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Intuitive Intelligence with Melissa Binkley

5 years ago

When it comes to what most people know about the health world, rarely are the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual aspects brought up. What we commonly know are the physical manifestations of pain as well as the medical side of things. No one teaches how trauma can also cause disease. Taking us deeper into health through intuitive intelligence is Melissa Binkley, creator and founder of The Intuitive Intelligence Academy. Sharing her background, Melissa talks about the traumas that she has carried from childhood up to the various obstacles she faced in her twenties. She then found a way out through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she dove deeper into neuroscience, quantum physics, and the psychology of health. Putting spirituality into the mix, Melissa enlightens us with our ability to connect with the heart, the collective conscious, and the higher self to ultimately create change and heal traumas.

Melissa Binkley is an Intuitive Intelligence Coach, Trauma Specialist and the best-selling author of Invincible: How to Embrace Failure and Achieve Transformational Success. She has such an inspiring life story that she’s going to share on the podcast. She is helping others transcend and open up to a higher level of consciousness. She is an amazing person. I really enjoyed this episode. Please welcome, Melissa Binkley.


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Intuitive Intelligence with Melissa Binkley

We have a very special guest, Melissa Binkley. Melissa is a humanitarian on a mission to help society transcend through trauma to a new level of consciousness. She is the Creator and Founder of the Intuitive Intelligence Academy. She is an intuitive intelligence trainer, certified mastery transformational coach, soul and business strategist and number one bestselling author. She is a dynamic, highly sought-after international speaker and thought leader, known for her ability to transcend limiting beliefs. She uses several techniques that fuse science and spirituality, personal development and the quantum field. Please welcome, Melissa Binkley.

Thank you so much, Kevin, for having me.

I’m very excited to have you. Thank you so much for coming on. Melissa, where are you from originally?

I was originally born in Dallas, Texas and moved from there when I was nine to Ohio. I consider myself an Ohioan even though I lived in Texas until I was nine.

How was life growing up for you? What were you into and everything like that?

For me, it was pretty challenging. My mother left when I was nine years old, which is what God created this shift of moving to Ohio. By the time I was ten years old, I had a lot of trauma in my life. The ACE score is a test developed by psychologist and it’s ten questions. For every question that a child under the age of eighteen answers yes to, the risk of disease, illness, suicide and drug use all go up exponentially. I answered yes to all ten of them by the age of ten. I was a high achiever. I was a perfectionist on the outside, but I was very traumatized. By the time I moved to Ohio at the age of nine and moved into that tenth year, I had already experienced everything from sexual trauma and one of these other experiences that happened. My childhood was not the normal, rosy, fun experience that most kids have.

How did you feel as a child? Were you frightened or were you just pushing it down and trying to ignore it?

I did a good job of deflecting, disassociation. I didn’t feel that I was in my body. As a child who was very spiritual, I didn’t realize that that’s what it was. I was always leaving my body to go play somewhere else like I’m at La-La Land. I learned to detach from my body, which ended up causing eating disorders later in my life and exercise disorders because my body to me was just a tool. It wasn’t me. I lived in an experience of that. For me, people that have trauma, they go several different ways. Some become very reclusive and fearful and hidden. I became boisterous and angry and mean like, “You’re not going to mess with me.” I was this little kid that even though I was a straight A student, I would get detentions. I kick the other kids. It was as if a fight-or-flight and I was the fighter. That’s how I lived my experience and went through that whole thing, but I was a super high achiever. I was the kid that the teachers picked to go to all of the testings for all the high achievement stuff.

EM 89 | Intuitive Intelligence _Intuitive Intelligence: In every breakthrough, there’s a breakdown. _

I graduated top of my class from high school. I did anything and everything I could to not be at home. I was been brutally worried about my senior year in high school so it was the icing on the cake. By the time I got into college, I was a complete perfectionist on the outside doing all these things, but you would find me in closets with bite marks up and down my arm. I graduated from college with a summa cum laude. I got an awesome six-figure job right out of school, but within that experience of having that happen, we came into 9/11 right around because I graduated in 2000 and I lost my six-figure job. I did what any normal, traumatized, 21-year-old would do is I became a drug trafficker. I ended up spending a lot of my twenties in eating disorders, drug trafficking, drug dealing and that experience.

I would have never called it trauma. If I was asked back then I was like, “I’ll fix all that. I’m fine.” I just buried it deep and it showed up in all of these physical conditions in my body. I ended up with hypothyroidism. I ended up with eczema and psoriasis. I ended up with hormone issues, adrenal fatigue and physical issues that started manifesting not only from the drug use but for also from the eating disorders but also from the emotional trauma. Nobody teaches you that emotional trauma will cause disease. You have to eat different food, get healthy, take medications, and all those types of things which I tried for years. I took all these different things. Finally, I got to a place when I decided to walk away from all of that. I walked away from everything in 2004 and I spent the next five years getting healthy.

Did you have an a-ha moment where you’re like, “I can’t do this anymore?”

Yes, I did. In 2004, my a-ha moment was I had a huge party at my house. I had this big beautiful home where I would have 40 to 100 people come in a night. We would have DJ spinning and every drug that you could imagine that people could get their hands on. I dose two of my dear friends that are named Nick and Nate with a GHD and they both flatlined in my house. At that moment when that happened, the previous week before a friend of mine had a party and somebody had died at that party because of something similar. I looked at the people at my party and I said, “No one dies on my watch. I will go to jail first. Leave now. Take every amount of anything that you can get your hands on. Go. I’m calling the bus.” They came and they revived those two boys in my house. They got to the hospital and they flatlined again and they revived them the second time.

At that moment, there were men in suits with ties that are pulling me into a room at the hospital and drilling me about what happened. I was bawling, crying my eyes out, laying on the ground saying, “If those boys die, you can take me now because I’ll never live through it.” They survived, I got away with not going to jail and I walked away. It was my a-ha moment and I left Ohio about two weeks later and I moved to Florida. That was it for me. I spent the next five years trying to get healthy. I started doing the right things. I got a real job. I started doing fitness and figure competitions and eating healthy. I did all these stuff that I thought it was the right way to do things. In 2009, everything blew up. What I say is every breakthrough, there’s a breakdown. You have to breakdown all the beliefs, ideas and habits to break through to a new existence. What had happened was I hadn’t let go of old process and that thinking. I’m still holding the trauma. I was just trying to fix a problem from the surface level, but I hadn’t done any work. I was like, “I’m fine. I’m going to eat good food and everything’s going to be okay.”

In 2009, my partner that I was living with at the time, she left me and ended up moving upstairs with our best friend. I lost that job that I had gone. I got fired from the job because I had said that he had his thing with sexual harassment and they ended up firing me instead and I got evicted from my apartment all within six months. I ended up homeless. I hit rock bottom when I thought I was doing all the right things. Many of us do that. We think we’re on this path and like, “I’m doing everything right according to society’s standards. I got a normal job. I’m eating supposedly correctly.” I’m doing all these things and yet everything was falling apart. The miracle that comes from this is that we don’t realize that this is when the universe is giving us a gift. That’s when they’re saying, “You are ready for the next step. You’re awakening. You have to get rid of all of that other things in your life.” I did. I got rid of everything. I’m always starting from scratch again. It was starting all over and so I spent about a year living in my car.

If you don’t mind, how old were you at this point?

I was 27 years old.

I feel like a lot of people are scared to start over especially when you get into the late 20s and 30s. They think it’s too late.

I was 27 in 2004 so this is five years later. I was 32 in 2009. I had my daughter in 1998, so this was eleven years later. My daughter was eleven years old and she had been through the drug long. She dealt that and then mom had walked away and decided she was my deciding factor and I was like, “I can’t go to jail because I’ll miss out on my whole daughter’s life.” When all that stuff happened in 2004, I was like, “My daughter was the most important thing.” She saw me growing through these stages and to have this piece happened here. I’ll tell you, I had a bad mother syndrome for years. I thought I was the worst mother that ever walked the Earth because of all of these different things that had happened. I was at the bottom of everything. I didn’t have a home. I had a car so that’s a lot better than some people that ended up homeless on the streets. The thing that I now look back on and the blessing that I realized is I had friends. I had people that if I had been willing to be like, “I need help,” but back then I didn’t know to ask for help. They would have opened their doors for me. I would’ve been okay, but I was too proud and too trying to like, “I got this and figure it out for myself to do it.” In that year, I remember that moment when I got an eviction notice and I’m like, “I surrender. I don’t know what else to do.” Do you ever have that?

Yeah, 100%. That’s why this show started. I was rock bottom in 2010. I had a bunch of concussions and it was going on for four years. I woke up one day and I was like, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m physically spent and emotionally spent. I don’t want to live anymore.” It’s different circumstance but I’ve been there.

Many of us have that moment and we’ve been searching and we’ve gone looking and it’s not until we have the absolute surrender or just like, “I can’t control this. I don’t have the answer. I don’t know anything anymore. Somebody show me the way.” That’s the moment when you get to have that miracle that shows up in your life. This show is called Expect Miracles because back then, I would have not expected a miracle. I didn’t believe in a miracle. I didn’t know what a miracle was. Now, I do expect miracles every day, but for me, it was that moment and I said, “Whatever the path is.” In that year, I was connected to a doctor or woman by the name of Dr. Eddie and she ended up becoming a personal training client of mine.

She’s like, “You need to go to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. You love fitness, you love nutrition and that’s going to help you on your path.” I was like, “I can’t afford to live at a home, but I’ll make the monthly payments to start going to school for this thing.” I ended up getting a home. I met my now ex-wife and ended up moving in with her and I started going to school. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is based out of New York, but they are online school. They are worldwide. They are the world’s leading health coaching school and they’ve got hundreds of thousands of graduates. Their teachers are Deepak Chopra, Gabby Bernstein, Mark Hyman, Arianna Huffington and myself. I went to school there in 2010 and then in 2015, they invited me back to be a teacher.

Have you met Deepak?

Yes, I have met Deepak. I’ve been on stage with Marianne Williamson. I’ve done work with John Demartini. We’ve done work together from the movie The Secret and a lot of different things that I’ve gotten opportunities at this point to work with. In 2009 or 2010 when this stuff was going on, I had no idea what I was saying yes to. I was just trying to figure out the next step.

What was that school able to do for you?

EM 89 | Intuitive Intelligence The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure

They call marijuana the doorway drug. It was the doorway drug for me into a life of wellness and spirituality. I had never heard of the concepts that Deepak was talking about. It wasn’t in my field. I learned a lot about nutrition, which is why I went. That was my goal, but it was the doorway into some of these other things that I hadn’t known about. As I started to heal my body and heal from the years of drug abuse that had come from years before and healing my thyroid condition and all of these different types of things physically. What I started to notice was I looked in the mirror, but I didn’t like myself. Not only did not love myself, I didn’t like myself. It didn’t matter that I was physically healing. I was not mentally or emotionally and spiritually healed. I had read The Celestine Prophecy back in 1999 and I didn’t understand it. It was the next time that I had an opportunity to start understanding about the miraculous, about miracles, and about the quantum. That got me into diving deeper into neuroscience and quantum physics and the psychology behind all of this stuff because I was now helping clients and health coaching, but they were having instantaneous healings and spontaneous remissions and all these different types of things. I started learning about these other pieces because I was healing myself.

I went from that in 2010 to working with clients and started building my life. By 2014, I ran my first conference and by 2016, I was international. Now, we’re in 2019 and I have an academy of international organization in about fifteen countries. I’m getting ready to do a five-week tour for Australia where we’re working with the Department of Justice and the Australian Medical Association and the Psychotherapy and Counseling Association. I’m doing media and TV and all these different things. I am teaching this intuitive intelligence work of this deep connection to quantum miracles and transformational healing and understanding how to do that. Back there, I’m all learning all that in nine years’ time. While talking to you, you said in 2010 you had a similar like, “How much can you quantum leap in a number of years and a lot of work that’s put in it?” I could have never imagined back in 2010 if you had told me in that space when I was just finishing Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I had just come out of being homeless for a year that nine years later I would be doing this type of work.

I’m curious about the work you do. I don’t know much about it. I’ve heard great things. If you could just explain what it is that you do and how you help people to heal, I’m curious to see how you bring quantum physics into the spiritual component because a lot of people think it’s woo-woo and BS. They don’t believe in it. They are starting to bring in the scientific data and the evidence around that, which is very powerful. What did some people need to see to believe it?

The goal with what we teach at the academy is we teach the science backing to the spirituality because we want to get those left-brained people that don’t believe it. We work with a lot of engineers or people that just are like, “Give me something. Give me a piece of that.” I’ll go into a little bit about the quantum and some things, but first I’ll explain what intuitive intelligence is. We were interviewed by Inc. Magazine. Everybody’s heard of emotional intelligence. I have an emotional IQ. Intuitive intelligence or your intuitive IQ reflects a person’s ability to connect with the heart, the collective conscious and the higher self. How that improves your performance, healing trauma, and manifesting the future. By using your intuitive intelligence and connecting to the quantum field, we can facilitate thinking, understand meetings, create profound change and heal patterns and trauma and connect to the world.

There is fascinating research that is beginning to uncover that nature and functioning of intuition and heart intelligence and the field as a way for complete transformation. By using intuitive intelligence rather than responding to situations from habitual patterns that are not necessarily healthy or constructive, we can use these situations to be more effectively address with more new and creative solutions that are brought to us by connecting into this field of intelligence and this infinite field, the web that we’re all connected. That allows us to use our available inner resources that are congruent with one’s deeper intuition and core values. In other words, we can learn to intentionally align and access our intuitive intelligence, which can provide moment-to-moment guidance and empower us to live in a heart-based living. In our program, we have twelve different techniques that go both through rewiring cognitively in the brain using the heart, which the heart has a brain on it. The brain on the heart has 40,000 sensory neurites and that controls our cranial brain.

We hear a lot about mindset like, “Change your mindset or do positive affirmations and everything will be okay.” If that’s the case, why doesn’t it work for everybody? We’re missing something. What are we missing? We’re missing the core underlying that we need to be feeling instead of thinking and our hearts think. People think we think with our brains but they’ve gotten it all backwards. We hear a lot about subconscious programming and NLP and different things like that, but this is on a deeper level of getting to the core vibrational feeling and the electromagnetic field, the force that come out of our heart. How we shift that and connect the hearts to the pineal gland here for those science bus out there that want to grasp some of that non-woo-woo part of it. We’re connecting this heart brain to our penial gland and creating coherence between the two, which turns our body into an antenna that connects into the field. Then it allows us to both heal trauma and manifests, create miracles, and magic in the quantum, which creates things flowing to us or instant manifestation or how you can expect miracles.

Here’s the million-dollar question. How do you get that connection? How do you get that antenna going up?

I’m going to teach you a technique. We teach this to kids as young as three years old and you can start using this right away. It will create this 0.1-megahertz coherence, which is the same coherence that the Earth vibrates on. That will start to create this connection that will automatically turn you into an antenna. If you start doing this in as little as three minutes a day, you will start to change the patterns in your body and stop sucking energy from your environment and become the energy that you are. This is what I call heart breathing and it’s really simple. The first thing is we want to get out of our minds and connect to our heart to become aware of this intuitive space in our heart. For people that have a problem with that or are not sure how to do that, you can touch your heart space. Automatically when you do that, whenever you touch a part of your body, where does your mind go? We’re going right here to that space so that we’re connecting in. As soon as you start to create that connection, I already noticed that everything starts to calm down. You already started to notice a little difference.

EM 89 | Intuitive Intelligence Intuitive Intelligence: Learning how to tap into your intuitive intelligence, see pictures in your brain, and use that to create a new future is just as powerful as healing your past.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to breathe in through the heart. You’re going to imagine that the breath is coming in through the heart. You’re breathing in through the heart for a count of five and you’re seeing that breath and is traveling all the way up to the crown. You go up to the crown chakra. It’s the pineal gland, it’s where the pituitary gland. All of that yummy stuff is there and where we want to focus on the breath. We breathe in and we squeeze and hold at the top. Holding it up there for a count of five and then breathing back out through the heart and you’re going to repeat this breath. As you’re repeating the breathing in, you’re going to start to feel a feeling of appreciation, love or gratitude. That’s the vibration that starts to change the electromagnetic field.

When you do this for two to three minutes feeling that feeling, you will shift your whole body and you’ll start to shift into what’s called an alpha state. We’re changing the brain waves because we have five different types of brain waves. We have Beta, which is what we live in a lot on a regular basis. We have Alpha, which is where you start right in some meditative states and we have a Theta, a Delta, and a Gamma. The Gamma is where you get the mystical experiences that people talk about. When we get into an Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma, this is where we can use our bodies as an antenna to bring it in that field. The key is by creating this coherence and doing this heart breathing. It sounds so simple, it seems a simple technique, but if you sit there and just do that breath and feel the feeling of love, appreciation, and gratitude. Do it for two or three minutes, you will completely change your state and your brainwaves. That will start to create this coherence and allow you to start using the field.

That’s one of your techniques. What is your audience that you’re reaching? I’m sure you have a lot of people that were used to be or currently addicted to drugs or whatever it might be. I’m sure you have some business CEOs and you’re able to help a wide range spectrum. Is it because it’s all coming from within?

Yeah, we help a wide range because of the ability to use some of these techniques, anybody can do it. I’ve gone to India and Nepal and worked with sex trafficking victims. I’m headed to Uganda and Kenya to work with victims of sexual genital mutilation and sexual violence. Some of these techniques are super simple enough that we can teach anybody across barriers of languages to learn them. Also, we do training and certifications where we teach the even deeper layers and levels so that people can go in. We teach doctors and psychologists and coaches. A lot of coaches want to use this in their work, life coaches and transformational health coaches. We can use the processes from the stage and work with audiences. A lot of my clients make a joke and they call me the female version of Tony Robbins, but we are spiritual. I do large events and we’ll do this work from the stage and you can have the whole audience to shift.

That’s very powerful to get everyone on board like that.

It depends. 70% of all adults have had trauma. Even if you haven’t had a specific trauma, there are areas of your life that you want to shift, that you want to change. You want to do different things or you just want to create a new probability or a new future. Learning how to tap into your intuitive intelligence and how to see pictures in your brain and use that to create a new future, is as powerful as healing your past. There are all these different opportunities and ways that you can use that will be beneficial. One of my big goals is to get into government. We’re starting with the government in Australia. I am lucky enough to be working with the New South Wales Department of Justice and the Queensland Department of Justice and we’re going to be going in.

I believe if I can get a foothold there and show them different techniques, maybe the government over here will allow us to come in and understand because we want to trickle down into audiences. If we can get people to stop responding in certain ways to things, then we can shift the way that society reacts. We can create global coherence in societies together and through that, workout on a level for transformation. Intuitive intelligence is about conscious revolution. It’s about allowing all of us together to raise our consciousness and to heal so that we can go into the new future because we’re moving into a new age. I can’t imagine 30 years ago that people were openly talking about expecting miracles.

It’s a different story out in California. I spent four years in California and people are way more open to everything that you’re talking about. East Coast is a little more difficult. You’ve got to break some more barriers there.

I lived in South Florida for eleven years, I do more events on the East Coast that I do here in California. I’ve done events in New York all the time and South Florida and Atlanta. Everybody says like, “Here in California, it’s more open.” It’s a very interesting crowd, but I do think they have more of a conversation about it at times.

Melissa, you mentioned manifestation. What is the best way to go about manifesting something that you’d want, whether it’s a job, a loved one, anything money, whatever you want? Is there a right or wrong way to do it and what’s the best way to do it?

Manifesting is about a level of consciousness and a connection to our consciousness. Connecting to something greater than ourselves. One of the things that I talk about with manifesting, one of my favorite ways that I teach people is you want to learn how to connect into the field. I call it the “God field.” Gregg Braden calls it the Divine Matrix. You can call it whatever you want. It’s the Superconscious or the Collective Consciousness. It’s where the ability for us to connect into that, that allows for manifestation. One of the best ways that you can do that is to do what I call “live as if.” You can’t create and manifest if you’re living in the past and if you’re worried about the things that you don’t have. You have to exist as if it already exists for you because in the quantum it does. Somewhere it already exists. How it physically shows up in your life is a change in perception. We only process 2,000 bits of information per second, but our brains process four billion bits, but we only see 2,000 of it. What are we missing by not perceiving all those other things?

EM 89 | Intuitive Intelligence Intuitive Intelligence: We’re all three feet from gold. Whatever you do, don’t give up on yourself because everything that you want is already right there waiting for you.

Manifesting is a change in perception so that you’re not only seeing this 2000% but opening your vision to intake a lot more. You do that through the connection of the field. One way to do that is to be a living experience of what you already believe or want to have. Let’s take an example. Somebody that wants to manifest being a multimillionaire. Everybody wants to talk about money. How does a multimillionaire live? What do they do? How do they make decisions? What are they doing? When they go out, is somebody’s driving them? What are they doing? Are they taking a helicopter to go somewhere? These different types of things like living as if it already exists for you will bring it into your field and bring it into you. One of the things that I do is, you have to feel that it’s already present. You can’t think about it. You can’t cognitively make it happen. You have to be there. Back in 2013, I said I was going to be an international speaker. I was like, “I don’t know how I was going to be an international speaker.” I owned it. I was like, “I am an international speaker. I’m going to be doing this.” In 2013, I’m just barely out of being homeless and not making a lot of money or anything, but I went into that space.

Sure enough, by 2016 I was an international speaker. I did a conference in 2015. I was doing an event with Dr. John Demartini, who’s the doctor from the movie The Secret. I have promised that I would put on over a hundred people in the room for this event. Three weeks before the event there, I have 25 tickets sold and I’m like, “I’m in so much trouble. I have all these sponsors. I have all these things going on.” I kept living as if I would step into it. I would visualize every day. I close my eyes, I would see myself on stage in this blue dress and hugging Demartini in room with standing room only, with people packed in the room. I kept feeling and seeing it and knowing it was going to exist and I kept feeling his hug. A week before the event, my stylist came in and they brought me three dresses. One of the dresses that they brought me was a blue dress. I didn’t tell them I wanted a blue dress. I had created it as such a real experience that your brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and something that doesn’t exist.

That’s why people mentally rehearse Olympians. They mentally rehearsing their life. We’re mentally rehearsing our life. That’s exactly why we’re doing this. The key is that not only do you have to do it in your mind, but you also have to feel it. You have the feeling through the heart. The heart brain is what brings it to you. They come in with the dress and by the time the event showed up, I had standing room only. We had sold 110 tickets and I was in that blue dress standing on stage hugging Demartini. That vision that I had seen. I believed it. I knew it was going to happen. I didn’t waver in my belief of it even though I didn’t know how it was going to happen. I stayed at that and every day I took action steps toward making it happen. I do the little things that I needed to do and that’s how you manifest. It’s an energetic way of being along with creation in your mind, like those two things. We’ll create a manifestation for you.

Melissa, what kind of people would come to get coached by you and your program? What kind of people get attracted to that?

We have several different ones. We have certification training where we train doctors and coaches and different people in the program. We also have people that come because they want to learn techniques to heal and help their families and their friends and themselves so that they can learn a little bit. Maybe they just want to manifest. Maybe they want to heal some stuff from their past and they’ve tried cognitive therapies and they’ve tried all these other things and they’re like, “I’ve tried everything and I don’t know what else to do.” We have a lot of people that come to this because they’re like, “I’ve tried it all.” They end up taking the courses and then they’re like, “I want to go out and help others. I want to do that type of thing.”

We do intensive retreats where you can come for four days. Maybe you have a physical issue and you want to heal an ailment. They’ll come in with an issue and then walk out four days later and it’s healed. We’ve had an x-ray proof and seeing different things like that. Maybe it’s a mental thing. For me, it was mental. My mental had turn into physical issues, but I wanted to learn how to heal the mental goat. I used to be on Prozac and Valium. I was considered bipolar. I’ve been taking medication for over ten years. We have things like that where you just want to heal. To everybody, who have gone to therapy or different things and you want to learn how to get some great tools to move forward, we have all different levels. We have retreats or conferences that we do and the training. We have online certifications and training.

Where can people find you online and your courses and all that?

If you want to know about me personally, Melissa Binkley, over any social media and If you want to know about the academy and what we’re doing there, it’s Intuitive Intelligence Academy. That’s over our social media too or and that’ll take you to information about the academy. We’ll take you to our training. If you’re reading about it, you can send us a message and ask about our retreats and the different things that we’re doing.

At the end of every episode, I’d like to ask all my guests what is one piece of advice that has resonated with you that you’ve taken with you over the years that you would want to give the audience?

One of the things that are most important is to understand that we’re all three feet from gold. You’re already almost there. You’re not broken and just persist. Whatever you do, don’t give up on yourself because you are such a unique and miraculous being. Everything that you want is already right there waiting for you. You just keep moving forward.

Melissa, thank you so much. This is a great episode. I enjoyed talking to you and I would love to have you back on any time.

Thanks so much, Kevin.

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