot state for 5G. It's getting rolled out the most here. They're pushing it here. The laws have made it so that it's hard to resist it here. That's an issue. I also worked in the electronics, the microchip, the telecom industry, that stuff before I became a chiropractor. I didn't develop anything but I was involved working for companies that were inventing this type of technology back in 2011, 2012. It was still nascent. I'm familiar with it. It became something that got on my radar and I had to learn more about it. I have this unique background where I'm an engineer and I'm also a chiropractor. I understand the nervous system and I also understand EMF and things like that. It became apparent that this was a real danger and something that people needed to be educated about, and we needed to try to stop.

Were there any warning signs or something that you felt wasn't right when you were working with the 5G technology when it came out back in 2011 or 2012?

I had no idea. We thought we were doing a good thing. Back then, it was smart meters. It was, “We're going to improve connectivity.” There are advantages to technology. It improves internet connectivity. You can send messages wirelessly. Someone doesn't need a smart meter. It doesn't need come by your home to check your meter reading. They can zap it with a gun from across the street and get a reading. The only problem is that meter is shooting out in every direction and it's hitting you as well. I was familiar with technology and we didn't safety test things like test it on humans. We don’t do that. It's not like we worked for a drug company. We tested it to make sure that it worked and it did what it was supposed to do, but were never like, “Is this going to hurt people when it gets out there?” We assume that it didn't. Not that anybody was a bad person or there are any evil plans or anything. We never thought to do it. We didn't think it was a problem.

When did people start finding out that 5G was having an effect on the lives of many people, on their health?

This goes beyond health. There are implications to the environment, as well as security and all are equally bad.

Let's touch on it all.

The way that people got alerted to it was because of the frequency band that 5G uses. This is what they called Electromagnetic Spectrum. On that spectrum there are radio waves, microwaves, short waves, infrared, ultraviolet, visible light, sound, ultrasound, subsonic, and all that. It's a spectrum. The specific frequency band that 5G uses is microwave radiation. People who are familiar with electric magnetic fields, radiation and study radiology, they know that microwave radiation is extremely toxic and harmful to humans.

It's one of the most studied technologies as far as how it affects human health. The reason for that being is that the US military, the Russian military, the Chinese military, the NSA and CIA have all been studying it on how to use it as a weapon. This has been going on since before World War II, “Can we beam the microwave's directly at people and fry them or kill them somehow?” As luck would have it, it just happened that the technology is also good at sending data.

We know microwave radiation, the technology that 5G uses, the frequency band that it uses is harmful because we have 100-plus years of studies showing the harm. People started sounding the alarm. They said, “You're going to be beaming microwaves to everybody? These towers are going to be close together and they're going to be right against people's houses. They're going to be lowered to the ground. This sounds like a recipe for disaster.” That was how the alarm got sounded on 5G.

How has it evolved especially during the Corona? It sounds like they've had a lot of plans. Everybody's in lockdown. They want to roll these towers out and put it out there. As you said, Arizona is in a pilot state for it. They're cranking them out now. With this data now showing up, it doesn't look like they're stopping anytime soon. It looks like it’s going to be a bigger problem.

This technology has been in development for a long time. It is coincidentally rolling out with the Coronavirus lockdowns. Whether there's a positive relationship or this was planned in advance, or there's some “conspiracy” I don't know and I can't say. It is awfully strange that it’s happening at the same time. This technology has been under development for a long time. I worked for a company that was developing some technologies that are a part of it now. It is rolling out.

The laws that protects the telecom industry were put on the books ages ago. sometimes as far back as 1996. In Arizona, we have something called HB 2365. It is a state law which says that the citizens and municipalities cannot regulate where the towers or the small cells go up. The cities and the citizens have no say. As long as it's in a public right of way or some part of city property, the telecom companies can put them where they want, as long as they meet the specs of where it's supposed to do.

What is the EMF radiation doing to human bodies?

It’s doing a number of things. You listed off a great list in the beginning. We can go off, but one of the scariest things is that it opens up the blood-brain barrier. For those of you who don't maybe have a health background or a biology background, the brain has a way of selectively letting things in through the blood. Certain things that are toxic to the brain, it has ways of keeping it out. The EMFs do something to the brain. It's not well understood but it's been documented. They've done studies in rats and other animals. They exposed some animals to microwave radiation and cut them open, and they show perforations in the blood-brain barrier.

That means that toxins that are already in the system, in your body, in your bloodstream like mercury from flu vaccines or aluminum from pretty much most vaccines, that normally would make it to your brain. Any toxicity that's already in your system is going to have an easier way to make it to your brain. That's damaging. It affects cardiac health or heart health big time because the radiation is pulsed. It's not a continuous beam. It's like increments of a much higher frequency. It's a constant zap, on and off. What it does is it affects something called the voltage gated calcium channel, which are in cardiac tissue predominantly. This channel lets calcium in and out of the heart cells. That allows a contraction of the heart. When this calcium channel that normally the body controls by itself, the nervous system controls it, when it's getting these exogenous signals of these EMFs, it's opening the channel when it shouldn't be.

People are getting heart palpitations. They’re getting blood clots, having heart attacks, all crazy stuff. It definitely affects heart health. It affects the nervous system big time because the nervous system communicates via electromagnetic frequency. It sends electrical signals and chemical signals. It also sends acoustic signals, which is another conversation. It's affecting brain health. It's affecting the nervous system. A lot of people experienced anxiety when exposed to EMF. That's a big problem, headaches, migraines, all of that, because it's affecting the nervous system. You and I as chiropractors know that the nervous systems is the master control system for everything. If you start adversely affecting that, any number of things could go wrong.

What technology or devices are radiating these harmful frequencies?

Anything that sends a signal. It's just to varying degrees. Your cell phone. If you have any Bluetooth device and it's on, it's sending a signal. If you have Wi-Fi in your home, you're being exposed to this all the time. Is that stuff harmful? Yes, to a degree, but the amount of radiation that you're going to be experiencing from 5G towers, especially the one that's in your neighborhood is going to be significantly more. To give you an idea, there's something called effective radiating power, which is how much radiation you get hit by from something. To make a call on your cell phone, you need 0.1 Watts or 0.2 Watts for five bars of reception.

The towers are allowed to have an effective radiating power of 7,500 Watts. The amount of radiation you're experiencing from these is much greater. If you think about a typical 4G cell tower, this is the old generation, these things are 200 feet in the air. They're usually not near your property. They can space them out a lot more because they use a frequency band that doesn’t need everything to be close together. Now, the tower is 50 feet from your house and 50 feet off the ground. You're much closer to a lot of them. The way they want to build them out is there's going to be hundreds of them in every city. They're going to be on every street corners as much as 50 feet apart.

Are they on 24/7?

As far as I know, yeah. People need access to them. You can make calls on your cell phone 24/7. There's never a time when the network is down. Once in a while it does.

I also saw something interesting that not only is it affecting our bodies and our health, it's also affecting the environment, the trees, the plants, and it’s killing everything around that. All these towers are by our house or they're in these mountains and forests. It's killing all the plant life and trees around that area as well. Is that correct?

It's killing bees and trees, and we have a problem now. There's a type of cactus. If you're from Arizona, you know this, but there's something called a saguaro cactus which is the stereotypical iconic cactus. When you think of a cactus, you probably think of a saguaro. It only grows in Phoenix and Tucson, and a little bit on the surrounding area. It doesn't grow outside of Arizona. These things are dying all across the state. Whatever state department looks over this thing, it sets out an alert, “These cacti are dying and we got to figure out why. We don't know why.” It is harmful to more than just humans. It's affecting everybody. If the bees die, they're the ones who pollinate our plants. We need the plants to eat because whether you only eat plants or you eat animals, the animals have to be fed plants. It's a threat to our food system as well.

Are there any measures being taken with this data out that said, “Hold the phone. Why don't we rethink this?” Is there another strategy or something else as an alternative to the 5G towers?

There are lots of people who are involved in trying to fight this throughout the country, state, Europe and other countries. There are concerted efforts to stop it. There are people suing like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is suing the FCC, which is the equivalent of the CDC or the FDA, but for a telecom industry. It's the organization to regulate the telecom industry. Just like any of these organizations, they're corrupt and they're bought off. Most of the people that work there used to work for the telecom industry. That's a problem, but there is an alternative. That's such a great question because a lot of people think I’m some technophobic nut job. I want to download Netflix in my car. You have to have technology. I understand and I agree. I want better internet connectivity, but there's a way to do it in a safe way.

The solution that I and many people that I work with proposed is to do fiber optic cable to the premises. Instead of beaming the internet at everybody through the air and hitting them with a bunch of radiation, do fiber optic cable. It goes underground. It maybe gives off some radiation but a tiny fraction of what's going on now. It's considerably safer and cheaper. The idea is to fiber optic everybody's home, business and whatever. If you want to do Wi-Fi inside your own business or home, do it. If you want to make cell phone calls and do that kind of thing, we can use the towers that give off the 0.1 Watts. There are a lot safer than the ones that give off 7,500. There's a way to connect everybody safely. You just won't be a little like watching Netflix movies in your car, which you should be driving.

What's alarming to me the most is the kids now these days have essentially never lived without this technology. We're scratching the surface of the dangers that it's having on our bodies. These kids are going to be exposed to this their entire life. They're not even going to have a chance for a healthy immune system and that's sad. I have a couple of patients that come into the office that think some of their anxiety is coming strictly from the EMF factors going on in the world now. Are you seeing any of personal cases or it might play a factor in anything in your practice?

I have had some people who have claimed to be EMF sensitive, and have taken measures to reduce their exposure. It's not something I have a whole lot of other empirical data on that I've seen personally. I will share my own personal story. After getting educated on this and diving into it, I thought just to be safe and to lower my exposure, I'm going to start turning off my Wi-Fi at night when I go to bed. I turn off my phone or put it on airplane mode to mitigate exposure and to be wise. The way it is where I live, my Wi-Fi routers have to be right next to my bed. That's where the coax comes into my place. This thing is shooting right at my head. That’s why I turn off.

I've been doing this for several weeks now and I deal with anxiety. I'm sure many people do. Sometimes it's pretty bad, most of the time it's not too bad. I tend to wake up with anxiety. One morning I woke up and my anxiety was red lighting. It was bad. I couldn't think of anything in particular that I was anxious about that day. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. I'm anxious. I can't fall back to sleep, “What's going on?” I go and I realized the Wi-Fi router is still plugged in. I've been doing this experiment for several weeks, I've noticed that the days that I remembered to unplugged my router at night, which is now almost every day, I feel considerably less if no anxiety when I wake up, when I used to just always wake up with anxiety. I got used to it. That's a tip if anybody has experienced anxiety and most people are these days, it's an epidemic. Give that a try, see if it helps you. It's easy to do. You turn off your Wi-Fi, turning devices off at night, and anything that gives off radiation, and see if you wake up with less anxiety.

Cell phone on airplane mode because everybody's sleeping with it right next to their bed too. Have you ever heard of Shungite crystals?

I've heard the name. There are a lot of people out there who are maybe well-intentioned and maybe not, sending different technologies that block EMFs. Shungite crystals, I haven't seen any evidence that stuff works.

That's what I wanted to scratch your brain on because there are couple of places in the town where I live that they claim that they have data that it’s shielding against the EMFs. I saw a video on YouTube where they put the Shungite crystal in front of the router and the EMF went down. It's not valid empirical data that we're looking at but I found it interesting. I brought that up to a couple of people and you’re pretty skeptical yourself. You want to find an answer for this. They were like, “I don't know. I haven't seen anything to confirm that.”

There's one technology that seems to have some effect. It's relatively expensive and it's not like wearing a crystal around your neck.

What is that technology?

First off, I live in this world where I seem to be talking about a lot of things that for some people seem far-fetched. I eat a raw food diet. I practice network chiropractic. I do a lot of out of there things but I'm still at heart, an engineer, scientist, and someone who wants to see evidence. When these things come along, I am like, “I hope it works but let's see.” What people have been doing and it's not something you can wear, but silver seems to be good at blocking EMFs. One of the good things is that there are devices that can detect EMF. I've seen this tested in person where they create a mesh. If you ever had a mosquito net or you stay in a bed somewhere in the tropics where they have to keep the mosquitoes outside, there’s this big mesh net around the bed. They make one of those out of silver. It seems to block EMFs based on what I've seen with people testing it in person. You can't be the silver surfer walking around with that, but that metal does seem to be able to mitigate EMFs well. If people want to check out, there's a website. It's called Safe Living Technologies. This is pretty much the only company that I endorsed that sells any EMF mitigating products. It's

Where do you see the technology going in the next five years? Is that something that we can look that far ahead too or is that a big question mark?

I can tell you where they want to take it. I'll fight it. I don't think there's a bunch of evil people doing evil deeds. There are some bad apples out there, but most of this is done with the best of intentions. When I worked at these companies, we thought we are innovative and we were, but the idea is get things hyperconnected. That is if 5G is bouncing off everything, we’ll be more interconnected and we have this phenomenon called the internet of things. Funny enough when people started talking about it at my old company back in 2010, they got laughed out of the room. They said, “The internet connectivity will get good that things will be able to talk to each other.”

If you order a box from Amazon, the box will have its own RFID chips. You can see exactly where it is on the freeway when it's coming to you. You will be able to track everything. That's what it's headed for. There's better connectivity. Manufacturing will be more efficient. If you want an Uber, it will be instantaneous that you press a button on your phone, two seconds later the car pulls off. That's where they want to get the technology. They have all these smart devices. You’ll have a smart diaper. Since you're too busy watching CNN on your phone, when your kid craps the diaper, you get a text message because God forbid, you should watch over your kid. Your kid's getting radiation in the genitalia the whole time wearing the smart diaper. It gives EMFs. This is the kind of technology. They want to have everything super hyperconnected, smart home where you can let more sunlight in and we don't need to run the heat as much. We keep optimizing but in that process, you're exposing people to more and more EMFs.

It does sound like the intentions are good. I find it a little bit of a different situation than Big Pharma and everything because everybody's getting this radiation shot at them. Everybody's got to live under that umbrella, whereas Big Pharma, not everybody's taking their vaccines and there is a different agenda there. There might be hope for this then. There might be hope that we might want to look in this and take a safer route.

With vaccines, you can opt out for the most part. They make it more difficult. They try to have mandates. I was on the call with a mom in California who's like, “They have the laws. I have to do it if I want to send my kids to school.” It’s true. You can’t get a medical exemption in California. There is an agenda to force more people to do it, but with 5G, it's raining down from the sky. There's no opting out. It's either everybody gets it or nobody gets it unless you want to move to parts of the Amazon, which are on fire. It is something that is going to affect everybody and there's no opting out. That's the health side. We've talked a lot about the health side. I hope I've made a convincing enough argument that you should at least look into.

When we talk about this interconnectedness that your Amazon shipment's going to have its own RFID chip on the box and see where it is in the highway. Your phone has an RFID chip. You've seen Elon Musk talking about where you can implant a chip in your brain. We've seen technologies where you can implant a chip in your arm because your credit card could be on there or whatever. That goes both ways because it provides a service, but now you're being tracked. When I started to get worried about this was when I started getting censored on social media. I would post something critical of the lockdown, of the death counts, of anything going on with COVID, or I put something critical of 5G, or talked critical of vaccines, that it would get censored. I'm saying something that the industry doesn't like and they have enough power to sensor me. If who's ever in power and I say something about something else they don't like. If you're carrying your wallet and a microchip in your wrist, they can turn off your money and they can make it so you can't get food. Not that any of this is happening but the implications are powerful. They have a lot more control over you.

They want to move to a cashless society. If you're a persona non grata in the cashless society, you cannot transact. That's the security implications. The fact that this technology can essentially surveil you and mine your data. The tower is right outside your home. Nevermind that they don't like what you're doing, they turn off your social media, they turn off your access to food, they can mine your data, they could sell it without your consent, and they can track you. It is a way of hurting people. If the wrong people get in power or people with devious plans to do things that people don't want, they have a lot more control over people and it becomes much harder to fight back. This technology can do things like, “This person's not wearing a mask. These people aren't 6 feet apart.” The potential for government overreach, corporate overreach, and using this technology to control the population to force it to its will, the possibilities are there.

It's not too far off, I've seen a couple of videos of people in Australia and New Zealand that they'll post something on Facebook about a rally or supporting one thing. The next thing you know the cops are inside their house trying to arrest them. That's absurd. Everything is being centered and watched. It's definitely the direction we're going in.

I was never a big free speech guy until I started getting censored. I realized like, “This is a great way of essentially silencing dissent.” There are lots of ways in which the technology could be used like any technology for nefarious things if it fell into the wrong hands. It's a technology we can't opt out of. It's something we call a moratorium on and say, “Let's make sure this stuff is safe.” The data is clear on microwave radiation. Even though there hadn't been large scale studies on actual 5G, we know what microwave radiation does to people. That should be enough to sound the alarm and call moratorium.

Are there any platforms that you like to look into that censorship is not as extreme as it is on Google, Facebook, Twitter and all that? I've heard of DuckDuckGo search engine. I was trying to find some data on 5G and nothing negative pops up on Google, which is alarming.

I've been on a similar search. It's the Wild West right now. There are a lot of censorship-free platforms coming up. There are platforms that start off censorship-free. They either get bought by Google or something like that, or whoever created them decides that they want to censor some specific voice even if it's not what mainstream media is censoring or Google censoring. It's this nascent stage. There's nothing that good out there. DuckDuckGo as far as I know is now under Google. There's a browser and a search engine called Brave which is supposed to be freedom friendly. I know there are MeWe and Parler, but I heard that Parler started censoring people. It's tricky. There are messaging services like Signal and Telegram, which are more encrypted text messaging services. They’re not social media sites. There's BitChute which is like uncensored YouTube, but that's also like the Wild West. There's terrible stuff on there. It's no holds bar. I would say Brave for a browser and possibly a search engine, BitChute for a completely uncensored video sharing sites.

All the big boys in Instagram and Facebook are all cracking out as you've seen. I wish I had a better answer for that. We urgently need something like that. Are you familiar with Brian Rose’s London Real? That is a fantastic platform. He's got something called The Digital Freedom Platform. It's DigitalFreedom.TV. He had a YouTube channel, a podcast, and a lot of great content on. You’d enjoy it and then he’s stuff started getting censored. He's told like, “You have one more strike to go on YouTube and you're kicked out.” He got platforms in a bunch of places. He created his own live streaming service and website. It's not a social media site, but a platform to put all this stuff like the Plandemic documentary that's getting censored and have a home for it. That's another one. We urgently need that and we don't quite have something.

How do people get involved if they are feeling passionate, they want do something for their community about pretty much everything that's going on, whether it's 5G, COVID or other health issues these days?

I can point to a few resources. If they do want to get involved with the 5G thing. There's a website and they have a lot of news. They do petitions and things like that, and show you a little bit how to get more involved in your local community. It is a community organizing thing. The way we're going to defeat a lot of this is at the grassroots level. If there isn't an organization in your city, you're tasked was creating one. I didn't want it to be devoting all this time to it, but it was either me or nobody.

For Arizona, we have website called Arizonans for Safe Technology. It's You get on our email list. We've got a lot of things going on. If you want to get involved in general with all the attacks on the liberties, whether it's mandated vaccines, mandated masks, mandated social distancing, 5G, all that together, there's a group called The Rise and they're forming chapters all over the country. We have a strong one here in Arizona. It's a coalition and a network of people that want to preserve liberties. They want to prevent what we call a technocratic overreach of the telecom and the pharmaceutical companies who are trying to get strangle hold on our government, and legislate and mandate things that would be favorable for them and not for the good of the populace.

Where can people find you and your platforms?

Almost every platform it’s my name, which is Dr. Benjamin Benulis. You can search for that and you'll find me. Instagram is where I post most of the stuff. YouTube and Facebook, but mostly Instagram.

What is one piece of advice that has resonated with you over the years? It could pertain to absolutely anything that you would like to gift the audience, that you feel that might resonate with them?

If something doesn't seem right in your heart like what's going on in the world and the story doesn't add up, you're probably on to something. Trust your gut. Go with your instinct. Don't follow the crowd. Listen to your own conscience.

Thank you for coming on the show. As always, we love everything you have to say. We'd love to have you back on any time. I appreciate it.

Thank you. This was great. I appreciate you.

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