For over four months, I’ve had ear fullness/hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in my ears). Two months ago, the vertigo came on – that’s when I saw an ENT who diagnosed me with Meniere’s Disease. After a lot of research, I learned this disease is “idiopathic,” meaning the cause is unknown, but I read that for some people it has roots in TMJD. I went to an experienced dentist and found out my jaw had moved backwards due to years of orthodontia, forcing my neck forward into an unnatural position. I had a jaw orthotic made, but with a year of care or more to start seeing results, I knew I needed something else to allow me to keep my job and function in my everyday life. I saw Dr. Pecca who taught me that the unnatural position of my neck meant my neck bones were no longer in alignment, so my inner ear nerves were being compressed! Upper Cervical adjustments are the only thing that have given me relief. They have saved my career – I can now drive without fear of vertigo – and my life, because I am no longer afraid to leave my house. My vertigo has mostly vanished. I have days where stress might throw me out of alignment and I’ll experience some dizziness, but I know an adjustment will help me. I’ve also experienced better hearing and far less ringing in my ear. Upper Cervical care is restoring my quality of life. I know with continued care for my jaw, and for my neck, I can get my body back where it’s supposed to be and I am so grateful for that!


My name is Jacqueline. I was diagnosed October 2015 with spinal stenosis and Sciatica on my left side. I was in the emergency room twice with severe pain. I seeked help from old fashioned chiropractor. Did not help! Went for acupuncture and pain would subside for short amount of time. Was not sleeping at all due to the agonizing pain! Went to Orthopedic who advised surgery. He said pain may go away, but eventually pain will come back without surgical procedure! Sure enough pain subsided and came back with a vengeance November 2016. Again, seeked help from chiropractor who worked with subtle magnetic system. Did not help! In January 2017 I met with Doctor Kevin Pecca, who uses the Blair Chiropractic System. With his professional and easy manner he made me feel completely comfortable and gave me the assurance that I will be pain free in a few sessions. Well, he was correct and I have so much gratitude for him as a Doctor and as a beautiful soul who cares about his patients. I highly recommend the Montclair Upper Cervical Chiropractic system for giving me my life back to me free of pain and sleepless nights! Nothing but Love and Appreciation for Dr. Kevin Pecca!


I struggled with Sciatica for nearly 2 years. This resulted in sleepless nights, the inability to exercise daily, and an overall struggle day to day. At first, I did not think the issue was serious and thought the pain would just ``go away.`` After seeing multiple chiropractors and physicians, I would experience temporary relief for a day at most, and the pain would just come right back. Once I heard of the Blair Upper Cervical Technique, I immediately contacted Dr. Kevin. After seeing him one time, the pain and discomfort was immediately gone (no exaggeration). Dr. Kevin's own personal struggles with with concussions - soon being cured by the Blair Upper Cervical Technique - combined his passion for helping others makes him the best at what he does. He not only educated me on why I was experiencing this pain, but also walked me through exactly what he was going to do to fix it and the science behind it. I cannot stress how great my experience was with Dr. Kevin. If you have experience and trauma/pain/discomfort, Dr. Kevin is definitely your guy.


Thanks again for helping me out, so happy to not have that pain anymore! I first went to see Dr. Kevin after about 3 months of shooting pain in my upper left back, specifically along my spine. It was a constant struggle to sit or lay down comfortably and I started to get tingling/numbness shooting down my arm to my fingertips. After one upper cervical adjustment and follow up Support work with Dr. Kevin, the pain slowly went away and the numbness completely subsided. I am entirely healed and thankful for his expertise.


I started going to Montclair Upper Cervical on May 6, 2017. I’ve never stopped going. Dr Kevin is phenomenal. He listens intently. He’s compassionate given the way he came to chiropractic. It’s true that it’s an investment in your overall health with great returns. And a nod to the front desk staff who are so helpful and caring. Thank you Maria & Kris! As long as I live I’ll keep my body in alignment and overall great health with upper cervical treatments! Again thank you to Dr Kevin and his excellent support staff!


I went to Dr. Kevin today for the lower back pain I adopted due to the long days of sitting with bad posture from remote learning. After a thorough and efficient examination, Dr. Kevin clearly explained to me the misalignments in my spine. Dr. Kevin pinpointed the locations I needed adjustment and after only 2 hours I am feeling significant results. He also gave some great tips to alleviate the back pain on my own. I have already booked my follow up appointment and highly recommend Dr. Kevin!


I was experiencing debilitating migraines 3-5x a year with no end in sight. I saw Dr. Kevin and after my first appointment I instantly felt relief and didn’t have a migraine for the first 6 months, which was when I saw Dr. Kevin again for my second visit. Since then, I haven’t had a migraine since and that’s coming up on 2 years. He’s a life saver.


Dr. Pecca is an awesome upper cervical chiropractor. I had neck pain for couple years. I saw numerous doctors, pain management professionals, chiropractors, physical therapists over the past couple years. Nobody seemed to be able to help. After one session, my pain dramatically subsided. After a few, the pain went away. He is talented, and takes time with his patients to explain the healing process. I highly recommend Dr Pecca. I have had a great experience.


After a Full Year of Severe Headaches and Pain and My Equilibrium severely off, accompanied by Vomiting from it All, Severe Fatigue, And after seeing numerous doctors and ruling out a Brain Tumor having had MRI's and Cats cans.. Extensive Blood Work, had my teeth & eyes checked.. Had my Hormones checked.. Saw three Chiropractors....Had Cranial Massages.... Cryotherapy & many visits with having done Acupuncture... I took many different over counter prescriptions... Different vitamins including Magnesium for the head pain.. My primary put me on major Antibiotics ..Muscle Relaxers ...pain medicine & Steroids.. Nothing helped.. I was told it's all in my head and perhaps I was depressed... After a lifetime of disappointments and struggle and Beating stage four Cancer Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma . My out look on life is different than most people.. I knew I wasn't depressed. But I did actually run it by my oncologist, I thought maybe if Internally I was experiencing Anxiety without even realizing it.. With having my only Son going away to college. Perhaps if we can calm my brain down these symptoms would all go away. I've had to be my own advocate on my body for years. After almost losing my Life three times so far in my lifetime. I'm very aware of my physical state...my physical capabilities and my mental state as well. I knew down deep it wasn't depression and I was desperate. I never gave up my Will to live thru my entire Cancer/Chemo experience. I know thought if I have to live every day like this I cannot. I expressed to my boyfriend that I cannot keep going on like this. It effected our relationship in my eyes because I couldn't give 100% I could barely give 15% . After a full day of work and were talking 13 hour days and a very physical job. I came home and slept just to regain the strength to get up and do it all again. It effected my social life and my mood. I couldn't make people understand the severity of what I was going thru and how very difficult it was to have no answers and no one understanding that it wasn't stress or depression. It was real and it was ruining my life. My boyfriend was 100% supportive and stood beside me thru all of it and encouraged me to not give up. In spite of my lack of energy and fatigue and the loss of social drive ..He listened to me complain & cry .And he told me every day that he wished he could take it all away. Not to mention pick up the slack of everything else for me at my home that I had zero energy for. I would Google my symptoms every day, I was trying to diagnose myself. I'm by no means a hypochondriac but I needed to find the answer. It was very late and the pain in my head made it difficult to sleep and stay asleep.. And I researched once again my symptoms and every time I researched I would Google them in a different way. And this one very night I discovered a Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor . I had my consultation and discovered that my entire body was in havoc . Due to something that happened in my past or a build up of toxins that my body was in major jeopardy. I was 1/4 of inch off on my left side and my leg, hip, and shoulder were all out of balance and overcompensating. My head was not straight on it's axel creating no blood flow to my brain. Dr. Kevin Pecca said I can help. After one treatment I felt pretty good. Until the week after. I felt back to square one. At my next visit he described it's a healing process and it's going to take time. Like a roller coaster. And I went twice a week than once a week. I've been holding my adjustment beautifully and I'm doing very well. I'm not 100% but I have faith that I will be . Every day I feel better & better. I'm actually going back to the gym after a complete year of not going since my 50th b-day party. I couldn't imagine that turning 50 which for me is such a milestone having been told I had six months to live at 32 years old. And at my 50th birthdate I fell apart drastically. I'm on my way to healing and hopefully having a full recovery and although it was only a year which felt like a lifetime I never could of done it without the support of my boyfriend and the amazing help of Dr. Kevin Pecca. I'm very blessed to have Dr. Kevin in my life and their caring nature to heal not just your body but also your mind. He always gives you hope & without hope You cannot do it alone. Thank you for getting me thru a very traumatic time in my life. You have been a blessing for me. Please listen to Dr. Pecca Expect Miracles Podcast for more stories like this & I hope for anyone in need of a Doctor like Kevin Pecca you too can Find your Miracle. I found Mine.