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The Breathing And Healing Connection with Jason Amoroso

5 years ago

Peak performance coach Jason Amoroso talks about life coaching and how it is becoming more of a norm for people. We’re all at one point in our lives, when we are lost looking for our life’s passion and purpose. Jason shares that the role of a life coach is really to just help us see our own blind spots and to connect with ourselves. He sheds light on how we can shift our purpose and discover our body’s amazing capabilities of healing itself.


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The Breathing And Healing Connection with Jason Amoroso

We have a very special guest, Jason Amoroso. He is a life coach. He teaches revolutionary Breathwork and he’s just an amazing guy. He’s also my cousin and every time I get a chance to talk to him, it’s a great conversation. I love talking with you, Jay. How are you?

Likewise, Kev. I’m happy to be here. I’m excited to be part of Expect Miracles. I’m looking forward to the live element of it. I got to continue to stretch the comfort zone. I’m excited to be here.

You’re a recurring guest. You are probably on one of the first five episodes I have, mainly because I love your story and how you got here. If you could touch on a little bit of your background, what you used to do, what you do now, that would be phenomenal. Just to clue to people on who we’re talking to here.

I’ll give you the short version. I started out working in baseball, baseball operations, aspiring GM. Then I left that. I became a lawyer in baseball and then left that and got my Master’s in Spiritual Psychology. While I was doing that, I started my own coaching practice supporting people in living a better, more fulfilling, and meaningful life. As I was doing that, I worked for a global music publishing company and then a couple of other things. I worked for a bunch of other companies. That was fun. I had my own business and now I am basically a mental toughness, mental skills, peak performance coach for professional athletes to sharing Revelation Breathwork with as many people as I can.

You see clients from all walks of life whether it’s business CEOs, professional athletes, moms, dads, it could be anybody. Do you see a common denominator in all these like everything that people are facing and how life coaching and everything is able to affect them and help them?

EM 88 | Breathing And Healing Connection Breathing And Healing Connection: We are in agreement to everything that happens to us on some energetic level.

Yes, and I’ll share this as I share at the beginning of our Breathwork classes. Life coaching is still becoming more in the norm for people. It’s definitely more common on the West Coast. If you think about it, any person that is the best in the world at what they do, whether you’re an Olympic athlete, whether you’re Oprah Winfrey, whether you’re a president, whether you are a surgeon, they all have coaches. The role for me at least of a coach is to help us see our own blind spots, to help us stay accountable to what we say we want. It’s hard to be disciplined. It’s hard to stay true to what we’re moving towards when we get stuck. That’s what the role of the coach is as I see it. I have a coach and I coach other people. It’s a way for me to stay with integrity to myself with what I say I want. Somebody to keep me honest, somebody for me to share stuff that I probably don’t share with anybody else. It’s a safe space.

That probably goes both ways for you too because it’s tough to talk to everybody about all your problems, whether it’s a phone call to one of your friends or your relatives. You could open up to somebody that’s your coach because there’s no judgment and that probably goes a lot further with them.

In all transparency, I’m going to be as honest as I can this whole time. I’m not a therapist. I’ve never been to therapy. Some people have a stigma around therapy. Some people love it. It’s probably amazing. I know that the definition of coaching is supposed to be forward-facing and action-oriented and that’s great. I might bring all my problems to my coach, but at the end of the day, he might just listen and say, “What are we going to do about this from here right now?” We form a plan and then I take the next step that I need to take. I play that role for people as well. To go back to answering your first question, I got off on a little tangent there. Human beings are human beings. We all share the human experience. We all understand what it’s like to criticize ourselves harshly. We all understand what it’s like to get wrapped up in trying to control things we have no control over. We all have blind spots. We all have patterns of thinking.

We all have emotional pain in some way that we’ve held onto from the past, conditioned beliefs that we adopted from our parents. That all influence our present or our now. We carry them forward unconsciously. Every single person that I’ve ever met or worked with, if you’re in a body, if you’re here, you’ve got some work to do. This life experience is one giant classroom and we in a way are the creator of it all. Everything that we experienced is in some way we may not be creating like, “Why would I ever create getting fired from my job?” It may not be that we’re creating it consciously, but in a way, we’re in agreement to everything that happens to us on some energetic level. Often we see things that happened to us that we don’t necessarily want. We discern it, we judge it like, “That’s not a good thing. I got fired, I broke up with my partner.” At the moment, it sucks.

It could be clearing the way for bigger and better things to come.

I would share this and this goes for when we get into Revelation Breathwork, whether they’re getting into coaching or whether you get into anything. This is what I say to people, “Allow yourself to have whatever experience that you’re having.” Where we get in our own ways when we don’t want to feel those feelings of pain, rejection, abandonment, not feeling worthy enough. These are something that I’ve had and we probably all relate to proving our worth. All of those things, we deny ourselves the experience of it because either it’s too painful or we think positive over those. They tend to grow and get bigger. When we can allow those to have whatever experience we have, it passes through. Then we’re clear, clean energetically and then we can see, “There was the lesson in this. This is why this happened.”

You’re pretty much saying let all your experiences happen, whether it’s anxiety, depression, worrying or even good feelings. Acknowledge that and feel it. If it’s worrying or anxiety, try not to get stuck there. Try to feel it, acknowledge it and then move on from there.

90% of why people suffer is judging that their anxiety is bad.

That’s a natural human emotion.

The judging that whatever they’re experiencing is wrong or bad or they shouldn’t be experiencing that. The moment we can say, “I’m here and this is what I am feeling.” That alone helps us to shift almost into a higher resonance to move through it. We might be stuck there for a while and that might be part of the journey.

EM 88 | Breathing And Healing Connection Breathing And Healing Connection: When faced with worrying or anxiety, try not to get stuck there. Feel it, acknowledge it, and just move on from there.

I know you do this a lot with people. I try to implement it in my practice. I try to let people know that I’m not the one physically healing them. They are their own guru or they’re their own teacher. The body has an amazing capability of healing themselves. A lot of times we try to look for other people or other sources to heal us when we actually have the power to heal our own selves, look within, and find that. Would you agree that most people are their own gurus?

Yeah, we all have a nonstop eternal connection to an inner voice and inner source. You can call it whatever you want to call it. Most of us block that connection, whether it’s consciously or unconsciously through substance addiction, whatever it is. We block it in part because my experience is it goes back to that Marianne Williamson quote, “Our biggest fear is not that we’re inadequate, it’s that we’re actually powerful beyond measure.” If we’re powerful beyond measure, then we’re not truly a victim to anything and while we can feel like a victim, we’re not. That’s what I was talking to. We are the creator or at least in agreement to everything that happens to us. Everything that we experience is informing us and when it informs us, we can learn from it. We can grow from it and ultimately the ultimate healing. The way that I define healing, there are two definitions of healing that I’ve been sharing because I connect them strongly. One is from the University of Santa Monica where I got my Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and where doctors Ron and Mary Hulnick share that healing is the application of love to the places inside that hurt.

That’s one definition of healing and the one that I’ve also been sharing that resonates for me is that healing is the remembrance of our inherent wholeness. Our body might not be whole. We might be missing a limb or we might be ill but in our spirit and who we truly are is inherently whole, perfect and complete no matter what. Healings that I’ve experienced both personally and working with people, that’s what healing really is. They’re able to let go of all the things that are not them and experience that inside and their spirit that they are whole no matter what’s happened to them. No matter what tragedy in their human experiences happens, that’s not to invalidate it. It’s just to acknowledge that it happened and there’s a part of us that’s not touched by anything that happens to us in the world. That’s who we truly are. I’m going to tie it in here again. This goes at least how I view purpose. Purpose is not necessarily an occupation or in anything that you do and who you’re being. It’s are you willing to be and express and live from this place of the authentic self?

The true self which at its base level is love, joy, peace, forgiveness, creativity, all these qualities of the divine, of life, of God, of spirit, whatever you want to call it. That’s purpose. I can be my truly joyful self. I can be this light. I can be encouraging. If I’m a garbage man, if I’m an accountant, if I’m the President of United States, if I’m a mental skills coach, if I’m a stay at home parent, I can be that no matter where I am and who I’m with. To me that’s purpose. That’s where a lot of people miss that whole purpose question because they are in jobs that they might not feel fulfilled by. That’s part of the issue in the first place is they’re looking for something outside to make them feel better. I’ve coached people who are like, “I hate my job. Help coach me transition from what I’m doing now to some other thing that I think is going to help me feel more fulfilled.” As we worked with this being in this purpose piece, they stayed in the job that they said they hated. They started relating to it differently because they were showing up differently. They got promotions and they enjoyed it.

We’re all at one point in our lives probably very lost, looking for what we want to do with our lives, what our life’s passion and purpose. Those are probably two different things maybe. If you want to touch on that but purpose-wise, I got lucky. I had a huge hockey accident and I thought it was the worst thing that was ever going to happen to me. It put me on track for what I’m doing now. How does one find their purpose? You hear about it all the time. People are searching for their purpose and some people say, “I can’t find it.” How do you help people guide them to their purpose?

I think the question needs to be shifted or the idea of purpose needs to be shifted. The only way you’re going to find your purpose is to find yourself. Do the inner work. One of my favorite quotes around the work as I see it is from Toni Morrison in one of her books. It’s like, “If you want to fly, you’ve got to give up the crap that weighs you down.” Our job is to continually look at all the crap that’s holding us back. All the inner stuff, all the limiting beliefs about life that we’ve adopted from our culture, from our parents. Continue to look at those and how they limit how we show up and all the emotional pain, all the feelings of abandonment, unworthiness, rejection, “I’m not good enough. I’ve got to prove my worth.” They are universal. We all have them. That’s where our daily life becomes a spiritual practice. As we start to notice when those things come up into our awareness, we can work with them and heal them so that they don’t come up as much anymore. They don’t come up anymore at all.

That showing up clean and clear and we can be an expression of who we truly are, that’s purpose. Nothing, no job. I get this and you hear this all the time and you’re like, “I hear that all the time.” I’m living proof that it’s true. No job is going to make you happy. I’ve worked with and continue to work with people who have millions of dollars. That’s very common, “If I have $10 million, what would I complain about? What would I be worried about?” There’s some name for this. I can’t remember what it is. Some scientific and some of these books and these authors that are out now in psychology but we adapt. It’s like hedonic adaptation or something like that. We adapt to our station. If you have $10 million, you adapt. That becomes a regular way of life and then you find all the problems in that life. The whole purpose question goes back to get in touch with who you are, what brings you joy and be that person. Then your outer situation, your job, you’ll find that it doesn’t resonate with you anymore. You’ll find ways out of that as opposed to this surge of, “How do I get out of this?” and create something new. It becomes this forceful, effortful, unpleasant experience when you feel totally stuck.

Is there a difference between passion and purpose? Do you need to find your purpose before you find your passion and vice versa? How do you feel about that?

I’m going to go back to the University of Santa Monica where they shared with me. I believe the real meaning of the word passion is suffering. The passion of the Christ is the suffering of Christ. The word that they used that I’ve adopted now and exchange in my vocabulary word is enthusiasm. It has some meaning and roots in the word like to be of God or to be of joy or something like that. I don’t technically know what it is but it’s like that. It’s the enthusiasm. I love Gary Vaynerchuk. To me, he’s inspiring because he’s like, “If you love something, do it. Find a way to do it.” We have this idea that we are supposed to or the gold standard is to have a job that we absolutely love, that makes us a lot of money, and that we’re happy at. If we don’t have that, that’s what we’re searching for. We’re nonstop searching for that. There’s passion and purpose. If you love something, then do it. Get experience. Start small.

I have a tendency, I have a pattern inside of my own thinking that I continually work with and I have to catch like all or nothing. It’s like, “If I can’t make six figures, if I can’t make a living doing it, then what’s the point?” It’s like, “If my first big project isn’t a wild success, then what’s the point?” It’s not meant to be and all that stuff is a cop-out. If you love to do something, do it. Even if it’s for free, even if it’s for not a lot of money, do it and it will grow. When you talk about purpose and passion, to me they’re the same thing. Enthusiasm is a place we come from. It’s an extension of the joy inside of us. If we do something that we love, we light up the world. Joseph Campbell, we need more people lighting up the world, do that. When you talk about purpose, it’s not about that thing that’s going to fulfill you. It’s about who you’re being. It’s being no matter what.

EM 88 | Breathing And Healing Connection Breathing And Healing Connection: The body has an amazing capability of healing itself, but we tend to look for other people or sources to heal us when we actually have the power to heal our own selves.

This is a good segue to what you’re doing now with the Revelation Breathwork. You would do it because you love it and I also know you’re healing people through these classes. They’re healing themselves through the Breathwork, but you’re helping guide them with that experience. What is Revelation Breathwork? I’m not talking about all the scientific ins and outs. What are the Breathwork class you teach and some of the amazing things and experiences you’re witnessing in your own classes?

It’s another look at healing. I do a lot of studying. Spiritual practice is a way for me to connect, to grow and to learn. The book, the guide that I’m using right now is called The Way of Mastery. It’s published by the Shanti Christo Foundation. It’s the same author as A Course in Miracles and I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for over a decade. I’ve studied it and practiced it. It’s been my life for the last ten years and The Way of Mastery book is an extension, a continuation and a deepening of that practice. I want to read something here because we’re talking about healing. We’re talking about miracles. This is a critical piece to healing for practitioners and anyone to have this in mind. In the beginning, often we place the responsibility of our own healing on a guru or an expert. People have all gifts to share.

I’m not minimizing people who have gifts to share. It’s more on the minds and psychology of the person who’s looking for healing like, “That person is going to somehow save me.” I’ll share this with you. We’re doing a Revelation Breathwork Facilitator Training part one. That is on February 9th and 10th. It’s a two-day training and my amazing and incredible wife, Dr. Maura Moynihan from Rosewood Family Healing Center, she’s going to be co-facilitating with me. We’re going to be focusing on training people how to facilitate Revelation Breathwork with individuals. It’s two days. The foundation of that is having a context of healing and the consciousness and the attunement that comes with that.

Let me read this. It ties in, “No technique has ever brought healing though it can provide a temporary field in which the mind can choose to love. Only love can heal.” In real-world reality, I get it. When you’re in pain, you’re like, “I want to see a chiropractor.” “I need surgery.” What are you saying? “Only love can heal the surgery?” I get how silly that seems and I love that passage like, “No technique does the healing.” It might temporarily open our minds and give ourselves permission to open to love, which does the healing. That gets into a whole other conversation about physical world reality consciousness. What is consciousness? What is a three-dimensional reality? We’re not going to go into that now, but the essence of what I’m sharing with you is there are so many techniques out there. It’s about the attunement of what healers you resonate with that allows the patient, the client, whatever it is, the person who’s looking for healing in a way to give themselves permission to open up to receive that.

What is this Breathwork class you’re teaching?

Breathwork is a very general term for breathing and I guess different breathing techniques. What I learned and what I had been taught was an easy technique. I was taught by David Elliott here in Los Angeles. He’s amazing and he calls it Breathwork. As I got certified through his program, it changed my life. Once I got certified and started doing this with other people and they experienced the same things that I did, I would ask them, “Have you ever done Breathwork before?” They would say, “Yes, I’ve done Breathwork before.” Maybe it’s meditation, maybe they’ve done breathing in a yoga class. It’s all great. After they went through this technique, they were like, “I’ve never done that before.” I felt like in a way it was a disservice just to call it Breathwork because it didn’t help people know what it meant. I decided to call it Revelation Breathwork. The reason was my experience of doing this breathing technique is that it’s a tool but there’s no magic in it, that helps me access the true self, the authentic self and get out of my analytical thinking mind.

I’ve done a lot of stuff over a decade’s worth of Master’s in Spiritual Psychology. All these different things that I’ve done, tried, and used and this is the best technique by far. It helps us have revelations, have things come from inside of us, insights, inner knowing. You’re on a discovery path of reality, of truth, of looking past. The world around us is starting to crumble in terms of the traditions of thinking and what the world is. A lot of people are waking up. It’s waking up. It’s remembering what we already knew. That’s what revelation is. It gave me the experience of that, not just the understanding. You can read all the books all day long and agree with them like, “I am totally powered now.” I get it. It makes sense but then to have an experience in your bones that you can’t deny, that’s more real than any intellectual understanding of a concept.

That was my experience in Revelation Breathwork over and over again. For example, this is very common. I’ll be working with somebody and this happened at a private, but it happens all the time in class too. Somebody is like, “I totally left my body,” and that sounds insane. To our analytical mind, that’s insane. How do you leave your body? You’re in your body. Where is your body? When people have the experience of it and it’s more real than anything else, it’s as real or more real than anything. To me, that’s music to my ears that they say they left their body. Not in like when you have trauma and you leave your body because you can’t handle the pain at that moment. It’s more of an experience of leaving your body that you know you’re not your body. It’s like if I can leave my body, then I’m not the body. It immediately creates this gap because we’re so identified with our mind. We’re so identified about our body and it’s so easy to move into fight or flight mode about physically surviving.

When we have that experience of leaving our body or not identifying with the body at all, it limits and starts to diminish that fear of physical death because you tap into an experience. This eternal nature of yourself and I know it makes no sense when I’m talking. If you’re reading, you’re like, “Eternal nature of yourself. It’s more like new age guru speak whatever,” but it’s an experience that’s undeniable and it’s real. When people have that experience, they’re less fearful in their lives because they know even in the back of their mind or depths of their soul, that they’re much more than their body. They’re much more than this short 60, 70, 80 years of life if you’re lucky, so much bigger. That’s why I love Revelation Breathwork. That’s why I called it Revelation Breathwork. You can call it just breathwork.

It does get confusing because there are a hundred different breathing techniques that you can do.

EM 88 | Breathing And Healing Connection Breathing And Healing Connection: The only way that you’re going to find your purpose is to find yourself.

My teacher says it’s a form of Pranayama yoga breathing. I don’t do a lot of yoga. My wife has gone through teacher training yoga, I was like, “Is this the Pranayama yoga breathing?” She was like, “Pranayama just means breath.” Maybe it’s not something that’s normally taught in yoga classes. I’m not trying to be the expert. I didn’t make this up having my experience of it and it’s a huge transformation.

One of the things I like about your Breathwork class is you have to work to see the results. You go as far as you want to go with it. Can you explain what the class entails? What the process is like? How long is it? Do you play music in the background and all that? What does the actual class look like?

There’s no magic secret. A lot of people like to make their thing feel like it’s special or different. There’s no magic pill. There’s no secret like the breath is the breath is the breath. This is the way that I’ve structured my classes. The class is an hour. It’s Sundays from 5:00 to 6:00 in Culver City at F45 Gym. When people show up, we have about a ten-minute introduction because there are usually new people cycling all the time. I’ll share a little bit about the breath and the class. The class is divided into two parts. There’s the active breathing portion which is the Breathwork, then there’s the rest portion. The active breathing in my class is about 32 minutes of active breathing.

Then there’s the rest portion which is about ten to fifteen and that’s if you do yoga, it’s like Shavasana, you just lay there. That’s you reap the benefits of the work. Like in anything in life, you get in, you get out what you put in. There are no requirements. This was a mistake I made in the beginning. I thought you had to breathe hard and fast at this big experience. You don’t have a big experience. You need to be willing to open. The need of the breath is not a requirement at all. I wouldn’t recommend to anybody to hear what I’m saying and then try and do it on their own. That’s not going to get that in depth into it. I’m just going to talk about it.

Some people start out slow like any muscle, you are working your diaphragm. Your diaphragm is working. If you want to start off slow, warm up, loosen up, open up, and continue to let the breath. The breath starts to breathe you after a song or two. We play all different kinds of music. Sometimes we play popular music like Sia or Florence and the Machine or Coldplay or Mumford & Sons or the older Van Morrison, ‘70s music that has soul and all that inspiring. A lot of times people are like, “The music and songs brought back certain memories.”

That could definitely trigger some emotional stuff especially if it’s a song they love. That’s probably very powerful.

We had an ‘80s night and one of the people that came was like, “That song brought me back to a time when I was a kid. I went to the movies with my mom and dad. That was the last time the three of us went to the movies before they got divorced,” and everything changed in her life. It brought her back to that moment. It filled her with gratitude and love and helped her heal some of that part in her life. That’s why there is music playing. It’s to tap into some emotions. The active breathing is done in and out through the mouth. Scientifically, breathing through the nose has lots of benefits, nitric oxide, all these things. Some people like to come into class and do it their way. I invite everyone, whether you breathe through the nose, whatever you do outside of here, try this one in this class. The mouth breathing helps us tap into emotion. The music creates an emotional experience. The mouth breathing creates an emotional experience because if you think about it, in any heightened emotional experience, your mouth is open. If something happens, if you’re having an orgasm, if you’re like anything, your mouth is open. When the babies cry the first time. That is part of the whole experience. It’s designed in a way to help people feel safe because if we don’t feel safe, we’re not going to open up. It’s designed in a way to help people feel safe to help people open.

*It’s dark in the room. There’s music going on. No judgment going on. * People have all kinds of experiences.

I cried like a little girl my first time. In one of your first classes, I was weeping. I don’t even know what I was crying about but it was such a powerful emotional release. I walked out of the class. I had to walk around the block. It felt like if I was carrying the weight of the world, and it was off my shoulders. I felt so relaxed, so grounded, a lot of things were releasing. I do want to give you that. I know you’re not giving yourself the credit that it’s just breathing and everything, but give yourself the credit. I have never experienced anything like that through yoga or any type of group class. I’ve never had that emotional release ever and I had it at your class and I thought it was pretty amazing. I do want to give you that credit.

EM 88 | Breathing And Healing Connection Breathing And Healing Connection: When you talk about purpose, it’s not about that thing that’s going to fulfill you. It’s about who you’re being.

Thank you. My favorite description of this work from somebody who’s a regular is it’s like having an energetic anima and she meant it in a good way. It clears your crap out. Sometimes decades, sometimes past life stuff, whether you believe in that or not. I’ve had people who are not new age, woo-woo spiritual and they’re like, “I saw myself in a previous life and there’s more than I know. It’s real.” You can’t deny what you’ve experienced. Here’s what I bring as a facilitator and it goes back to what we shared about healing. I bring a very clear, loving, strong intent to see everyone in their wholeness. When I see someone, and I bless them in their wholeness. You are whole and complete no matter what you’ve experienced, I just bless you and love. People receive that. Our energy and thoughts are contagious. I work in sports. You have one guy who’s got a bad attitude in the clubhouse. He’s a whiner and complainer. That can spread pretty quickly if you have other guys that are easily influenced.

Energy is real. Bring loving energy that everyone in this space is safe, that everyone in this space is whole, that everyone in this space is coming. With all the inner resources that whatever comes up for them, they can handle that. It’s coming up in service to them. It’s coming up for them to heal. It’s coming up for them to trust themselves more, to let go of trying to control the world more, to love themselves more, to forgive themselves for how hard we are in ourselves which is all misunderstanding anyway.

Here’s another thing for healers, facilitators, coaches. I’m not responsible for your healing. If I’m like, “I’ve got to prove my worth, he’s got to have a big experience in class,” I’m constricting the flow of what’s possible for you in the energy. If I try to manage and control, no, you’re going to have whatever you have. That’s your responsibility and your privilege actually. I give people the freedom of that and bless them in their wholeness. That’s why I believe that people have a great experience when they do Revelation Breathwork with me. It’s not me, the spirit does the work. Their own spirit leads the way. If that’s my job to hold space for someone, in my mind know their inherent wholeness and bless them, that’s a cool job. To have an exchange of value to get paid for that, that’s cool. It didn’t happen overnight. We talked about passion and purpose. Purpose is to love and to see people as who they truly are.

Do you feel like the healing process is like peeling back layers of an onion? You get through this one huge transformation and you might think you’re done and then another thing hits you. You’ve got to continually work on yourself. Keep peeling back those layers and it might be endless. I think we’re constantly working on that stuff.

In the great mystery of life, until we merge with the oneness of life and until we merge with that, until there’s some semblance of separation, there’s always work to be done. Whether or not you get a little bit out there. For the audience, be wherever you are. You’re not going to become enlightened overnight. You’re not going to become enlightened necessarily. Just be where you are. You might have a moment of enlightenment and enjoy it for what it is. Not be like, “I need to have this all the time.” There were times when I’ve done intense studying and spiritual work for months and I feel so connected and then all of a sudden it goes away. Then I feel disconnected and I’m like, “I’ve got to get back into that.” Be wherever you are and sometimes lives are intense and we are called to do inner work and healing. Other times in our life we’re called to be in action and to create progress and bring our gifts to the world. Sometimes it’s both.

There is no right or wrong way. There’s no right or wrong path. There is no right or wrong teaching. Follow your own heart. Sometimes if you’re like, “I don’t know what to do,” then ask the question. Ask inside like, “I know I want to do something. I know I want to follow this healing. I know I need to leave my job, but I don’t see a way.” Ask God, spirit, the universe, whatever you want to call it, like “Show me a way.” I have an honest and clear intent in my heart, if I want a partnership, to call on a partner. I don’t like dating sites. I’m not finding. That’s the power of surrender. The universe, God, it’s infinite intelligence so much more than our limited viewpoint of what our intellect can know. Out of that, we have access. That’s why in Revelation Breathwork, we get out of our limited personal sense of thinking in mind and knowledge and we can access the universal knowledge. The more time we spend doing that, that’s a great place to be.

My experience of doing this for many years in combination with my spiritual studies and growing and learning is, for the most part, life becomes more graceful, becomes less fearful, becomes more flowing. Not all the time. There are times that it’s still hard, it still stinks and I don’t see a way. That’s why I have a coach. That’s why I have practices that help me. It’s about consistency. A little bit at a time, not these expectations of giant, big a-ha moments, although it can come that way.

It’s like what you were saying before, feel everything, let it all happen and realize where you are in that moment.

Give yourself permission to have whatever experience you’re having and understanding too that our personal thinking, our personal mind loves to make stories and loves to hang onto stories. Stories about how people have wronged us. Stories about how there’s not enough in the world and I got to get mine. There are so much of these stories. You look in the news and you can see that it’s not the people, it’s the consciousness, it’s the thinking, the belief systems that you can just see so clearly in the world. There’s in a way a clash of these things that are happening. It’s like when something goes in the fire, it’s being purified right now. Many people and so much consciousness of love that’s happening, but that doesn’t sell newspapers and it doesn’t get eyeballs.

I like to ask this question at the end of every show. What is one piece of advice that you have taken with you over the years that’s resonated with you that you would like to gift the audience? I know it’s a loaded question but it could be absolutely anything too.

EM 88 | Breathing And Healing Connection Breathing And Healing Connection: Thoughts are energy and they are contagious.

Be patient with yourself, be patient with life. Have patience for yourself. Have patience for your process. Give other people the freedom to have whatever experience they’re having. If you’re in a relationship with a family, significant other, co-worker and you can see how stuck they are, you only add to that stuckness when either even in your own mind, you’re like, “That person should be over this. Why are they still struggling with that? They’re smarter than that. They have more wisdom that.” Give them freedom and then, in turn, give yourself freedom like, “I’ve been struggling with this for longer than I want to.” Leave the crap at home. Bring more compassion, bring more understanding, bring more patience. It’s never done. It’s never going to end.

Where can people find you online? Do you have a website, Facebook, anything like that?

They can find me at I’m in the process of modifying and retooling the websites and adds a little bit of coaching piece in there. In Instagram, @RevelationBreathwork. My mission is to support and empower people to experience their own true nature in a very practical and real way like live that in the world. Not some theory or some philosophies but very real.

Jay, thank you so much for coming on. This is a great episode. I love talking to you. I love you. We’ll get a go at it again.

You are the best. What you’ve created here is super inspiring. It’s always an honor to come share with you and I love you too. I’ll talk to you soon.

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