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Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Gennette Huber

4 years ago

The conventional way of getting ourselves out of sickness is to take whatever medicine is prescribed to us. However, that gets some people relying on them even without totally feeling cured. Dr. Gennette Huber, a naturopathic doctor, shares her incredible life story where she was able to find healing herself. Going through multiple cirrhoses, fibromyalgia, and Hashimoto’s disease, Dr. Huber has gone through everything imaginable to heal, only to find it in the most natural way through detox and healthy diet. Dr. Huber also shares going through a journey to getting healthy with her son who was diagnosed with autism and how she helps him battle through it. Find out more about healing the holistic way from Dr. Huber as she also talks about fasting, Reiki, and other types of health issues going on today.

We have Dr. Gennette Huber. She is a Doctor of Naturopathy with a specialized interest in detoxification, fasting, autism and degenerative illness. Her introduction to holistic health came from following her own struggles with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s syndrome beginning in 2008 and her son’s autism diagnosis in 2010. Naturopathy healed Dr. Huber, which in turn revealed her true calling in life. Her practice, Ascalon Naturopathic, is based in Chesapeake, Virginia, though she also works remotely with clients worldwide and teaches courses throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Please welcome Dr. Gennette Huber.


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Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Gennette Huber

Welcome, Dr. Gennette Huber.

Thank you for having me.

It’s an honor.

Thank you.

Dr. Huber, where are you from originally?

I’m from Roanoke, Virginia, so it’s on the other side of the state from where I am now in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I’ve lived here on the Coast for a couple of years.

What were you into growing up as a kid?

I love reptiles. I wanted to be a herpetologist. I still want to be one. It’s one of those weird things. I was obsessed with snakes, lizards and turtles.

You were telling me before that you were also into horses.

I still am very much. I took riding lessons as a child and all throughout my teenage years. I was so infatuated with the equine and everything that they could bring to people’s lives. I actually studied animal science in college. I have a Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech with the original intent to go to vet school. I became a little disenchanted from it and I decided I’d rather breed them. I went into the breeding industry and I raised Welsh ponies for a number of years until I became ill. That was a big thing for me. Basically since college, I’ve always had a little farm and a couple of horses. I’ve got some pigs and I still do now.

Dr. Huber, let’s dive into that a little bit. What was going on when you became ill? Was it you woke up one day or was it gradually getting worse and worse?

With auto immune diseases, they tend to pile up on each other like dominoes, but mine were well-spaced out. Back when I still lived in the mountains of Virginia when I was first married and my children were very young, in fact before my second son was born, this was in 2008, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I had a super elevated TSH. It was 192. I know it’s been well-higher for people.

What is Hashimoto’s?

It’s a hypothyroid and that particular disease, it will go back and forth between hyper and hypo. For me, I went hypo. I stayed there at low thyroid function. When I was finally diagnosed, it was a very mysterious thing when it came about because I wasn’t familiar with any autoimmune disease or health-related stuff at all at the time. I had a pain in both ankles, pain in both wrists and the joints of my fingers. I had very dry mouth, dry eyes. My hair was falling out. I was very fatigued but I had a newborn. I was like, “Maybe this is postpartum.” I didn’t know what was going on for a period of time, but I became so tired that eventually I went to the doctor and they checked my thyroid and put me on Synthroid. I was on that for eight years. I’m no longer on it now.

How did the medication make you feel? Did it help at first?

It helps very quickly. It did give me my life back. I hadn’t looked into it and I didn’t feel any side effects from it the entire time I was on it, except for maybe my hair continued to fall out and my body temperature was consistently at 97 degrees. Those two things didn’t resolve until after I got off of the medication, healed my thyroid naturally and got it functioning to how it needed to on its own. I get it. A lot of people get on this, they stay on it for their whole life and there are natural solutions to glandular products for the thyroid and that thing, but you’re still relying on that for thyroid function. I had a naturopath who told me at one point, “If you still have your thyroid, you can heal it.” He was right because I did and I haven’t been on that drug for years. That was what happened initially. After we moved across the state here to the coast, I was married at the time. My husband got a job here and we had mold in our home previously, which I didn’t realize was a problem. It was an old house built in 1910. I’m sure the air system hadn’t been cleaned out effectively. The family had been living there before was yucky and it perpetuated while we were there.

We took all the same rugs and furniture and linens from that house to the new house. I was very stressed out by the move because it was a matter of moving all my animals and my farm from that location to the new location. It took us a couple of trips. That was very stressful. My marriage, there was a lot of stuff going on there. Being a stay-at-home mom, being very depleted, it caught up to me. I wasn’t eating well. I was eating McDonald’s a lot. I’m honest about it. I’ve always been tiny and I had this strange logic of the mind that said, “Because you’re so tiny, you can keep eating it.” I thought if I was gaining weight, then that would be a sign it wasn’t good for me. It was this huge disconnect I had. Meanwhile, I had my kids on a very strict diet where we removed a lot of inflammatory foods, but I wasn’t applying it to myself. It was stress eating. The fibromyalgia came up first. It’s a widespread pain throughout the body. It was so much on both sides of the body, all the points and I had chronic fatigue.

I couldn’t make it through the day without falling asleep every afternoon, but I wasn’t sleeping well at night. My menstrual cycle, I was having a period every two weeks. I was experiencing PMS. The pain was awful. Instead of it being once a month, it was twice a month. Chronic constipation was a huge issue for me. I’ve had that my whole life. The MS started. That was 2012 when I got that diagnosis. That was everything that comes along with that, neuropathy in my legs, my feet, my hands, my arms, tingling, numbness and pain. There are so many things like massive heat sensitivity and brain fog. It’s interesting, I’m trying to speak about this a lot more because at the time I was hiding a lot of things. I didn’t want people to realize how serious it had gotten. I was trying to overcompensate for stuff. Even after the diagnosis, I continued to do that. I was having trouble writing and holding pens, turning doorknobs, speaking, like my tongue wasn’t moving as well and I was bumping into furniture all the time. It’s something very unusual.

I don’t know how aware you are of this and you being a chiropractor, you may have seen patients who have this symptom. I would think I was through a doorway and it would look like I was going through the direct center of the doorway. I’d walk through it and my body would slam into the side of it because where my body was different from where I was actually seeing myself. I was looking straight ahead but spatially, I was dysregulated. I would go to walk up the stairs and my foot looked like it was going to go right on top of the stair and it would completely miss it. I’d come down on my knees. The scariest part of all of it was driving. I was driving too every day with that going on. I had trouble holding the steering wheel and keeping my feet on the pedal. It was only a matter of time that if I had stayed on that trajectory, I would have ended up in a wheelchair I think.

How was your overall mental state at this point?

I even tested positive for rheumatoid arthritis, but my son had mono and we actually thought that was a false positive because there’s no correlation there. I remember when that happened. They had piled on top of each other. You hear, “There’s nothing you can do. You take this med and there’s no cure.” I was depressed but in the back of my mind, I’d had this whole experience with my son’s recovery already. He wasn’t fully recovered at that time, but he’d made some major gains in his life through dietary changes and nutritional supplementation and stuff like that. I actually started applying that to myself. It was funny, the first neurologist that I saw, she’d given me like a stack of pharmaceutical packets. She said, “You need to choose one of these drugs. You need to decide within the next two weeks or you’re going to be in a wheelchair.”

She said, “I’ve seen it too many times. Your condition is accelerating too quickly. We need to get you on something.” That was the guidance. The pharmaceutical companies make everything look so bright and colorful and they have these people that are like experiencing this fantastic quality of life all over. You get all this free stuff too. I remember getting some pens, notepads and a laptop cover. It was neoprene. It was awesome. I can’t even remember which drug it was, like Tecfidera or something like that. It was, “Pick me and you can put me on your laptop.”

I had asked her, “You tell me something about each of these drugs so I can know a little bit more about them.” She told me one thing about each one and it was all side effects and stuff like that. The most sticking ones were, “When you start this one, you have to be admitted into the hospital because it’s not safe to start it at home. If you could do this one, you can’t have another child.” I know that I’m probably not going to have another child in my life, but at the time I was like, “Even if I don’t have a kid, that doesn’t sound right to me to do that to my body.” It was all stuff like that. I didn’t do it within the two-week period as she wanted. I said I needed more time.

When I did go back to her, I asked her about things like diet and B12. She put me on B12 and Vitamin D, but I was like, “Is there some more stuff I can bring in here? It feels like there’s more that we need to do.” She said, “We need to get you on one of these drugs.” The diet stuff, she didn’t want to talk to me about it because she said, “My patients don’t listen to any of that anyways,” but it felt like she didn’t know what to teach about around the foods. I didn’t go back to her. I found a different neurologist and she was amazing. She was much more open minded to letting me blaze this trail. I ended up finding out about detoxification. I started using a detox foot bath. I don’t know if you’re familiar with those, the Ion Cleanse. I had gotten it for my kids and I ended up using it on myself and it took away my heat sensitivity and my brain fog and it got my digestion. It activates your parasympathetic. It took me out of fight or flight. I was using it every day.

How does that work? Do you just dip your feet in a tub and you pour it in?

I’ll tell you right now, the Ion Cleanse, by a major difference, is the only one I have experience with. There are a lot of different brands out there. I know a lot of chiropractors who use Ion Cleanse. They like it a lot for their practice. Your feet go in the water. You don’t have to use feet. Some people do their hands. There are some protocols with the hands. What the machine is doing is it’s above the water. It’s flooding it with trillions of ions that go back and forth between positive and negative polarity. Basically, these ions are attracted to toxins of the opposite charge. We’re looking at things like heavy metals, environmental toxicants, pesticides like glyphosate but also mycotoxins with the mold. For anybody with Lyme endotoxins and histamine, it’s good for pulling excess histamine out if you have a reaction to something. There are sweat glands on our feet and there is excretion through those pores. Most of the detox is through the bladder and the bowels, possibly through the skin. Those are the natural pathways of detoxification.

EM 103 | Naturopathic Medicine Healing Naturopathic Medicine Healing: Pharmaceutical companies make everything look so bright and colorful while making people think they are experiencing this fantastic quality of life all over.

That’s my first time hearing about that. I didn’t know there was a detox like that.

I got it at AutismOne, a big autism conference in Chicago every year. I bought it after trying it at the booth and the water turned into a black sludge. Massive bubbles were pulsating off of the area plates in there. I thought, “I don’t know what you’re doing,” because everything I told you, I didn’t know. “I’m funky and I need to get this at home.” I ordered it. I got it that same week but then I was like, “It’s an electrical current and water. I didn’t want to put my kid’s feed in it.” I used it on myself for two to three-month period. I was using it five days a week, which as a practitioner, I don’t recommend that now because I was pushing hard. I was doing it for an hour each time. Usually in the evenings, I’d go and fall asleep after that. I would sleep fantastically. It’s the home model that I had. They call it the solo and I was doing 70% negative ions and then 30% positive ions. I would periodically switch the polarity on that. It would be positive ion dominant, which was good for me because of what I needed to excrete. I found it out later with the mold and stuff like that.

Did you have any metal issues like mercury or anything?

I know I must have but I never checked. I wish I had done a baseline to see what I was excreting before. The thing about the Ion Cleanse or any detox that you do is you can track that excretion throughout the protocol. You’ll see it go away up. You’ll see metals if you’re looking at urine or hair. You should see it go up for a period of time and then start to go back down. I wish I had done that but then I didn’t know what my toxic soup. I was getting better because of it and I wasn’t doing anything else at the time. Once I realized that detox was a component of healing, I was like, “Shame on those doctors for not telling me that,” but it’s okay because I found out. I went and I studied with Dr. Robert Morse, a naturopath down in Florida. I went and trained with him for some of his certifications and detoxification. He works predominantly with herbs and foods to help cleanse the lymphatic system.

Which herb did you start to introduce that you found life-changing?

All the domestic ones here in the US pretty much. It was a lot. It was kidney-specific blends that I would alternate with lymphatic because there are plants here on our planet that are amazing. They are designed for systems of the body, organs, glands and things like that, which I think is awesome. There are plenty of other herbs for different things, but I love that the body parts have plants for them. That’s what I was doing. It was kidney formulas, lymphatic formulas, GI for my GI tract. I was working with some stuff to help pull old lymph out of the bowel walls too because I had a lot of mucus pass out through that. That helped with the simulation of nutrients because I was inflamed and probably it wasn’t utilizing a lot of the good foods that I was eating as well as I could have. Also stuff like liver support and endocrine support, I feel like that’s not spoken about enough in detoxification that we need to think about like our adrenal glands and other areas. Pituitaries are implicated a lot.

For the adrenals, is that more giving them a rest, like staying away from caffeine and all of that?

Something that I think there needs to be more awareness around is that there are a lot of holistic, natural adrenal formulas out there that are stimulating for the adrenals, that they’re designed to pop them up a little bit and give you some energy, but that’s not healing for those glands, especially for people with chronic fatigue who are like on the floor like a limp noodle. You give them something like that and it might make them feel good for a second and then they’ll go back down and it will be worse. It’s avoiding things like caffeine, avoiding those types of herbal products and using more something for the adrenals.

It’s going to help cleanse them. What I learned is that clearly with detoxification, the lymphatic system is like a massive priority because that’s what we want to create that flow within to help move those toxins out. It’s because lymphatic vessels are wrapped around all of the organs and glands. We have glands that aren’t functioning as they should. My parathyroids were weak too, wrapped in lymphatic and it was congested. Adrenals are like that, up in the brain with the pineal gland. With the adrenals, when I heal them, I work with cleansing them. Also, I take foods that aren’t going to aggravate the glandular system likes berries, fruits, that kind of thing.

How far into it at this point did you start noticing like, “I’m healing up here, I’m getting healthy,” because you were completely at rock bottom. How far into it did you realize like, “I’m making a turn around here?”

I had some good stuff happening early on because when I got that diagnosis, I was depressed, but then I pulled myself out of it. I was doing this stuff as I had done for my son. I did the Paleo diet. There have been like so many new diets that have come in 2012. It feels like it wasn’t that long ago. That was based on Dr. Terry Wahls’ Minding Your Mitochondria. I don’t know if you’ve heard of her book. She’s a physician who has or had MS. I don’t know how she describes it now. It was a Paleo-style of eating. I was getting grass-fed meats and doing vegetables. I did get better on that but by better, I mean the neuropathy stopped. I was gaining some more control in my hands and my movements and my speech and things like that but I plateaued.

It usually does happen in the healing process. You’ll go up and then it will plateau for a little bit until it starts going up again. I have another question for you. I have a lot of patients with MS and they’ll come in after the diagnosis and they look defeated. They think the world is over and you’ve got to pat him on the back like, “This is okay. You can actually heal from it.” They’re completely defeated like it’s game over and it’s so sad.

This is the visualization I had. You keep hearing, “You’re going to be in a wheelchair. You’re not going to be able to drive much longer. You are going to be in a diaper. Your loved ones are going to be caring for you.” I saw myself in a tilt recliner chair in the living room with people taking care of me. That’s like walking down a hallway towards the jail cell. That’s how it felt to me. That’s where I was going to be. I’ve seen people in that place. It’s dark but my feeling on chronic disease and autoimmune, all this stuff, it’s a journey for the soul because I started listening to that inner voice. It was like, “You can get down a little bit but you’re not going to stay here because you can get out of this,” because of what had happened with my son. People told me that wasn’t possible and he got better. I sympathize with them. It’s interesting. I’ll have people contact me and they think if they do the exact same blueprint of what I did, that’s what will help them. That may not be the case because I had to do a lot of emotional work and energy work on myself. I had to process out a lot of stuff that I’d been holding in myself residually. That wasn’t that physical side of the disease. Detox is about those physical toxins.

The emotional toxins are as real. I had a brain injury. I was nineteen years old and I was sitting across from a neurologist similar in your situation and the guy was like, “I’ve seen this before. You’re probably going to have to live with this for the rest of your life.” This was the first visit. They put me on seizure medication, antidepressants and I’m thinking to myself like, “I’m nineteen years old. This can’t be it.” You hear some people getting better, but you also Google some things and you’re like, “That’s scary too.” That’s the worst-case scenario.

Google can be your best friend or it could be your enemy. You’ve got to rise up and that’s the way healing is because I’ve seen a lot of different types of people in my practice. Initially it was a lot of the folks that wanted me to take whatever prescription they are on and give them an herbal equivalent to it. They didn’t want to put any other effort into it because they were already associating that bottle with, “This has all the responsibility. I hear herbs are good, let’s do that instead.” It was like, “I don’t want to do lifestyle changes or diet or anything like that.” That was disheartening for a while.

I was like, “Is this what my job is going to be like?” I worked through it. I realized they were teaching me something that there are people who are going to go their own way and it’s not going to be where I think they need to go and that’s okay. I don’t judge anyone. I don’t judge people for taking XYZ drug for whatever. Now I get people who are ready. They come in the door and it’s like they know what’s ahead of them and it doesn’t scare them. Sometimes that’s because they’ve already tried a bunch of the Western medicine and they’re fed up with it and they’re not feeling good.

Other times it’s because it’s something that’s part of who they are and it has been. It’s like, “I want to be eating the right things. I want to make sure I’m doing that.” I’m not one of those naturopaths that like to do a whole lot of supplements. I see that a lot in our world, running labs and then like filling potholes, deficiencies with different things. I did that for myself initially and that was part of that plateau period too because I had the Wahls protocol, which I’m not bashing at all because it helps me a lot, but I ended up transitioning into a different way of eating after that. I was carrying two shopping bags full of supplements with me every trip. It was hundreds of dollars’ worth every month that I was spending on things. They were natural but they were not repaving the road. They were target shooting little things.

It was like, “This is what I need to do to maintain my life apparently for the rest of my life.” That didn’t feel that far away from Western medicine. Once again, Dr. Morse said, “What are you doing? A lot of what you’ve got here you can get from certain foods. You need to cleanse the body so you can better assimilate things from your diet. That’s one thing that you’re not focusing enough on.” That’s what I ended up doing. I certainly don’t take anything daily. I take it as I’m guided. I have certain ones that I love, some various formulas that I’ll keep in my kitchen. When I think that’s coming up, I’m going to take that now because I thought about it.

It’s also tough too when you start people on a lot of different things at once. It’s tough to see what’s working and what’s not. I’m a huge fan of practitioners that believe like less is more and you see what’s working and what’s not.

I don’t think we’re meant to live depending on all those things. I get it that it’s toxic out there. Even if you’re eating clean and drinking clean water, we still have to go outside and walk around and drive a car, that kind of stuff and interact with the world and society. I don’t think we need all those things. I do believe some of them were helpful. They gave me a boost for a period of time to get me on my feet. Detoxification was absolutely the element that that came in, it wiped the slate clean and gave me my life back. I also had chronic acne and my first breakout was when I was eleven and stopped at age 37. That whole time, my face was covered in it, into my chest and my back. It was hard for me.

What’s good to detox acne with? Is that a blanket statement?

It’s the whole body. You’ve got to look at the whole body. I found, and this isn’t going to be the case for everyone, but for me it was a product that had activated charcoal and Bentonite Clay. It was a binder. I actually took it for two years straight every night. It had a psyllium husk in there and some good gut herbs for healing the tissue, but it pulled out a lot of mucus. That was nasty. I started to notice that it was helping. My skin would clear up a lot and then if I happen to eat something I shouldn’t have, I would take some of that and then it would heal it immediately. I wouldn’t even have to put anything on my skin. I had been on Accutane and Retin-A and a bunch of different topical. Since I was a teenager, I’ve put so much stuff on my skin. That had to purge out for a period, but then the binder helped. African black soap, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with that, but that helps detox the skin too.

Dr. Huber, when did you get into fasting?

That would be 2016 when I learned about intermittent dry fasting. I do that now every day.

What’s the dry fasting part?

I dry fast between sixteen, eighteen hours a day. I’ll start after my last meal during the night. I did it a whole lot initially in the first year and then I backed off from it, and only recently that it started creeping back in and it’s happening naturally. I’ll dry fast into the afternoon and eat, break that fast with some tea or water, some fruit and then eat a salad and some vegetables later on.

EM 103 | Naturopathic Medicine Healing Naturopathic Medicine Healing: You have to cleanse the body so you can better assimilate things from your diet.

I wanted to also touch on your son’s autism too and how you were able to help guide him through that, because that was the first initial journey for you. What was going on with that?

He’s almost twelve now. He was diagnosed in 2010 and that was right before his third birthday when he got the diagnosis. He had started his regression around eighteen months though. What that means is he had some words. He didn’t have a whole lot of words. By eighteen months, those were starting to fade. The eye contact was fading away, any social interaction. He had a lot of gut stuff going on, chronic constipation. By the time he was diagnosed, he was having one bowel movement a week at the most, usually even less than that. He was holding his stool as well, so he was afraid to poop and there’s this huge backlog of stool up into his body.

Much of it is so surreal because I was not accustomed to being around young children until I had my children. I didn’t have any experience with babies, toddlers or development and that sort of thing. He never acknowledged his little brother for the first six months of his little brother’s life. He never looked at him or touched him or noticed him. I think the first time he did notice him is when his little brother had something in his hand that belonged to my older son and it made them angry. He attacked him. He would try to attack him quite a few times that first couple of years, but now they’re best friends. We can’t separate them.

We were fortunate in that my cousin has two sons on the spectrum as well. They’re older, they’re teenagers and she had experience with biomedical intervention, as we refer to it. She and her husband specialize in it. They were able to guide me. They got me in with a good doctor in Lynchburg, Virginia. Dr. Elizabeth Bumper is her name. We did the gluten-free, dairy-free diet and got him on some fiber supplementation. He actually started pooping and his language came back after that. It was very quick. That was great. It was Echolalia and scripting. He was repeating back to us things that we would say or from his favorite show, Thomas and Friends. He would memorize books. He only had to hear it or see it once and then he would use that to communicate back to us if there was meaning there. He was in speech therapy. He was in ABA therapy. He had high levels of clostridia. Sometimes there was a lot of imbalance in his gut. We worked on that. Some of it was with pharmaceuticals, which I wish we hadn’t done.

He was uncomfortable. I remember we were using Flagyl at one point. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Flagyl. It tastes disgusting. He was on that and it made him miserable. He powered through all of it. He was able to go into a kindergarten class at a private school and he’s still at that same school. It’s a regular private school. He mainstreamed into that and that was after a couple of years of having some therapist help him in the preschool environment. The speech came back, everything is nice and flowing. He started engaging with other kids. He’s got good friends now. He plays sports and plays instruments. He’s taught himself how to play the guitar and the piano and he’s in the honor roll. He’s sweet and loving. There’s no more aggression. We did the detox and the herbs that we did some energy work with the Reiki. That was more recently. That was probably after I studied with Dr. Morse or definitely after I was with Dr. Morse. I came home and I got them on that protocol. That’s where we saw the shift in his aggression. Now he’s doing phenomenally.

It’s definitely crucial to start healing the gut with autism and detox.

The gut is important. Underlying pathogens are usually present. You don’t want to go right after them. What I’m speaking of are viruses and bacterial and fungal overgrowth, sometimes parasites, but also things like the toxic mold. There are different ways to test your home and your child to see what they’ve got going on. I like to make that known that EMF is one thing that you should remediate as much as you can because our kids are like sponges for that radiation, that frequency. We don’t see it. It’s a huge factor. I don’t know what it’s like for you, but you can probably relate. I see a lot of people with anxiety, a lot of people with constipation. I feel like the anxiety is absolutely affected by all this stuff we got going on around.

I had on Dr. Jacoby, a regenerative medicine specialist, and he touched on the electrical magnetic field and everything that’s going on now. He says, “I can do an entire episode on that because it’s known, but not known to many the effects it’s having on our daily lives.”

It’s affecting at the cellular level. I know that’s the reason why mold is so toxic now is because of what the EMF is doing to the cells. It’s allowing those toxins better access to us. You look at what it does to a woman with her eggs and it’s radiating her eggs and then it affects multiple generations beyond that by holding this device. It’s not our handheld devices and our wireless. Interestingly, I’ve learned more about how like hybrid cars and electric cars emit a lot of radiation with the EMF like a lot of our appliances that are plugged in, anything that has a motor. I have air purifiers in my home and I found out that they put out a lot of EMF. It’s like, “I can’t win anything here.” Also ceiling fans, a lot of this stuff we have in the kitchen.

Are all those salt lamps good at repelling EMF or is there another thing that you can put in your house that can help repel?

My house is like a shrine. There are crystals in every room. They all have their own place. I’ve got a lot of plants and salt lamps, but we have pieces. We have things on our devices that harmonize the frequency. It’s a very chaotic, vibration that is put out and it helps harmonize that. It’s almost beneficial. There are different little things you can clip on to your various appliances, stuff you can put underneath your mattress. I have grounding mats. has all kinds of stuff for your bed. We took the basic grounding kit, which is like technically a mat you’re supposed to put under your feet while you’re on the computer. I’ve always had it under my fitted sheet on my bed and everybody sleeps better that way. I did hear someone speak about the fact that when you are grounding like that, other frequencies will use you as a conduit to come through that.

I don’t know how bad that is, but it’s technically like going through you. At least it’s not staying static within us. It’s absolutely something that if it’s not addressed, everything else you’re trying to do that’s fighting it, that needs to be remediated in the home as much as possible. There are different kits you can buy to put around the house, things that you can put around the house. That’s definitely something to be mindful of. I have one woman I’m working with. She shuts the whole circuit breakers off every night before they go to bed. There’s nothing on. She said she knew that it had been turned on. Her son had turned it on one night to turn on the internet and she knew because the smoke alarm light came on or something like that.

There was one other thing I wanted to ask you about Reiki because I’ve had Reiki people on here before and a lot of people can view that as a little woo-woo and not scientifically beneficial for health-related issues. I’ve had it done to me so many times and I feel so much better after a Reiki treatment. I don’t have any idea what you guys do. I know for a fact it works. I love it. I can’t explain it to people. I was like, “I have no idea. I just feel great.”

I’ll try and taper it down a little bit. Reiki is life force energy, so we all already have access to it. You’re already drawing it through the body now, any living thing is, so it’s not humans but also animals and plants. It’s like divine energy that we’re able to pull from source. There are three levels to Reiki, but you can do the first level and still be a Reiki practitioner. You’re using the energy, you can work on other people. That’s fine. The second one is to help amplify it and teach you how to use it more strongly. The third is to teach you how to become a teacher and do it for others or attune them. The attunement process in a Reiki class, it’s done for each one. It’s like a sacred ceremony where we create more of an antenna for the physical through the body. You’re able to draw it down much more effectively. It’s very strong. Some people will feel it without ever taking a class. They’ll feel that sensation. I don’t know if you felt it off of the Reiki therapists who have worked on you, but it’s a heat that comes out of the hands. It feels like if you had your arm out in the sun. That’s what it feels. It comes out of our hands. It can come out of the feet.

You want to talk about woo. I try not to use that anymore because I used to always apologize for myself. I say, “I’m going to get woo now. I’m going to get woo-woo. Get ready. I hope you’re okay now.” My higher self is saying, “Stop saying that. Stop apologizing.” You can direct it with the eyes through the breath and through the center, your belly button, so you can project it. What Reiki does is when you learn it, you do learn how to discern energies better. Naturally, we can do that but it’s that feeling of good versus bad, truth versus lie, good, evil. Those things like that, we can better feel that and sense it because those aren’t things we’re able to see as well, but the Reiki helps bring that in. I’m trying to think of a scientific way to describe it. I do know that it’s working with polarity. If there are toxins or inflammation or pain, that’s putting out one charge and the Reiki has the opposite, so it’s a very intelligent energy. You don’t tell it what to do. It does it. It’s almost like a living thing. You apply it either directly, the person. I don’t know how you’ve had it done on you, but it’s either directly hands on or it’s in the auric field.

I’ve had both. I’ve had people standing and I’ve had hands on.

I like both because they feel very different to me. They’re both effective. I do it here. I have people come in for like an hour-long session. I work on them. I do a lot of work in the heart field almost. It’s very strange. It’s like predominantly what I do.

Do you see auras as well on people? I was reading the medical medium book and all that stuff and it’s very real.

I feel more sense or it’s like something that will tell me, “Heart chakra, work over that.” We do a lot of work over the chakras. At any point they can be imbalanced. It’s a natural day-to-day thing that you’ll have certain chakras that aren’t spinning as well as they should. Reiki can help redirect them and heal them. You work through the auric field of the body and find blockages and you can move that out. There are so many things that you can do through energy work. Reiki though is best for relaxation. It brings that sense of peacefulness, clarity of mind. It can be very grounding, but it’s also good for the pain and inflammation.

Are the tuning forks you use? Is that in line with the Reiki?

I’ve started working with the tuning forks. I have a lot. The ones I have are all chakra-specific and I use the ones that I’m guided to. I usually use them one at a time and they can be either used in the field or the person hears it or you can actually hold the fork over certain parts of the body, which you may be interested in as a chiropractor. There’s a good book on Amazon called Tuning the Human Biofield or something like that. It’s fantastic. I recommend it for anyone interested in frequency healing, but there are different ways you can put the forks, places to work through different meridians and clear blockages and help people. I’ll do that if I’m guided.

Dr. Huber, what do most people come for you as a naturopathic doctor? What do you like to heal and what do most people seek you out for?

I see all kinds of things. The most common ones are anxiety and constipation. People aren’t sleeping well. I see a lot of kids with autism because I do remote work over something like Skype. Typically, I use homeopathic medicine or the herbals for that. I’ll do like a detox protocol and we’ll work with some of the inflammation or any pathogens. I’m seeing the autoimmune and that’s because I’ve been publicly talking about it a lot more. I did one YouTube video and all these people found me. I’ve had a lot there and that’s all kinds of things, more cancer now too. Sometimes those folks are at the same time they’re doing the chemotherapy and all of that. I’m fine with that. I understand and I don’t try and dissuade them, but then I’ll also have people who don’t want to have anything to do with that. They want to go natural. That’s when we work with the fasting and alkaline diet and the detoxification. The mind, body work and processing emotions. All diseases like this but with cancer absolutely, there are blocks and stored emotions in that. I do some education on enemas too if the person’s open to that because I feel like enemas can be beneficial.

Dr. Huber, where can people find you online, social media, all that stuff if they want to schedule an appointment with you?

The best way to schedule an appointment is to go to my website, Ascalon Naturopathic is on Facebook. I’m on Instagram, I am on Pinterest. I’ve got lots of Pinterest boards. Personally, I have a personal Twitter that I sometimes put weird spiritual stuff up on it. You can definitely find me online. I have a new blog on my website that I’ve started.

I like to ask all my guests, what is one piece of advice that has resonated with you over the years that you would like to gift the audience? It could be absolutely anything.

Honestly, I do not believe that healing from disease is impossible. It doesn’t matter the name. By that I mean we can strive for a better quality of life. It may not be a full cure, but if you’ve only been using that outlet of Western medicine and you’re gravitating more into the holistic, I feel that can help. I hate to see people locked in place where they think they can’t do anything with their diagnosis because there’s always something.

EM 103 | Naturopathic Medicine Healing Naturopathic Medicine Healing: When you are grounding yourself, other frequencies will use you as a conduit to come through.

Thank you so much for coming on. I enjoyed this. You are a wealth of knowledge on health and healing. I hope people read this and seek you out and become a patient because you are awesome.

Thank you so much.

Thank you and I’d love to have you back on anytime.

I would love that too.

Thank you so much, Dr. Huber.

Thank you.

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