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Live Life By Your Design With Elizabeth Tripp

3 years ago

There is already a tremendous amount of wisdom within ourselves. We should only tap into that for guidance when following our individual paths and not let other people dictate us otherwise. Pulling from that very wisdom, Kevin Pecca interviews Elizabeth Tripp to share how to live life by your design. Elizabeth is a New York City-based lifestyle design coach, intuitive median, and spiritual teacher. With her gift of seeing the blockages in people’s lives, she helps you uncover the things that hold you back from walking on your journey. She taps into the power of our soul and spirit and shares how we can connect with that energy to access the wisdom and information to become our brilliant selves. Dive deep into this episode with Elizabeth as she tells us more about designing a life we love and want to live.


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Live Life By Your Design With Elizabeth Tripp

We have a very special guest, Elizabeth Tripp. Elizabeth is a lifestyle coach out of New York City. She is also an intuitive medium and spiritual teacher. I really love this episode. Elizabeth is truly amazing at what she does. I, myself, had a very amazing experience with an intuitive medium. They’re real. It helped me get through some things and helping a lot of people live the life they want to design, which is what we’re all trying to do. She has a special gift where she can take you even further by connecting with people on the other side, your spirit guides. It’s truly amazing what she can bring to the table. I ask you to have an open mind when you read this episode. Elizabeth is talented at what she does and she’s a wealth of information. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. Please welcome Elizabeth Tripp.


I’m excited to learn more about Elizabeth Tripp. Elizabeth is a New York City-based lifestyle design coach, intuitive median and spiritual teacher. Elizabeth, how are you?

I’m wonderful, Kevin. Thank you for inviting me on your show and I want to shout you out for seeing the value in my work and sharing it with your audience.

Thank you so much for coming on. I’m a huge fan of lifestyle coaching. You have a gift of seeing the blockages in people’s lives that you can uncover. It all sounds fascinating. Thank you so much for joining the show.

You’re welcome. I have special talents and I can’t wait to share them with your audience.

Elizabeth, where are you from originally?

I’m from Upstate New York in a small town. It’s called Delmar. I grew up there for nearly eighteen years and then headed west to a small town again called Oneonta for college and then made my way down to the city years ago.

A complete lifestyle change there from Upstate New York to the big city. How was that for you?

It was a unique transition from being a small-town girl to the big city, big lights, but I was always attracted to New York for its opportunity and the diversity. It’s led for beautiful connections and paved a pathway for a successful business.

You are an intuitive median and spiritual teacher. Is that something you found at a very young age where you discovered these talents or was it something you found later in life?

People ask me that often. Being an intuitive medium has been something that I’ve been gifted with my entire life. When I was four years old, I was experiencing the world differently than everybody else. I can remember laying in my childhood bed and my heart was pounding. It was night time. I was watching the images and scenes around me and I was terrified. I didn’t know what I was looking at. When the sun would come up and the light would crack through, I would run down to my mom’s room and I’d say, “Mom, there were monsters in my room last night.” My parents didn’t have the tools to be able to handle my gifts and the abilities that I had because these images and these shadows were ghosts. When I went to explain that, my parents simply like most normal parents said, “No, honey. That’s not true. You’re just imagining it.” Every night when I would go to bed, the lights would come down and they would come out and they would want to communicate with me.

Were you scared or was it a joyful experience for you?

Being so young, I was scared. I didn’t know how to process or understand what was happening around me. When I was trying to communicate what was occurring, I received a message that it’s not true. It’s not happening, but yet even in daylight, as I started to grow older, I would see apparitions and past loved ones standing in a room or behind my mom or dad. I would claim, “Mom, can you see that?” or, “Dad do you see that person over there?” It was not in their ability to be able to support me in that way. Most people, when you talk in this way, get scared themselves. They don’t understand it.

I’m a huge fan of what you do. I had a patient come to me. He came to the chiropractic office. I adjusted him and he had a great response to it. I said, “How did you find me?” He said, “I went to a median and she told me to come to you.” I was like “That’s strange. What do you mean?” She said, “Pay attention to the blue and white signs everywhere.” I was like, “I don’t think I have any blue or white signs in the office.” They took me to my resting room and there are blue and white signs everywhere. I wanted to find out more about this woman. I started going to her myself and it was a heavy, amazing experience. She was able to channel my father. Going into it, I would say I’m not a true believer yet, but I went in there with an open mind and she was telling me things only my dad knew and only my dad told me. My dad passed away when I was sixteen. When you can make that connection again, it was profound. I’m a huge believer and fan of everything you guys do because in a way it helped me out a lot with some questions that I had that I was able to reconnect. Without that, there might have been questions I would have had my entire life.

Thank you for sharing that and that ties in perfectly with the work that I do. From a real soul perspective, and I use the word soul because I believe that there is this incredible light and energy within our bodies that are connected to something much bigger than ourselves. We’re here on this Earth journey, in this time-space experience to learn and grow. When things death, trauma or a tragedy happen in our lives there’s this incredible opportunity to discover something about ourselves comes to light. If we get stuck in the emotion, if we get stuck in the pain, we sometimes don’t always have that experience where we can grow past what has happened and we’ll carry heavy energy with us and we’ll carry beliefs that often limit us. When clients come to see me, or when I work with people, I am able to tune into these spirit guides and past loved ones to guide them back to these challenging experiences they’ve had throughout their life, and tap into this information that spirit gives me so that I can give them a permanent solution. When you heard from your dad on the other side, it gave you a sense of peace and completion.

It was one of the most amazing feelings I ever experienced.

Without that piece in completion, I imagine you would have lived life feeling that there was maybe a sense of pain, a hole in part of yourself without being able to have that connection. The incredible piece to the work is because people around the world can then get to the source of what’s paining them because spirit is always watching us and they’re looking out in a sense for our highest good.

They’re looking out for us.

People will ask me and they’ll say, “How come we have to go through a challenge to learn? It seems so counter-intuitive. Why can’t spirit just guide us to the joyful things?” I like to help people open up to the idea of if things were always like rainbows and butterflies, a utopia. We’re all walking around with white robes and halos.

There’s not a lot of growth happening there.

There’s not a lot of growth. I’m sure, Kevin, as you can attest probably losing your dad was a tremendous catalyst for transformation for you.

One of the best things that ever happened to me, because your life completely changes from that, especially at a young age, you’ve got to figure life out for yourself. It was fortunate because I had to start doing everything. If I want it to happen, I would have to make it happen myself. I learned that at a very young age. It helped get me ready for the world. Whereas if I would’ve wanted my dad to stay here for as long as possible, but as a natural parental instinct, you want what’s best for your child and maybe you do as much as you can for them. You see a lot of people that don’t face much adversity until they’re 40 or 50 and they panic. They don’t know what to do. It was a blessing to have that adversity at such a young age.

What I would like to also offer people are these kinds of experiences are something that’s a part of the journey. As we lean into our self as not just a human but as a spiritual being, we can see that the veil between the other side is very thin. When we give ourselves the space and the opportunity to open our hearts and our mind to the possibility, especially because it’s tumultuous time for a lot of people that there are answers that can come within us. There is a tremendous amount of wisdom within our own self. In my practice, I believe that there is a soul within our bodies and that soul is eternal, incredibly powerful, strong, and bright. When we are able to align and connect with that energy, we can access wisdom and information towards the path we should be walking on in our journey. You get this cool information from spirit and you can then use this as a guidance on your path forward. How many people need help?

Can you go into briefly, what is a spirit guide? Does everybody have one and how does that work because that’s a term that keeps coming up in this conversation?

Before you came down to Earth, think about it this way. You are in what is called a Soul School. Like when you go to school at like a little kid, you’re up in ethereal, in the other dimension, maybe some people call it heaven. Maybe some people call it the universe where you are up in the clouds. You’re in a school or place. You’re learning with other souls. You were designing what you want to learn next on your journey forward particularly a lot of souls are learning how to go back into their next life at Earth what they want to accomplish, what they want to achieve. It’s like when we go to elementary school, middle school and high school, we have teachers that stand up and give us presentations, quizzes and homework. In this spirit school, we have teachers as well, and they’re called guides. There are different levels. There can be angel guides, master guides and ascended guides, but we essentially have a whole team of them that we make an agreement and a contract with to come and be a support for us on Earth. The thing is though that when we come to Earth, we don’t remember these things because we’ve got to learn and grow through the process of our experience here. The guides will be journeying with us. Everybody has them and they will have more than sometimes 1 or 2 and possibly 3 or 4. It depends on your stage or your journey and they’ll walk with us and they’ll do interesting things.

For instance, one time in New York, I was standing on a street corner and suddenly I was thrown backwards. Within a split second, there was a biker that actually just whizzed by. If I had stayed in the spot where I was standing, that biker definitely would have crashed into me. It was in that split second, I was catapulted backwards that I realized, “My spirit guide pushed me out of the way.” It’s things like that, that they’ll do as well as drop in information like what your client did when they said, “I’m supposed to follow the blue and white signs.” They’ll give you things that might not seem rational but make sense later on.

The practice that you’re in, I don’t see anybody that wouldn’t need what you do. I love the name of it, Live Life By Your Design. Mostly all of us down here are trying to design the lives we want and sometimes we’re conscious of it, other times people get caught in some things and it completely goes the other way. What is your practice like? How does it start and how do people grasp what they want to go for in life?

I believe that we’re on this journey. We’re in this human experience to be our brilliant self. That means that as we come back to the premise in which I spoke about, we want to align with the beautiful, bright light within ourselves. There’s something that each of us are here to fulfill. We’ve all come to this journey to accomplish something. When we step into my work, when we want to design a life that we love, we want to Live Life By Your Design. You have come to a place in your life where you don’t feel you’re fulfilled. You’re missing something that something’s out of your alignment or you’re not in touch with. You know you’re meant to do something big. You know you’re meant to make an impact on the world, but you’ve been hitting all these roadblocks and you’ve been frustrated by all these challenges. When you come to see me, what I’m helping you do is to clear out all the noise that you’ve been inside of so that you can get to the source of what’s been limiting you from living an existence and a lifestyle that brings you joy because life isn’t about hard work. It doesn’t have to be having to surrender to the opinions and beliefs of others. When people step into this program, Live Life By Your Design, they’re ready to clear again, out that chatter, connect to the brilliance with themselves, this soul energy that has this blueprint. Your soul inside you has a blueprint for your life in joy, for your life of true fulfillment.

We can’t access that blueprint if your mind is all cluttered. It isn’t possible. Once we declutter and get to the source of the limitations and start to help you breakthrough, there’s a whole sense of peace and calm that many of my clients have experienced. They feel empowered and they start to align with more clearer truths, values. “I am powerful. I am capable. I am strong. I can do what I love.” We start to uncover the natural gifts that they have. As we do that, we start to help them see, “You can do what you love and love what you do and live by your own design.” You don’t have to work 9:00 to 5:00. You don’t have to believe the opinions and take the reactions of others around you and hold them above who you are. You can make a big splash on the world by being yourself. In this incredible journey, clients go through a couple of mastery level phases with me to ultimately begin to shine a bright light on the world in which they live. Feel free to be themselves and express themselves in a way where they’re dancing in life, where they’re joyful about their life experiences rather than stuck in so much suffering. That’s Live Life By Your Design.

What can you offer your clients that other life coaches can’t? A lot of life coaches, that’s their goal is to declutter, get the perfect person on track and live the life they want. I think you’re bringing a little bit more to the table. What do you think that is?

Let me give you an example. I want to share a client case study. I work with tons of people, men, women, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and creatives. I had a client come to me a few years ago and she was in so much distress, full of anxiety. There was a lot of worry. There was a lot of self-doubt and over a short period of time, I was able to tap into her soul’s path and use her guides as a source of information for me to help her get to the bottom of why she was in so much anxiety. I was able to guide her to an experience where she actually watched her grandmother pass. While she was watching her pass at the hospital, she turned to her mom and said, “What’s going on?” Her mom, instead of sharing, “Grandma’s moving to another place to live eternally.” The mom wasn’t able to talk about it with her.

She remembers feeling her mom standing in silence with so much tears. We talked about how this totally changed her perspective of herself and her circumstance. She then walked out of that room at the age of eight feeling incredibly afraid that at any moment, something could happen to her or someone in her family. For 35 years, she lived with this anxiety. Anxiety is fear and we got to the root of that fear that it had been just the experience of watching her grandma pass and not having the support that she would have ideally wanted to understand or process the situation. I wouldn’t have been able to get to that place with her without the use of the guides, because they brought me right in there. When I asked, “Did your grandmother pass? Was that traumatic for you?” She was like, “How did you know that?” I said, “You’ve come to me because I have very special gifts.” To make this story short and succinct, when we got to the root of that, and I held space for her to process, clear it out, see the simplicity of how the experience unfolded, but yet how big it felt for herself as a child, she could let it go.

Within a year later, she stopped taking Prozac, Xanax, all these medications she had been prescribed and started to live with more calm and peace. From that was able to transition from a job that she hated, a company that wasn’t supporting her, and step into entrepreneurship and start leading a life she loves while having clarity and room to see a path forward without worrying all the time. That would be the value of coming to work with me. The personalized experience of being able to know you can get answers and a permanent solution to your life struggles because of this incredible ability that I have. That’s what makes me different from any other life coach.

Elizabeth, is there a way for people that don’t have that gift you were describing to access their own guides? Is there something that we could do to access our own guides channel ourselves in the right direction? I truly am fascinated with all this because I know it’s very real. I wouldn’t have believed that so profoundly if it didn’t happen to me. I’m jiving with everything you’re saying here.

I use the term spiritual practice and I want everybody to lean into this term because sometimes when we use the word ‘spiritual,’ people get apprehensive or confused. This isn’t about following a religion or a philosophy, but what a spiritual practice is anything you do to connect with your authentic, higher self, your real inner being, or sometimes people call intuition. We want to find, activities or practices that allow for us to quiet within. If we don’t have that common quiet within ourselves, we are inside of a future conversation or a past conversation rather than present to the moment. When we’re connected to ourselves in our body, in our mind, in the moment, that’s when we can actually align with our soul and bring in the guidance of our spirit team.

Your spirit team can be with you at any point any time, but if you want to hear them, you have to have the quiet and calm. That’s why I’m talking about this so that you can receive their messages with clarity. It’s not to say that you can’t say, “After reading this, I’m going to invite my guides to come in and show me a sign.” You have to have the quiet. If you’re running around and there’s all this noise in your mind, and you’re looking for the sign, you’ll likely miss it. Having that spiritual practice, a way of finding a way to connect with yourself, a meditation per se, that’s anything you do to connect with your higher self is essential to developing a long-lasting partnership with spirit, because everybody has a team that’s here to help them.

How does it work with sessions with you? It’s probably different for everybody, but how long is the session? How many sessions do you recommend?

When coming to work with me, you obviously know we’re going to do some profound work, but I’m going to make it easy. It doesn’t have to be tremendously hard. It doesn’t have to be heavy. It actually can be an incredible experience where you walk out of working with me and you’re like, “I can’t believe I was thinking saying doing all of this for so long and now I have a whole new way of seeing and being with myself.” In order for me to do that, I need some time with you and I need to get to know you. Sessions are two hours at length. What I recommend is that clients start with coming for a series of 3 to 7 up to 14 sessions to start, and that depends on what you’re wanting to accomplish.

Most of the time when people come to see me for the first time, they’re in a level of overwhelm or a sense of disempowerment that I need a handful of sessions to clear that out and get them present. Once we do that, then we can take the bull by the horn and say, “What are you ready to accomplish?” I have an empowered soul program that starts with the series. The rising is three sessions. The awakening is seven and transcendence is fourteen. After that last program, that’s where I invite clients who exclusively want to design their life into my exclusive program, Living Life By Design.

On your bio, it says that you’re also Reiki certified. Do you practice Reiki as well?

Reiki is something that I’ve been able to do for my entire life. I just didn’t know it but that specific technique, I integrate energy work into my practice. When clients do come to see me, they will notice that they’ll be lifted from heavy energy. Their chakra systems will start to align. They’ll feel healthier, brighter, more empowered. I integrate elements of Reiki, but in a very innovative and unique approach. It’s not like anything else anybody’s ever done before.

Reiki is truly fascinating as well because most Reiki practitioners don’t even put their hands on you. After the session, it does feel like the shockers are aligned. You feel lighter, you feel very grateful, just an amazing experience.

It sounds like you’ve done that before.

A couple of my cousins do it. I’ve gotten a couple of Reiki sessions. I love it. I’m a huge fan of energy work. Any other topics you would like to touch on?

The biggest thing especially in the circumstances that we’re moving through with everything that’s been happening, being confronted by the Coronavirus, by protests, by riots. I want people to understand, open their hearts to the notion that things happen for a reason, and that things happen on purpose. I know that can feel like a confronting statement for people, but if we can open our ears, our minds and our hearts to this idea that there’s something bigger that’s orchestrating our lives. When we, as a human collective aren’t playing in the band well, the spirit will say, “Let’s get you guys back on track.” They’ll give us these incredible challenges. I like to call them 2 by 4s. How many 2 by 4s have you gotten in the past but haven’t always answered the call you needed a big smack in the face?

We’re getting this huge smack in the face to wake us up to something that I’m going to come back to the premise of my work, that our soul self. Remember the part of us that’s already whole, complete and healed. There’s nothing broken about anyone. In my opinion, I look at every single person and see a soul. Imagine if people could look in the mirror, others and see a soul, a human that’s inside of them has an energy that’s so magnificent, beautiful, incredible and brilliant. The kinds of things that we could do on Earth together and the transformation we could have. If anyone out there is having a tremendously difficult time and is feeling completely overwhelmed in a sea of emotions on what’s happening, you’re in the middle of a huge soul lesson. A life lesson for yourself and I ask you to take a moment to ask yourself, how do you want your new normal? What would you like your life to be like? The opportunity is now. We’ve never given more of a wake up to start living a life that you love. For those of you that are in these circumstances and reading this, it’s by no coincidence. You’re meant to learn and grow from this experience. Don’t wait.

Elizabeth, where can people find you online, social media platforms or if they just want to book a session with you?

I have a beautiful rebranded website. It’s called What I would like to invite people to do is take a Life Design Quiz that I’ve especially set up for individuals who are ready to explore, designing a life that they love rather than one they want to walk away from. I know many people are feeling like they want to walk away from their life circumstances. I offer you this opportunity when you head to my website to start to self-examine what it is you want. You can head over to the website and take that quiz as well as look at the different programs that I have and ways that I can best help you. If you want to become a part of my tribe, I have a beautiful Facebook community. It’s called Empowered Soul. We chat every day. We share what we’re moving through. We also have a beautiful group coaching program that we do every couple of weeks with each other that I hold. I post on Instagram quite frequently. It’s @ElizabethMTripp. You can become a part of the community there as well.

Instead of walking away from life, you don’t want to walk towards the one you do. That’s very powerful. Elizabeth, at the end of every show, I like to ask all my guests, what is one piece of advice that has resonated with you over the years that you would like to gift the audience? It could be absolutely anything.

A piece of advice that I would give everybody is that I understand that at times, you can feel like there’s something that is incredibly broken or in need of fixing about yourself. I want you to know that deep within you, you are already fixed. You are healed and you have a whole and powerful energy of light, full of so much love. Once you recognize that and begin to open your heart, to accept that truth about yourself, your life and your circumstances will change incredibly. Don’t lose hope that there is something within you that is so big and that you have something brilliant to share with the world, your family and your community.

Elizabeth, thank you so much for coming on the show. I enjoyed this conversation. Thank you for spending time with us.

Kevin, thank you so much for having me. I appreciate this. I want to thank you so much for seeing the value in my work and sharing it with your community.

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