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Revelation Breathwork With Maura And Jason Amoroso

3 years ago

Healing can be found in something as simple as doing breathwork. Although it is a physical experience, breathwork has the power to tap into many other realms of our being. In this episode, Dr. Kevin Pecca invites Maura Amoroso and Jason Amoroso from Revelation Breathwork to share with us both of their journeys in finding healing and helping others heal themselves as well. Maura shares how her life evolved from being a chiropractor to a healer while Jason lets us in on being a life coach working with professional athletes. They then talk about their empowering approach to healing work, the classes that they hold, and how you can practice doing the breathwork to find healing.


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Revelation Breathwork With Maura And Jason Amoroso

Welcome to another episode. For weekly episodes, make sure to hit the subscribe button. You can also find us on Instagram @DrKevinPecca, Facebook @MontclairUpperCervical, and On the show, we have two amazing healers who have been doing amazing work through their Revelation Breathwork classes. If you haven't heard of Maura and Jason Amoroso, you can check out their website at and sign up for a class to see the magic for yourself. Maura is a chiropractor and healer out of Santa Monica, California. Jason is a life coach that works with professional athletes. Together, they're helping others heal through their Revelation Breathwork classes. I highly recommended as it's one of the best classes I've ever taken myself. You can even experience it through the comfort of your own home. Without further ado, please welcome Maura and Jason Amoroso.


In this episode, we have two of my favorite healers in the entire world. My cousins, Jay and Maura Amoroso. It's been a while since we sat down and did this with both recurring guests in the show. How are you?

Kevin, we're happy to be with you. This is awesome.

I’m honored to share this with your community. I’m excited to be with you, Kevin.

One of my favorite things about both of you is how your journeys have evolved over the years. Jay, you started out as a lawyer. Maura, you started off as chiropractic acupuncture. You're both in such different amazing places. How has the journey evolved for you over the years?

How has the journey evolved? We have four very active exuberant boys, that has impacted the journey incredibly and also the trajectory. I started knowing that I wanted to work with families, body healing, chiropractic and craniosacral. I started with acupuncture and tending to my own family solidified that inside of myself. Over the years, I've been more drawn to supporting women and the nuanced way of how they get in the way of their healing, these more psychological barriers, emotional, and how that's stored in the body. Both Jason and I have our Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology. I went for another year for it to have an emphasis on consciousness, health, and healing. By far, understanding that education has impacted completely how I view healing, bodies, emotions, thinking, and souls.

With that as a part of the foundation, I've been slowly seeking more ways outside of the bubble more of the body healing work. Breathwork has been an easy transition into it because it is a physical experience, yet it can tap into many other realms of our being. That's the trajectory. As we're doing training, I'm incorporating that more into not only my chiropractic and craniosacral sessions but my coaching sessions. It's exciting.

I see how excited you guys are about your work. Jay, if you could do a brief introduction on how you started and what you're doing?

I was listening to her and thinking about how I would answer this question. A lot of patience, following what I want, what my heart wants, the vision I see for my life at the moment. I went to law school, but that wasn't envisioned in my heart. I didn't want to get a job after undergrad, but then it was baseball and being a GM. That transitioned over to something more like when we were getting our Master's in Spiritual Psychology. It was a different level of helping people in their life, getting clear on what they wanted and what was in the way, how they could step into and take action to create what they wanted. That moved into coaching.

There have been many different jobs and careers that I've worked in from IT, music publishing, and all these different things. It's easy to look back at it. Understanding that we live in this society of marketing and advertising that tells us like, “There are these five steps to do. There's this formula. There's a path that you can take that's going to give you the result that you want.” There are guidelines. Everybody's got their own path. As I've evolved, be patient, be open, keep following what’s speaking to you, and a lot of listening. There have been a lot of dark days where I feel like I'm lost. I'm feeling I'm not qualified to do what I'm doing. I feel like I don't know what I'm doing, or I don't know if I'm doing the right thing.

There are these days where it's like, “That’s exactly where I'm supposed to be.” That whole journey has evolved over time. It's moved into working with professional athletes on the performance side, on character development, and leadership development. I love being part of an organization and part of something of many people building towards something that can impact millions of people. As we see, sports fans get involved in their teams, the cities, and what it can do for the city. The breathwork and coaching side, stepping into something and see the possibility for life beyond their limitations, conditions, and patterns. I couldn't have told you about breathwork many years ago, but the moment that Maura brought it to me and I experienced it, I knew I needed to bring it to my clients because it's the most simple and effective tool that I’ve experienced. There are lots out there, but it's by far the simplest and most effective.

It's easy for people to try to seek out physical treatment for their overall wellbeing. I remember going for a walk with you, Maura at Jay's family house in Upstate New York, and I go, “What have you been up to?” You said, “I've been doing chiropractic for my back. I've been doing acupuncture.” One of the questions you asked me was, “What are you doing for you? What are you doing for your mental health, soul, and spiritual wellness?” As we know, that can translate into physical pain and that cannot be ignored. How do you guys meet people with that and unlock that in people?

I remember that lock. I truly intend to point people in the direction that your body loves them. Although you're experiencing pain, it's trying to get your attention to keep you on track. Who am I to take that guidance system away from you rather than me take your pain? Let's move into it. Let's lean into it. Let's be curious about what this highly intelligent system is trying to support you with. Some people like that, some people don't. Some people are just like, “Take it,” and that's fine, but that is available. How that translates into the breath is you're actively breathing into the places that your body is holding, whether it's holding emotions and unconscious material. It's greeting the places inside. Whereby actively having a relationship with what your energy body is doing and how it's translating into your physical body. It's the most empowering thing that we can provide. Another, as we hold space for them being like, “You're doing it. You got this. You can do hard things. Keep going.” That's the direction that I invite them to consider.

Jay, do you have anything to add to that?

Our approach to healing work is empowering for people. Not everybody wants to be empowered, but it offers them an opportunity to look and take responsibility for their healing. In a breathwork session, I'm not doing anything behind the scenes, like Maura, to take their pain or to heal them. It's holding this space of loving someone and knowing that they are this divine soul that came into this life to experience certain things, to remember who they are as loving consciousness. Creating that space, it happens in that space, that's their intention.

People that are reading and learning about Revelation Breathwork for the first time, what is Revelation Breathwork on a physical and mental aspect? How do you perform the breath? What does an actual session with you look like?

Before we get into the technicality, what differentiates Revelation Breathwork because it's wonderful. It’s being talked about. It's being offered more. There are many different ways to breathe. Pranayama has been around since the beginning of time with yogis and this purely physiological function to connect to their highest self and the divine. What is different about Revelation Breathwork is the breath is the breath. It's simple. However, this line of energy completely lies in the foundation of spiritual psychology. It's not about the technique, it is about the intention behind it. It's about where we are inside of ourselves as we're holding space for another. The blessing that we do that is infused with a high vibrational experience that we can truly rest in knowing that whatever the person needs to do to get to where they need to go is fine. If they need to fall asleep on the floor for the 40 minutes, we trust that. If they need to cry the entire time, we trust that. If they're uncomfortable, that's the next level of their experience.

It's simple. We can demonstrate and describe the technique. The thing that I say to everybody curious about it is, come to class. It’s probably the best way. I have a video on YouTube that when people sign up for class, they get an eight-minute video describing the breath. It's a physical experience with physical sensations that can come along with it and describes the flow of a class that's been online. I would recommend that. The technique itself is a two-step inhale with an exhale. It's an active meditation. We're going to take a big belly breath deep into the lung. You want to fill up 80% to 85% of our oxygen in the air.

You're laying down, big deep belly breath, low and deep, then a chest breath on top of that up into your chest, and then an exhale. The exhale is a letting go. It's not a big, forceful push and that's not a long drawn out. There are a lot of breathing techniques that are about resting in your body and feeling at peace. This technique is not that it's not that, but it is an active breath where you get into a rhythm, the belly chest exhale. Some people have a variety of that. We combine it with music and you get into the rhythm and you get into a space. The most effective technique to get out of your own head and out of your own way, drop into your body and into your heart.

I love these classes because the first part of the class is active. You're working for it and you decide how far you want to go with it. My favorite part is the cool-down. The guided meditation afterward is amazing. The release of emotions and feelings. The guided meditation is great. Could you explain once the breathwork part is where it needs to be, what you do afterward to let everything flow out and release tensions, emotions and feelings?

This is what differentiates our training from other training. We have a background. You and I have no physiology. It is interesting how the CO2, O2 relationship shifts after active to more passive and receptive breathing. There is a natural occurrence that happens as we reset and recalibrate with CO2.

Let’s talk about how during active breathing, it’s like fight or flight. Normally when you breathe through your nose, one of the benefits is nitric oxide and a lot of other putting yourself into the parasympathetic nervous system. With this active breath in and out through the mouth, it activates your sympathetic nervous system. I'm already tapped out here like, “Why am I doing that?” It's in a controlled, safe space and you're not maxing it out, you're accessing it. When it's done in a conscious way, in a space where you're held and supported, it allows one in that controlled fight or flight to let go of a lot of that stored fight or flight adrenaline in the nervous system. The energy that we've held on to from traumatic, big things where we just went into survival mode, we can let some of that go.

In the active breath that comes up, it is about opening your heart space and you start breathing through your nose, which once your body loses oxygen, endorphins, and serotonin at that moment, it can help people have visions. People have conversations with ascended masters, dead relatives, and all kinds of things that are very real. The power of this work is embodied. You are in your body when you're breathing, there are physical sensations while you breathe. At the same time, as you're embodied, you're not identified with your body. For me, it's liberation. When we're not identified with our physical body. It's a part of us but it's not who we are. That is caused by letting go of so much fear in our life. When we are in survival mode, we can have access to a part of us so much more than that.

You guys were all doing in-person, in-class sessions, and then with COVID-19, you had to think outside the box and keep spreading this message to your clients and people that still want to experience it. You're doing virtual classes and still getting very beneficial amazing results. How has it changed with doing the virtual classes?

I was hesitant about it because I get so much about being around other people's energy and how I can feel and feed off of it. It's such a powerful component taking and facilitating a class, seeing how each person was responding, and tending to them and then going to a Zoom class where people blackout their screen and you're like, “I hope you're having a good time.” It's invited even more trust, intuition, and sensing the group energy and tapping into my own inner knowing with them. It's been amazing and it's translated beautifully. We've had feedback that some people feel like they have even more permission to express themselves and to go to places because they are not aware of people around them. Jason has been rocking and rolling with the classes. He does four in a week.

We had people from 58 countries all over the world. We have people from Mongolia that join us, Kenya, every continent like Australia and New Zealand, and all over Europe. It helps them access the things that normally they’ve never been able to access. It helps me get on the limits of time and space like energy, consciousness, and information. We're all connected at a deeper soul level. It allows more connection to that energy and feels more rather than think more, that identifies from the body a little bit.

What I'm impressed with from a healing perspective is that you can have somebody that just broke up with their boyfriend. Somebody that's got a lot of real-life trauma from their childhood or early adulthood and another person that wants to clear their head and get a little mental release. You're all meeting these people in one Zoom class and they're all getting such amazing results. They're on all different journeys, parts in life and you're still helping all of them. How I try to get people better is a one-on-one session chiropractically. You guys can meet people all over the world, not even put your hands on them and walk them through this breath meditation, and you're still getting phenomenal results. It's mind-blowing to me.

I appreciate where you're coming from completely. That’s where I used to. Having that feedback, you're with the person, you know what you're feeling, you know how they're responding, and being able to work with that in real-time, especially with the Zoom. The virtual classes have provided me with the truth of what healing is, where it truly is seeking out the places inside that are yearning for loving and applying loving to them. It is connecting with the truth of who we are, which is love. The whole purpose of why we're here is to share, loving, and experience that. Although everyone comes in with their certain type of pain and trauma, the elixir is the same for all of them.

It is for healing in terms of people who want to whether get out of their head, distress, heal trauma, and heal the past. It's like this is their business secret. They're like, “I get my best business ideas and my best creativity from these sessions. I'm out of my head and accessing higher information, I'm accessing higher creativity, and heart space opening.” It's available to any business. It's so simple. In the way that segues into our facilitation training, because we've been offering a certification facilitation course for other people to offer this. We have people who are therapists, coaches, and people in the healing professions. We have people who are graphic designers, professional photographers, parents, and anyone. Invariably they are experiencing when they facilitate for another one.

Even if we have people come to train, they don't want to be facilitators. They want to deepen in the healing process for themselves. They're always blown away by how much they receive as a facilitator. The reason is our approach to facilitation is simple, you're holding the space of loving this person in front of you. Seeing them for who they are, their humanity, their heart, their soul, and letting them be on their own journey without you trying to fix it. It is easy, sacred, and beautiful. That's our approach to healing. That's why no matter who you are, where you are. I worked with Navy SEALs, professional athletes, executives, everyone on all the spectrum, kids, and teenagers. We're all in the same swimming pool together. This is the ocean of love and energy.

I want to ask you both a very straight forward question here. It’s the reason why you love doing Revelation Breathwork. What has Breathwork done for you personally? How has it helped you evolve and meet people where they're at and help stimulate healing in others?

When I receive breathwork and I participate in a class, Carrie comes to me every time. I connect with myself at a younger age and heal old memories of where I judged myself so hard or judged the scenario. In breathwork, I get clear guidance business-wise and reaching out to certain people wise. All this chiropractic, my entire business with women's groups, coaching, and everything has completely been downloaded from breathwork. The way that it comes through is so clear and strong that I've learned to trust it. It's a powerful practice for me. Otherwise, it's completely enriched our relationship. Working with Jason has been a tremendous gift that I would never have thought we would work together in this way.

Seeing him shine, rise, and speak is extraordinary. Helping other people tap into what is available to them. Jason keeps on referring to being out of the body. There is this dance of experiencing ourselves out of the body and there is that experience of being in this body like pressuring and reveling. This body has carried us through all of the things and getting like a tactile experience of the tapestry of the memories that come forward in a session. Having so much appreciation for oneself is rare and completely available.

My whole life, I’ve been taking the experience of an intellectual understanding or concepts of God, the universe, goddess, the source, or whatever you want to call it. That higher power that is loving that essence of everything and getting out of it from an intellectual standpoint, like understanding, “I get that. I understand that. That makes sense to me.” Having my direct experience of having a conversation with God. Feeling my heart, seeing and having real experiences that cannot be denied with angels, guides, ancestors, and having those things inform my life. It’s practical. As parents, I have a full-time job and we run a business. I've got a separate business. Kids and virtual schooling. It's got to be practical. These principles of spiritual psychology experience of what it means to be divine, the contrast in life when you're trying to figure it all out. It's been a lighthouse or rooted for me in terms of being in the world. It's helped me so much on so many levels.

I want to color in one statement a little bit here. What's it like having those, “Sessions with the divine?” What does that do for you? How do you get there personally?

Release all expectations that it's going to happen, stay present and let it be okay if I experience my resistance or my judgment. Sometimes there will be sessions where I'm judging the entire time. There's like, “I want the juice.” Recognizing that being in resistance and staying with myself as I'm in resistance is the opportunity for this level that's being presented. What connecting with the divine does is it empowers me to not take any of this seriously and to do the fucking thing, say the words, meet the people, get out of the way, and be an instrument. I’m like, “Use me. Show me in a way I can understand and I'll do it.” I might have a lot of resistance along the way, but I will do it.

Where can people sign up and take Revelation Breathwork?

It’s on They can check us out there. We have our class schedule every Tuesday. There are four classes a week at a set time that you can join on Zoom. It's an hour class, very affordable, and it's for anybody. We've had people from all over the world who take these classes. You can learn more about our facilitator training as well if you feel called to that. We have occasional workshops on certain themes. We have one coming up about creating, honoring, and loving boundaries, which is relevant during the politics season and holiday season. We're active. You can also find us on Instagram at @RevelationBreathwork and Maura is @RosewoodHealing.

If you are looking for in-person healing sessions, chiropractic, and other forms of care, Maura has an unbelievable practice. Why don't you talk about your practice and where it is? Where can people find you and make an appointment?

I have phenomenal practitioners too as you've had on your show, Dr. Tim Moynihan, who is the best of the best out there. He knows how to support the deepest level of healing. I have a beautiful and wonderful healing center in West Los Angeles in Culver City. We offer alternative care like acupuncture, craniosacral, Reiki, functional medicine, and a lot of different sources of support specifically for the families of Los Angeles. My specialty is pregnancy and pediatrics. We serve all shapes and sizes. Whoever's ready, get loved on.

What advice would you give to your eighteen-year-old self knowing what you know now?

It's all going to work out. Don't worry so much.

I would encourage myself to take more risks because it is all going to work out.

Thank you for coming on. This was a great episode. I love having you both on and I love doing this with both of you. We will be doing it again.

I want to acknowledge you for your commitment for showing, tuning in to your show with all the guests that you have, your commitment to helping and serving other people, and how you've been doing it consistently over time. You don't stop and you keep bringing more value is inspiring. I love you. I appreciate you. I see what you're doing and how you're making the world a better place.

The other thing that you did with your family is you make it so fun. Your authenticity is appealing, warm, and safe.

Thank you. I appreciate that. That means a lot.

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