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Reiki Healing And Energy Work with Tiann Goade

6 years ago

In this episode, we talk to Tiann Goade. She is a Reiki healer and yoga teacher. She talks about her journey to where is now and how she got into yoga and Reiki. She explains what Reiki does, who it can help and even how you can find a Reiki healer near you. She also shares information about essential oils, Chakras and energies.


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Reiki Healing And Energy Work with Tiann Goade

Tiann, how are you? It’s been a long time.

Good. How are you?

I’m very good. What have you been up to?

Teaching Yoga, doing Reiki.

I want to talk about the Reiki today because it’s the most amazing thing ever and I feel like nobody knows about it. Tiann, originally, where are you from?

California, the High Desert.

Where did you grow up?

In Tennessee.

How was that? Probably very interesting?

Yes, interesting.

What was so interesting about it?

I don’t know. It’s just a different way of life.

That’s why you moved from California to Tennessee. Your dad was a country singer?

Yeah, he sang Country.

How did you end up back in California?

After I graduated college, I found this job in non-profit. I just decided to move back. I just loved it out here, always loved it out here.

You always knew you wanted to go back?

There was a part of me that always knew. Even as a kid, I always said I was going to live in California.

That is not the job you’re doing now. How did you get into Reiki and Yoga and spiritual teachings and all that stuff?

I moved out here in August in 2013. I had done a little bit of Yoga with my roommate. I did it a couple of times in college. I found how it really helped with sciatic nerve problems.

Did you have bad sciatica?

Even to this day, if I don’t stretch out a lot, it starts stinging, especially driving in the car. I also practice Yoga regularly. I actually don’t get it at all anymore but I did notice that in college a little bit. I didn’t have a practice. I just did it every once in a while. In January of 2014, my best friend died in a car wreck.

That was back in Tennessee?

He was in Tennessee. I was already in LA. That did a number on me emotionally. I got back into Yoga. I was actually working for someone in a different field who was going to be opening up a Yoga studio. I had just gotten certified. It all aligned perfectly.

You didn’t just set up, “I’m getting my Yoga certification. I’m going to be a Yoga instructor.” You just did it because you liked it, the certification and everything? Or did you know you wanted to be an instructor?

At first, it was cool because I watched how it helped change my life. At first, I didn’t know if I was going to teach a lot. I wanted to know more about the practice and the way of life. Because the meditation and a lot of the learning to think from a new perspective in different things is what really saved me emotionally with the grief like your best friend dying.

What do you mean it saved your life? For somebody that’s not done Yoga before, can you elaborate on how it changed your life?

![EM 008 | Reiki](

You build a relationship with yourself during the whole process of Yoga.

Because you build a relationship with yourself during the whole process of Yoga; everything is about you and your connection to your own body and your connection to your mind. It’s a stretch too. Physically, it helps, like I said, sciatica and different things like that. It physically will help you. For me, the first big dent in my practice was all healing mental and emotional patterns in my life.

When did the Reiki come in? Did that follow shortly after?

I was in Thailand on a Yoga retreat. This is when I was finishing up my 200 hours to become an instructor.

How did you end up Thailand? What made you pick Thailand?

My instructor from my 200 hours was hosting a Yoga retreat. It was the ending of my 200 hours. I went out there for two weeks.

You went by yourself?

Yeah. I knew my instructor and his girlfriend, but I didn’t know anyone else going until I got there.

That must have been an experience, going half-way across the world by yourself?


What did you like about Thailand?

Just everything; the vibe, the atmosphere, the way of life, it’s simple. It’s just cool.

You’re in Thailand and you are doing Yoga. This eventually led you to Reiki?

Yeah. I ended up meeting a girl that came on the retreat. Her name is Michelle. She’s an amazing, amazing soul. We connected a lot. We started talking a lot about the universe and just a bunch of things related to energy and our lives. She’s the one that asked me actually if I ever had it or anything like that. I’ve never even heard of it until she told me about it. I actually got it done when I was there. I’ve always been intuitive. There’s always been a part of me that’s connected to that stuff really well my whole life. When she told me about it, I never heard it before, but I felt I’ve had heard it for years. I just knew that’s a path I wanted to follow.

You are definitely the most intuitive person I’ve ever met, very spot on with mostly everything you say. It’s pretty amazing. You met this girl. She ended up being a really good friend to you, right. She told you about Reiki. When you left Thailand, you looked into it a little more?

Yes, I looked into it and then I realized I could actually go back to Thailand and get it done there. A lot of the places that certified out here in California were only two-day programs. I really wanted to go somewhere and dive really deep into it. I found a place in Thailand. Actually, it was in Chiang Mai. It’s the Asian Healing Art Center. Cory, she’s the lady that runs it. She does Reiki trainings out there. They’re five days. You get 30 hours of volunteer work. It just seemed like more of what I wanted to do because I wanted to give back and jump into it. I just fell in love with Thailand on the Yoga retreat. I wanted to go back and see a different part. Since I traveled there before, I knew I’d be fine to travel back.

How do you explain Reiki to people that have never heard about it before or experienced it?

![EM 008 | Reiki](

Reiki is an energy healing that just deeply relaxes you, so that your body can heal itself.

It is an energy healing. It’s a deep relaxer for the body. The human body is designed to heal itself from the inside out. It heals itself when we are relaxed. For the everyday person, Reiki is an energy healing that just deeply relaxes you, so that your body can heal itself. We’re all emitting energy out of us. It’s just a natural form of healing.

The first step in Reiki is you have to learn how to do it on yourself, right?


Did you learn a lot about yourself when you did it?

You get an attunement into it. It’s a deep meditation and energy healing done by a master on you. It’s your own personal really channeled session before you get into it. That helps open your body up so that you can become just a channel of energy. You do that and then you work on yourself basically, just like I would with a client or someone else.

Some people come into the office and they’re like, “What else can I do to feel good?” I always say, “Have you tried meditation?” Mostly, the answer I get back every time is, “I don’t know how to do that. I tried to sit down by myself, but I can’t do it.” How would you explain the basic steps to begin meditation?

Meditation can, honestly, start as maybe walking your dog and just being mindful of the walk with your dog, not letting your mind chatter about the day that you have planned, anything you have to do. Just taking your dog on a walk and noticing the flowers, noticing the sidewalk, noticing your dog walking. That is a form of meditation because you are still, at that point, allowing yourself to be in the present moment, rather than lost in your mind with your thoughts and your daily plans and your emails and phone calls. First thing in the morning, having some kind of that time to you, sometimes I step outside with coffee and I just notice everything about the backyard. I don’t think about my day. I don’t think about anything I have to do today. I just notice everything I notice in the backyard. Sometimes, that’s cool things like butterflies that you might not have even noticed before.

How much time would you say you take yourself when you wanted to do that?

It depends on when I get up and what I have to do. I teach morning classes. Normally, I have at least five to fifteen minutes where I’m just by myself. I can go longer than I will, but at least if I only have five minutes to drink my coffee and sit outside and notice outside then I at least give myself that. Normally five to fifteen minutes of complete solitude.

Do you notice your days are different when you don’t get that five to fifteen minutes?

Yeah, for sure. Everything’s crazier and you feel like your old self.

That’s meditation. Step one of Reiki is almost just getting fully present with yourself, listening to your intuition or your body.

It’s really just, honestly, realizing that the energy from my hands is, if you have your hands on your shoulders, for instance, it’s the same. The energy is just getting transferred now, so our hands can transfer it on our own bodies. We can help channel it through on a client. I just imagine that my hands are just healing.

The first time I ever got it done from you was I just had an enormous amount of gratitude right after. I was literally in my phonebook texting everybody I knew, just thanking them. I had no idea why I was doing it. The only thing I did different that day was I got Reiki. I just had a completely different mindset.

![EM 008 | Reiki](

Everything is energy, thoughts, feelings, reactions, attitudes. It’s all energy.

Like I said, we are just bodies walking around emitting all this energy. Everything is energy, thoughts, feelings, reactions, attitudes. It’s all energy. They say the touch is so powerful, the human touch. A hug is so powerful. There’s a reason behind that, because it’s an energy exchange. When two energies exchange, they can come to a balance. It can help balance you out. When you get any kind of energy healing done, anything in you that was feeling blah or down or not necessarily ungrateful, but just unaware of it, all those emotions that are actually trapped in your energy are now being pushed through. You can imagine, there’s another force of energy coming through to help push any blocks out and clear the energy.

What do most of your clients come to you for? What’s something you see a lot?

I can’t go too in-depth with all of that, but I get more emotional healing than I do physical. It’s pretty close. Even if it’s a physical issue, there’s still, if not half or more, emotional stuff that we’re working through too. It’s really amazing actually though to see that, because it just proves that everybody has something they’re going through. Everybody has a story. Everybody has a past they’re trying to heal. It’s just amazing to see how alike we all really are at the end of the day. It’s beautiful to see that people are slowly trying to find a way to actually heal things. All these issues that people carry around their whole lives from childhood, from family disputes, all kinds of things we build and tag along and carry on growing up. We’re still fighting as adults. It’s really awesome to see people that are recognizing that this is a possible thing. Not that it’s just possible, but how can I heal it and coming to a form of energy healing.

Would you say the session’s built off of each other? I noticed it’s like peeling back layers of an onion. You go into one thing and then you rediscover another thing that you have to work on the next session.

It always goes off of what’s really in your energy field that day too. A lot of things are deep rooted will come up. A lot of times too, peeling that layer of session after session, it’s like they come up faster. Every time, it gets easier. The energy even lifts more, session after session. Every issue or anything that you keep pulling up, the quicker they get healed, to be honest. Your whole aura and perception and emotion start changing too, which means your reactions, your now new actions that you might be putting in place, a lot of things are going to be a lot stronger. It’s going to be a lot easier for you to maybe not hold anger in your heart for someone or whatever, let go of eating junk food all day. Whatever it is that you’re actually trying to work on that’s a mental issue. It makes it a lot easier too when you’re actually relaxing your body like this and allowing this natural healing to occur.

Can you feel the energy shift in people as the progress goes on?

Yes, definitely. You can feel them get lighter.

Their energy completely changes?

It depends as far as completely or just maybe there were small minor changes. Every person in the situation is different, but yes, every time that I see a repeating client, their energy gets lighter. They are lighter. It’s a really good exchange that’s going on in their treatments. They get this energy healing. They get to be able to talk to someone about what’s going on. It’s a really amazing energy exchange that happens. They are lighter as a whole.

Do you approach every patient differently because they have different kinds of energy? How do you go about doing what this person needs?

That would really base on the treatment and what I pick up intuitively with people. That’s why I said everybody’s different. Everyone has different issues going on, different energies in their body. My intuition runs the whole treatment.

When did you discover this intuition of yours? Because it’s amazing. Did you always have it? Was it developed?

It’s always developed in anyone. We all have it. We all have intuition. I think some people are born with a stronger heightened intuition just naturally. When I was younger, I wouldn’t say I was walking around knowing that I was intuitive. I wasn’t really connected to intuition or anything about it, really, until I moved to California. I always just knew things. There were a lot of things I knew growing up a lot of times. I would be like “I think this is going to happen,” and then it would. There were a lot of points where people always said that I thought I knew everything. I got that a lot because I always was like, “I think this. I think that.” I knew that was happening but I didn’t really know that that wasn’t not normal, if that makes sense. I’ve always been off in my own little world to a degree.

I’ll never forget the first Reiki session we had. You actually told me about your family and everything. I was like, “My dad passed when I was younger,” and you go, “I know.” I was like, “What do you mean you know?” You’re like, “I didn’t know but I kind of knew.” You said that to Erika before and I was blown away. I’ve never had that experience so spot on in my entire life. It was amazing. It threw me off a little bit. I was like, “How did she know that?”

Sometimes you get gut feelings about something where it’s like, “Is this what’s going on?” You just almost have to trust it and run with it. I was like, “Why do I think this?” That’s what it was. I don’t know if it was your demeanor or what it was about you at the chiropractor’s office that day, but when we left there I looked at Erika in the car and said, “I think his dad passed away.”

That’s unreal. What are you doing now? Do you have a Reiki practice in Huntington Beach?

Yes, I currently am practicing Reiki out of HARD Yoga. It’s a beautiful studio here in Huntington Beach. I’m a teacher there as well.

For people listening to this, why would they go to Reiki? Why would you tell them to go to Reiki or experience Reiki?

![EM 008 | Reiki](

Every single person walking on this earth has something they’re going through.

First off, because, like I said earlier, we’re all human and we all have something we’re going through. Every single person walking on this earth has something they’re going through.

Reiki can help them get through that?

Yes. Because the human body is designed to heal itself from the inside out, most of us, for instance, cannot sit down and be still just to eat dinner, let alone to sit still and be with ourselves for five minutes in the morning. The way we are designed, our bodies actually need that. We need to actually be able to completely relax, whether it’s for five minutes or for an hour in a Reiki session. The human body needs to relax. Doing that is so helpful for you and we oftentimes avoid that, and you need it. That is how it’s going to bring in more abundance into your life. It’s going to bring in more prosperity. Taking care of you and making sure that you are radiating the highest energy that you can is really how you’re going to get anything you want in life. Coming into Reiki, it can open up a world of things for you.

Do you incorporate the Reiki and the Yoga? If so, how do you do that?

When I’m teaching, I do incorporate Reiki. That’s just clearing the energy out in the room and going around to certain people that I intuitively pick up on that maybe need a hug or an extra adjustment there in class. I use it to work with my students and cater to their needs.

What’s coming up for you? Did you say you’re going to Costa Rica?

Yes, that’s just a trip with my sister.

You said eventually one of your dreams would be to start a retreat for people, right?

Yes, correct.

Do they have Reiki retreats right now or is it just pretty much Yoga? What would you like to do?

I don’t know if they have Reiki retreats. I’ve certainly never seen one. Mine would be just a combination of a lot of holistic healing, which are different causes in workshops. I would like to have some that are geared just for women specifically, and also ones that are coed. Just a way to get a group of people together and experience all different avenues in the holistic healing world.

When people say, “I don’t believe in that.” Do you have to be completely open for it for Reiki to work? Have you done Reiki on those people who are like, “I don’t really believe in this.”

If they didn’t believe in it, they wouldn’t be coming to me. You do need to be open to a new degree so that you can allow the energy to pass. I would say that most people that are coming for energy healing are open to it. I’ve had multiple people that have never had it, and that’s the first thing they say, “I never had it. I don’t know much about it, but I’m open to it.”

You’re also very into your diet and healthy eating and everything, right?


Are you full-on vegetarian?

I’m vegan. I eat egg, but I don’t eat meats. I don’t eat cheese. I don’t do milk. I don’t do any dairy or meat at all.

How long have you been vegan for?

I was completely vegan for almost two years. Then I started adding egg in about eight months ago, maybe. Then I was vegetarian for three years before that on and off.

What was the biggest difference you saw from transferring over to stop eating meat?

I felt a lot lighter in my body for me. I think it depends. I think everybody should do what their body recommends. I don’t want to force my beliefs on anyone. I do think there is enough science and research out there that can prove health-related issues to red meat, to the hormones found in chicken and different things like that. I feel like it makes you lighter in many ways.

That gives you more energy too and you’re more clear.

I will admit that I did struggle actually with energy because when I first went vegetarian, that was in college, so I was replacing a lot of that with carbs and actually went all over the place because I didn’t know what I was doing. You definitely need to do your research. Once I got the hang of it and incorporated the right nutrients into my diet, you do, weirdly enough, get more energy.

When you first started and you didn’t know what you were doing, do you think you were insufficient in a couple of things, like vitamins or minerals because you were unaware? Do you recommend taking any supplements if you’re completely vegan? Some people might lack B vitamins or something or iron.

It would depend too then on what they’re eating. You can get so many nutrients and vitamins in certain foods, same as minerals. It would really depend on what they’re eating. A lot of the vegetarians and vegans, I don’t think get enough iron, especially if they’re not eating beans or some kind of seeds, like flax or hemp or chia. Maybe, it just depends, I would think.

Eating a healthy diet, Yoga and Reiki are highly-recommended on the list.

![EM 008 | Reiki](

As long as you’re active, working on a healthy mind and eating healthy, you’re doing yourself a world of a difference.

You can only do what you can do, but you’ve got to start. I feel like since my journey to now, especially with the eating healthy and everything, if you add it all, this is a six-year journey I’ve been on with it all. I think it takes time to find what you like in your plan and what you like to do. As long as you’re active, working on a healthy mind and eating healthy, whether it’s all different across the board, I think you’re doing yourself a world of a difference.

As for Yoga, for people starting out, because you know how there are so many YouTube videos out there, do you recommend they do it on YouTube or go to an actual studio?

I personally recommend just go straight into a studio and get it over with because the only thing mainly stopping people is our own insecurities about not knowing what to do, not knowing anyone maybe. If you are in that shoes, I would say maybe watch a couple of videos at least, know what you’re getting yourself into if you want. I would say just jump right in. If you can’t afford it or whatever, there’s not one near you, absolutely, do YouTube videos all day. If you can get into a studio, I say just jump in and get in.

How do you feel about Hot Yoga versus regular Yoga?

I think to each his own on that. I love them both, to be honest. I have things that I like in both of them enough. I’m trying to keep more balanced with it. I used to just only do Hot Yoga.

Hot Yoga is unreal. I feel like I’ve had out-of-body experiences at the end of Hot Yoga because I felt like I was going to die, in a good way.

It definitely releases a lot of toxins, which is really good and it’s really needed. It also depends in your body too. Some people, if they are too hot naturally inside, too much heat, if they’re not keeping their diet upright, it could actually counter them. It really depends on your body, your diet. If you’re not drinking enough water in your diet, too much Hot Yoga could be bad for you.

I feel like I’m constantly hot and sweating. I feel like I run more hot than cold.

It’s because you’re probably Pitta.

What’s that?

It’s Ayurveda. Ayurveda says you have your doshas basically. Pittas are very fiery. They’re naturally hot. Hot peppers make them really hot and sweaty. I don’t know if eating spicy foods make you hot and sweaty, but that’s a sign of a Pitta.

I struggle with it. What are some things people can do to clear the energy by themselves, if they’re in their house or maybe their own energy?

Sage or Palo Santo, which is a stick of wood, either one of those is perfect. Also having a salt lamp in your room, especially if you have a home office, it’s really good. A lot of emotions can get trapped in a home office, especially if you’ve got crazy stuff going on. I would definitely recommend that in people’s workspace.

Do you have to have a door open when you’re sage-ing and doing the Palo wood? Or you can just light it?

I think there are a lot of people that have their own ways. There are some people that go from the left side of the house to the right in every room. Some people go clockwise around the whole house. I think everyone has their own ways of doing it. If you really just light that thing up and walk through the room, it’s going to clear. Opening the windows, that will help actually get the air out. If you don’t have anything on hand and you just want to clear the energy out, open a window.

I told you a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t sleeping well in my room at all. I lit the Palo wood and I got the best night’s sleep ever that night. I don’t know if there was bad energy swirling around or what, but it definitely did the job. I just want to read this because I bought the Palo wood a couple of weeks ago and it came with this little thing and what it does. “It’s aromatic incense. Palo Santo is a natural wood known for centuries by the Incas as a spiritual remedy; burned for purification, protection, clearing negative energy, good luck and good fortune.” I highly recommend that.

It smells really good. A lot of people prefer it over a sage because sage can be more of a dead smell. I guess is the nice way to say it.

Can you please talk about essential oils? What that’s done for you and what they’re all about?

Every essential oil has its own properties. I use them in my Reiki treatments and in Yoga. I use them actually more on my students and my clients than I use them all myself right now. I’ve use them on my face, lavender. Frankincense actually helped remove a lot of acne scars I had on my chin. Peppermint has always helped me if I have a headache or a stomachache. Diffusing them can help with migraines. A lot of people will diffuse peppermint going to sleep, peppermint and lavender. They can just help. It’s just an herbal remedy at that point. It just helps different problems.

What are some good starters if people are just diving into the essential oil department?

It would be depending on what you’re looking for.

What you’re saying is they have one for relaxation, one for anxiety, one for headaches, brain fog, all that stuff?

Just different herbs will correspond with different elements in the body. If you’re trying to relax, lavender is good for relaxation. Peppermint, they say is good for headaches and stomachaches. Depending on the herb, it can depend on its properties, unless you’re just looking for some good smells.

That’s funny how the essential oils correlate with some conditions. I noticed in Yoga, when you do certain poses, like when you do that one where you’re all the way down in the ground with your arms forward, it’s good for insomnia. I found that some are good for your thyroid. I found all of that really interesting. I didn’t know much about it. Do you know much about what goes on there?

Every pose does something for you. Depending on where you’re stretching, what workings you’re heading, what muscles you’re targeting. If your brain is below your heart, the way the blood flow is going. There are many areas within the body that you can be doing healing. A lot of poses are very relaxing for the body. Any tiny twist really, you’re massaging your organs, you’re helping your digestive tract. It’s just using your body to massage your own body sometimes in certain areas.

What are Chakras? Why do they go out of alignment and how do you realign them?

![EM 008 | Reiki](

There are seven wheels of energy turning. Each area in the body corresponds with what that energy turns.

You have seven points within the body that your energy is spanning, starting from your tailbone to the crown of your head. There are basically seven wheels of energy turning. Each area in the body corresponds with what that energy turns. It also radiates a certain color and that’s when people see auras and different things. It is your energy basically spanning. The more efficient that it is spanning, the more light and radiant that you’re producing, therefore the bigger your aura is.

You have seven points. You have your Root Chakra, which is your first one and it’s the color red. It has to deal with everything survival, security, your family life, a lot of people that carry issues from their childhood. It’s stored down there, right above your tailbone area. When that is out of alignment, you are more likely stressed about money. You’re stressed about rent. You’re very ungrounded, basically. Life’s very chaotic and you’re very worrisome. Bringing it back into alignment is really working on grounding, associating with the color red. Really getting yourself grounded will help bring that back into alignment, and also working through whatever issues that are going down there. If you’re carrying something from your childhood, that will not help, that will actually bring that Chakra out of alignment basically.

Can that correlate to tension in the hips, like tight hip muscles?

The hips alone, the whole hip joint, which is huge, that’s where you carry all of your emotions. Your first three Chakras are within that whole area anyway. Your bottom three are very emotional-based in many ways. Your hips are where you carry all your emotions. It can correlate to tight hips, hip problems, all that stuff, on an emotional sense.

What’s the next Chakra?

The next Chakra is your Sacral. It’s the color orange. It has to do with pleasure, passion, your own self-identity. That’s where we are, whether we’re a woman comfortable in our bodies, if we’re men comfortable with our masculinity, whatever that is for you. It’s being very comfortable with yourself. It’s where your passions are stored. It’s where your sexuality is. When that’s out of balance, you might be feeling uninspired. You might be confused about who you are. Sex drives can drop, especially people in marriages and different things like that. Not wanting to have kids, that kind of stuff can happen. A lot of things is just basically lower when it comes to do with yourself and what really lights you up.

Bringing that back into balance is like working with yourself basically and coming back into that connection with yourself and who you are. Anything that you can correlate with orange will help. Meditation always helps you where you just focus on that area, just releasing anything that could be holding you back in your passions, your sexuality, your self-identity. Also, the energy moves up. Once you help balance your Root Chakra, that energy that’s spinning around, when it moves up, it’s going to connect better with that. Whatever fears you might have that are blocking you in your passions or your sexuality or your self-identity, fear is rooted in your Root Chakra. Everything’s a domino effect. Each Chakra can essentially help the next one.

Does it make it more chaotic when it releases up or it makes it better?

It releases out. Just your energy in your human body moves up. You have energy stuck and stored in you. The way your natural energy moves, it moves up and you’ve got these seven wheels in which it’s moving. The next one is in your pelvic area. The next one above that is your Solar Plexus. It’s yellow and it’s right above your belly button. This is basically where your confidence is. It’s where your will power is. When this is out of balance, you’re not very confident in yourself, in your life. You’re second-guessing a lot of things. When it’s balanced, you’re very confident. You will go after things a lot quicker. You’ll speak up a lot faster. You just stand in your power.

Good ways to help that is focusing on yellow, anything yellow because it’s a yellow, but also to start working on your confidence with yourself, “I am” affirmations, different things that’s going to help. Anything “I am” basically every day, all-day. Work on it until it’s just who you are. Even still, there are still affirmations that I still say that I’m still finding them in my life that I repeat. It always changes too with where your life is in your journey. Affirmations are a good way to build that up and get the confidence going.

I think it’s very good for people to have their own personal affirmations. What might be an affirmation for you might not work for me.

Because we have our own things that we’re dealing with.

Always make affirmations into your own thing. If you looked up affirmations to say, change them to fit you personally.

![EM 008 | Reiki](

Affirmations are a good way to build that up and get the confidence going.

Unless you find something that resonates with you. The first time I started them, they’re just basics. I am enough. I am confident. Basic ones like that. Then you eventually start saying “I am” to the things that you want, that’s more so how they start. Whatever it is that you want, the “I am” is your putting in front of what you want. They all eventually get tailored to you in your life.

Those were your three lower Chakras. These are basically based in the earth, basically our physical realm here. They’re all emotional basically. The fourth now is your heart.  We start moving up into the ethical realm, the upper Chakras basically. The fourth Chakra is your Heart Chakra. It’s color green. This 1is where anger rests. This is where sadness rests. Guilt is down in your Root Chakra too. Guilt actually isn’t behind the heart. It’s down in your Root Chakra. Anything that’s really ever sad and disappointed you or hurt you is held in your heart. Forgiveness is, I feel, the best way. A lot of people have a closed Heart Chakra. The wheel is not spinning very fast. We’ve had a lot of hurts in our life where a lot of things do not go our way. It’s very close. Really working on actually physically opening your heart, many of us too walk with our shoulder hunched in. Our chest is actually closed off this way, like that movement you make when you’re cold. That’s how a lot of people walk. That’s actually energetically and physically closing your heart off.

Just learning how to walk with your shoulders back, honestly, which is really good for your spine and how you should be walking anyways. Learning to really put your shoulders back more, you actually open your heart. This is actually energetically going to help it open. If you physically just take little movements to open it is going to actually help it energetically, and really learning forgiveness. A lot of times, it’s forgiveness more for yourself sometimes. Forgiving yourself for your own mistakes, and also forgiving others. Those are the two main things that are going to help heal the Heart Chakra. Anything involved in the Heart Chakra ultimately is going to come down to that, either your heart’s not open or you got a lot of anger. Somehow in your own story, it’s going to fit in one of those categories.

Say, you’re feeling guilt, do you go right to the Root Chakra? You’re feeling really guilty about someone, when you go back into meditation, do you go right to the Root Chakra and figure out what’s going on there, with any emotion, really?

Honestly, guilt is one of the lowest vibrations that there is. I don’t have it on me but there’s actually a list of different emotions. You see on energetic frequency what they are. I think shame, I’m not positive, so don’t quote me on it, I think shame might be the actual lowest, or maybe it might be guilt. They are right down there, bottom top three, one to three.

Pretty much, if you’re feeling that, you’re vibrating at your lowest frequency?

Yes. The minute I feel guilt over anything, I nip it in the bud right away because I know that is going to lower my vibrations so much if I sit and feel guilty. Whether it’s something I did or if it’s just feeling guilty over a situation in general, I nip it in the bud real quick and I don’t. For other people, it would just really be working on being able to accept whatever it is instead of feeling guilty over it. If it’s something you did, you just have to be like, “I fucked up. Whatever.” Let it go. You have to. Mistakes happen. Shit happens. You can’t sit and feel guilty about it. That’s the lowest of the lowest vibrations. Therefore, if you’re vibrating that low, for instance, you’re going to be attracting low things into your life. Just nip it in the bud and don’t get there. Try not to, at least. Try to be just human about it. Just be human. Shit happens.

What comes after the Heart Chakra?

Then it comes to your throat. This is the color blue. It revolves in communication and self-expression. When it is blocked, you aren’t possibly expressing yourself or you’re not communicating with something. A lot of times when people have a meeting that they need or a talk with an employee or a boss or even a relationship partner, they have a specific talk they need to discuss but they’re too scared, their Throat Chakra is going to be blocked. A lot of people who just have trouble speaking up in general about things or speaking up for themselves, standing up for themselves, that’s a Throat Chakra blocked. Also, not using your own self-expression, so not being really true to you. If that’s faking liking something to please other people, whatever it is, or not really just owning who you are, then your Throat Chakra is going to be blocked.

What’s next?

To get your Throat Chakra in balance is more really just learning how to speak, whether it’s just talking to people you know more or actually reaching out to the people that you need to. Being quicker, trying to respond quicker with people and actually have talks that even if they’re uncomfortable, just overcoming it and having it. Also doing things that you like will show a sign of your expression. That will help put it back in balance.

The next after that is your Third Eye. That is violet or indigo blue. Everyone has a different take on that. That is your Third Eye. This is your seat of intuition. I know intuition, a lot of times, can be in your gut too. This is really the seat of it. This is in the ethical realms at this point. These are your higher Chakras. If you could imagine having Chakras in the clouds, basically. This is where your all-knowing is, your true self, who you are, why you’re here, what you’re doing. This is all here in your Third Eye. All the answers that we sometimes seek in all these outside external sources are right here in our Third Eye. This is our all-knowing. That’s the point of meditation, is to really actually work on opening the Third Eye and connecting to it so that we can figure out our own answers in life and follow the paths for us and really connect to that higher self that’s within all of us, that god that’s within everyone.

One more. That’s the Crown of your head, your Crown Chakra. This is your connection to source. Whether that’s God, whether that’s the universe, whether it’s a tree, this is your connection to source. This is that energy that is stronger than all of us. Everyone can agree, no matter what religion you’re in or what you believe in, there is some force on this earth that is stronger than all of us. That is how miracles happen. That is how people consider coincidences and just all the miraculous things that can happen. That is because there is some power that is stronger than all of us. Your Crown Chakra is what connects you to that.

Yin healing.

Yen is basically a passive approach to Yoga. All the classes’ normal, Vinyasas, Powerflows, Hot Yoga Flows, all of those. Those are Yang style. That is an active. Yin is passive. It is targeted for your lower body. It is holding poses three to five minutes. They discovered that when you basically hold poses for longer periods of time like this, it moves past the muscle layer and really into your connective tissues. Also, your connective tissues and your joints carry a lot of your own energetic emotions. Most people’s issues, I believe, physically and emotionally, are stored in your connective tissues. Being able to hold these poses for longer periods of time and get that deep into the body is allowing for tremendous amount of healing to occur from literally the inside out. It’s a really good healing.

You can barely get people to sit still and eat dinner. Most people are eating it as they’re walking through the house or watching TV. You can’t just get people to sit down and eat at dinner in peace anymore. It’s very hard for most people. They’re going here and going there. Most people can’t even get five minutes themselves in the morning. I don’t know how many people I encounter that I try for five minutes, for two minutes, if you can. Most people are like, “I literally don’t, I get up, I’m doing this, doing that and I’m out the door.” If you find time to make a practice that’s very passive for you, like Yin, then you’re giving yourself that time to just sit with yourself, because in Yin, that’s what you do. You sit with yourself and you learn how to soften your mind. Imagine being completely still on a pose for two minutes, by that point your mind could be all over the fucking place.

![EM 008 | Reiki](

You really learn how to gain control and soften the mind and listen to the body.

You really learn how to gain control and soften the mind and listen to the body. Also, the mind and the ego start to arise. Ego needs reasoning, it needs logic, needs facts. It thinks in terms of right or wrong and good or bad. When it’s in discomfort, it’s like, “Why is this? Why am I feeling this? This hurts. This doesn’t feel good.” All these thoughts keep coming in. It’s learning how to just soften those and let them bypass, versus falling into them and fidgeting around or coming out of the pose. You learn quite a bit of mind control in the class and learn how to listen to your body, and release the ego mind when it starts to come up, and just sit with yourself.

For people listening to this that want to try Reiki now, how would they go about that? What’s the best way to find a Reiki healer near you?

I would say look up the Yoga studios. It’s becoming way more common, Yoga studios having Reiki. There’s about four here in Huntington that all have a Reiki healer on hand. That’s there working out. It’s becoming more common, that they’re having Reiki healers. I would definitely look into the Yoga studios and call and see. It would depend on your city where you’re at, but any kind of maybe crystal shop, any kind of spiritual awakenings-type shop, or metaphysics shop might have it. Also, a lot of Reiki healers, we all have our own business as our healing business. Just getting on Yelp, you’d be able to find them. If you get on Yelp here in Huntington Beach and type in “energy healer” a list of people, like astrologers even come up, just all kinds of people in that field start showing up. If they’re on Yelp, then you could probably find them on Yelp too.

More importantly, how do we find you, Tiann?

I’m on Facebook, Tiann Lee Healing. You can reach me on there. I do Reiki out of HARD yoga in Huntington Beach. Also on Instagram. My Instagram is more of a blog of my own personal stories and things, but yes, you can also connect with me on Instagram. That one is @TiannLeeHealing.

You are a wealth of knowledge, Tiann. Thank you so much. That was amazing. Thank you so much for coming in.

Thank you.

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