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How The Body Heals Itself With Dr. Glenn Rein

a year ago

The body heals itself, but you have to put yourself in a favorable environment to allow the process to flourish. Dr. Kevin Pecca sits with Dr. Glenn Rein, a leader in bioelectromagnetics and the emerging field of energy medicine. Dr. Glenn explains that the core of who we are, our DNA, has mechanisms to repair itself. However, it is surprisingly not immune to harmful chemicals and energies. Do you know that you can change the body biochemically with energy? Healing occurs at many levels, at the biochemical, electromagnetic, and sub-electromagnetic levels. Tune in to learn more.


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How The Body Heals Itself With Dr. Glenn Rein

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In this episode, we have a very special guest, Glen Rein. Glen has a PhD from Stanford University, Harvard University, and the University of London. Glen lectures and has many published scientific research or articles on DNA, consciousness, and self-healing. He is an expert on how the body heals itself. Here is a little hint. It might not be exactly how you think. We had an interesting conversation. I'm happy to share it with you and I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did. Please welcome, Glen Rein.


Welcome everyone to another episode of the show. We have one of my favorite patients, Glen Rein. He has a PhD in Neurochemistry. He has a bunch of published research articles on consciousness, DNA and water. I feel like a lot of people are not qualified to talk about some of those particular areas. You are the guy I wanted to have on the show because you have a bunch of scientific research to back all of these. Some of those subjects can get a little bit messy. It is an honor to have you on the show and thank you so much for coming on.

Thank you. It is my pleasure. I want to supplement what you said with a little bit more of a background. I have a PhD from the University of London because I got very disillusioned with the American educational system. Having been exposed to the British educational system in high school, I went back for a PhD because the focus there is on learning, not on memorizing. The focus is on learning concepts, not memorizing facts.

I had a great time in London. It took me ten years because I kept doing all this extracurricular research activity. Instead of being in the lab, I typically would run around to various colleagues who were into alternative medicine, and then I would show up at 5:00 and start my thesis research. I work until 11:00 at night and then go home. I do not know if you guys know about ley lines, but they are energy lines on the planet. I used to live in a haunted house at an intersection of two ley lines in London. I didn't see ghosts but I could hear ghosts. I could hear them talking and making noises like creaking the floor upstairs when I knew the guy upstairs was not in his apartment. That was fun.

I have a straight academic background and I realized I needed to get a PhD to do this esoteric research. I went on to study at Harvard and Stanford University. At one point, I left Stanford University to go work at the Institute of HeartMath. They were studying love and the beneficial effects of positive emotions. I thought that was so cool because ironically enough, I was studying the negative effects of stress on the body at Stanford. It was a community of alternative people. It was in California, after all.

I thought it was the bee's knees, so I left academia and never went back. That was it. I closed the door because I realized that I couldn't do the research that I wanted to do in academia. For example, there is this whole discipline that studies the effects of electromagnetic fields on biological systems. Early on, I became very interested in the idea that energy could heal the body.

I read an article by a scientist, PhD, and biochemist who also happened to be a nun. As a result of her spiritual, Catholic upbringing, she decided to study the effects of healers on enzymes in a test tube. The healer would put the test tube in a beaker and put their energy into it. I thought, “That means you can change biochemically the body with energy. You do not need drugs.” That opened up my whole mind. I was like, “That is what I want to do with the rest of my life,” and I did. I started working with healers because they are very easy and convenient.

I did lots of studies of healers, then I moved on to other kinds of subtle energies leaving behind the conventional electromagnetic field because I had studied that prior. When I was an assistant professor at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York, I was studying the effects of electromagnetic fields on nerve cells and tissue culture because that is what my PhD was about. I realized that the scientists that study bioelectromagnetics were very limited in their scope. They were only studying certain special kinds of electromagnetic fields, albeit demonstrating that they were healing the body. That was a good start, but it was too limiting.

I realized that there are so many other kinds of energy fields out there. I said, “I'm going to go where no man has gone before.” I started to study these fields that were known in the physics literature, but biologists had no clue. An example is the special kind of field that Tesla used when he did his research. He was able to light up a light bulb in the desert while holding it in his hand. He bounced the energies off the ionosphere and then off the Earth. When it got to him, the energy lit up the bulb in his hand. That is this special electromagnetic field, which is commonly called a scalar. He was the first person to do that kind of research.

Was he using his consciousness as well to direct the energy into the bulb?

Probably, but you can do it without that. That is a great question because consciousness is linked to all of these different kinds of energies, and when you study the effect of X, Y, and Z energy, you never really know if what you are observing is due to the energy field or due to the consciousness of the experimenter. That has always been a problem for me because I have always been the experimenter.

When I did my PhD in London, the guy I was working with said, “I do not like working with you. I think you can influence the results with your mind. You can't do that.” I said, “I keep a very neutral state of consciousness when I do my experiments,” which is something that you have to do when you use a pendulum which is something I use a lot in my research. If you are thinking one thing, you can bias and influence the way the pendulum moves, so you have to have a neutral state.

I say, “I'm not part of this. I want the energy that is coming up from the substance that I'm studying and measuring to affect my body, then it goes to my brain, and then my brain directs how to contract the muscles in my hand so the pendulum moves in a certain way.” That is my explanation anyway. I learned how to have a neutral state of mind. Despite that, you never really know how much of all the results that I have obtained with subtle energies are due to the energy or my own consciousness.

With all your research, how do you think the body heals itself? What have you noticed with all the research you have done?

I gave a whole lecture on that. The dogma in biochemistry and medicine is that the body has biochemical and physiological ways of healing itself. Let’s take DNA for example. DNA gets damaged from a cellphone, which is known to cut one of the strands. It not only nicks it but slices it. Remember, DNA is composed of two strands in a helix. In one of those strands, you can cut with the radiation from a cellphone. The analogy is a laser. A laser can cut through metal. A cellphone is a different kind of energy, but it can cut through one of the strands of DNA.

Other things in the environment can do that as well. Surprisingly, DNA is relatively not immune to harmful chemicals and energies. You would think this is the core essence of who we are like the genetic code and all that stuff that we all learned in school. The DNA is relatively susceptible to all these external influences. The point is that when DNA gets damaged, it has all these mechanisms for healing itself. This is at the molecular level, but a lot of the healing happens at the molecular level.

Let’s say you have an ulcer or a hole in your stomach. How does that heal? It has to go down to the molecules, which will make more tissue or collagen, and then the wound can grow back and heal itself. They could do that in tissue culture where you take these cells in a petri dish. You take away a strip of cells in the middle, and then the two cells on either side grow back and fill in the hole. This is what happens if you have a hole in your stomach, etc. It is happening at the cellular level and molecular level, which is why I got my PhD in Biochemistry and Neurochemistry.

Biochemistry was boring. If it was biochemistry of the liver, I was like, “Give me a break.” If it was biochemistry of the brain, I was like, "Now we are talking. That is much more interesting." I thought at the time that the chemicals in the body were the key components that control and heal everything, and then I realized that there was a higher pecking order that they do, but where do they get their instructions from? How do they know that there's a hole in the stomach and they need to make more fibroblasts to fill in the hole? It turns out that information, knowledge and wisdom, which we call healing are controlled by energy fields.

It turns out that the society that I got involved with, the bioelectromagnetics society, studying the biological effects of electromagnetic fields was all about that. That is exactly what they were trying to prove. It was the electromagnetic fields that ultimately control biochemistry and physiology. That is why I got involved with electromagnetic fields

Are the electromagnetic fields different in the body than they are externally outside the body?

Not really. The best way to think about it is when the current moves down a wire, there is a magnetic field generated from the moving electrons. The same thing happens in the body. Electrons are electrons. They may move around it differently, but they are still electrons. However, when it comes to light, which is a kind of electromagnetic field, the light in the body is different from the light outside the body.

In the example I gave, we have electrons that make up electromagnetic fields, but when it comes to light, it is a different particle. It is a photon that makes up light beams. Photons are different in the body than they are outside of the body. In fact, they are so different that in the body, they call them biophotons. One of the interesting distinctions is that the biophotons in the body are very coherent. They are so coherent that the light in the body is more like a laser than a beam of light. That is one of its characteristics.

A lot of people are using infrared light to decrease inflammation these days. I'm curious about when it interacts and hits the body. You said light could be a very powerful thing, so it sounds like it could be powerful in healing the body.

The three fundamental kinds of energies out there are light, sound and electromagnetics. It turns out that all three heal the body and had a broad spectrum of frequencies that they are made. Let's look at light as an example. Light has got red, green, blue, orange, etc. They are called wavelengths in light and are called frequencies in the other portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

There are many different types of light. For example, red light, blue light, green light or infrared light, which is not even visible light. On the outside of the visible light, you got infrared and ultraviolet. Ultraviolet is not particularly healing. That is because it is not light from the sun, but it can make vitamin D. It is very tricky. You have to have the right frequency and the right intensity to heal the body effectively. When I say the right frequency, it can't be too high and too low. Those are called windows in the scientific community. When you get the frequency, the strength or the amplitude right, you can have profound healing effects.

When you feel like you are starting to get a little cold or you feel like you are getting sick, what do you reach for? Is it vitamins? Is it energy therapy? With all the research and all the experiments you have done, how do you choose to heal? I’m curious.

I have done a lot of interviews before and no one has asked me that question. I will do both. Back to one of your earlier questions, what is healing all about? Healing occurs at many levels. It occurs at the biochemical level, the electromagnetic level, the sub-electromagnetic level, which scalar is an example, and then it occurs at the quantum level. Real healing requires input in all four of those major types. Each one will work by themselves but when they work in conjunction with the others, it is much more powerful.

Everyone knows about Rife and his frequencies. He is the guy that came up with a brilliant experiment. I'm not going to talk about my work. We’re talking about frequencies. Frequencies are very important because we do not really know what frequencies do. The scientific community is still struggling with that same question. Remember, there are hundreds of thousands of frequencies starting at one Hertz.

Is that the Solfeggio frequencies?

That is a kind of frequency all the way up to a million Hertz. There are many frequencies and the scientists are behind the game here in terms of figuring out what frequencies do what, but Rife was very clever. He had an electromagnetic field generator, a coil and a microscope. He studied the effects on microorganisms because he could see them in a petri dish and mostly the bad guys. In those days, they didn't know there were good bacteria.

He would look in the microscope and watch these guys. With his right hand, he would have a little dial because everything was dial in those days. He would change the frequency a little bit and see what happen. When the frequency was right, the bacteria would blow up. You could see it in a microscope. I forgot what he called the frequency that killed them. Based on that, now we know what organisms are involved with what disease. He gave us a way to treat and kill the harmful organisms in the body.

What is going on with consciousness and healing? I know you can implement consciousness in water to stimulate healing. You can think good and happy thoughts, and it will change the molecular form of the water. The crystals will change If you put them on a microscope. What is going on with consciousness, water, DNA and healing? Why is it such a murky subject still?

That is a loaded subject. I have been studying this for several years. It all started when I was working with healers. I was studying their ability to affect mice. I was working in a lab at Harvard at that time and they had all these mice. After a certain age, they will throw them away. The point was that the healers that I started to work with kept saying that their intention was a big part of the healing process. I said, “That is interesting.”

In the early experiments, I didn't do that. I said, “Heal the mice.” They healed the mice and I measured what I measured. The next series of experiments I did was with a purified DNA molecule in a test tube floating around in the water. Remember that it is two strands. I had a method of measuring the winding and unwinding of the two strands. There is a spectrophotometer that you can use to do that. It is a standard scientific technique.

I asked the healers, “Can you wind the two strands up?” Sure enough, I got an effect that was consistent with winding, and then I said, “Can you unwind the two strands?” They could do that as well. I was able to show that intention can produce the opposite effect on a biological system. Of course, these experiments were revolutionary because it was the first time that anybody had ever shown that our own thoughts and intentions could affect the human molecule known as DNA. That set me off down the rabbit hole. I guess it was my intuition that I decided to measure the winding and unwinding of the two strands. That was how I started the whole thing. Since then, other people have done similar experiments. The whole idea that conscious intention is a critical part of the healing process is now well-established.

That is interesting because there are a bunch of chiropractors that say before you deliver, especially an upper cervical adjustment, make sure your intention is clear and that you are in the right state of mind before you deliver the adjustment because it can have a profound effect on how the adjustment goes and the healing process for that person.

I heard that some chiropractors could adjust without using any physical force. They can adjust with their mind.

I have seen it. There are a couple of chiropractic techniques that are very low force or not even touching. They are getting close to the person's skin, but they are not actually touching. I have yet to be able to deliver a chiropractic adjustment without touching somebody, but there are people that say you can do it. You can talk to their patients. They said it changed and saved their entire life.

This is a good example that we can use to distinguish between two types of electromagnetic fields, the kind that produces force and the kind that does not. The classical electromagnetic fields, which have been mostly studied by mainstream science, are also called force fields. They produce a force and in this case, move a bone or heal a bone, but there is another kind of energy field that is called potential fields. They have the potential to produce force, but they do not.

They are sometimes called subtle energy because they are literally behind or underneath the force fields. That same analogy could probably be used to consciousness because consciousness exists in many different forms, gross form and subtle form. God knows what kind of consciousness those chiropractors are using or generating in order to move a bone without touching them.

They are tapping into some type of consciousness and intent before that adjustment.

They are going into an altered state. If you think about it, there are a lot of gurus in India that can do that kind of thing. I'm now remembering. There is a scientific phenomenon called psychokinesis, in which with your mind, you can form kinetic movements of objects. Children in China move pencils on a tabletop with their energy. That is psychokinesis. Also, there is the famous Uri Geller with metal bending. He could bend spoons. It turns out that it is not even that difficult.

In the old days, there used to be what is called metal bending parties. Everyone would have a spoon. The energy in the room with buildup and everyone was chanting, “Bend.” Being a scientist, I was standing there with my spoon. I was applying the same force constantly, one after another. Everyone in the audience has gone, “Look.” They raise up their spoon and they go, “I bent the spoon.” I'm like, “That is interesting.” I was being Mr. Objective Scientist here. I was doing this and the spoon was not going anywhere. It is a pretty tough metal. At one magic point, I do not know what happened, but the spoon melted in my hand. I thought, “That was weird.” That was my experience with psychokinesis. I do not know that it was my energy but the energy in the room was building up. That is what happened.

That is pretty amazing. With all the materials and instruments you have tested, is there anything that you see people are using these days that seem to be harmful to the body? We were talking about cellphones before that can splice the DNA inside the body. Is there anything that you have tested that you think could be a problem going forward?

The cellphones are the big ones because everyone uses them. They are so common, but other common household electronics are also harmful to the body like Wi-Fi, microwave ovens and TVs. Radiation from TVs could be harmful. Bioelectromagnetic scientists have measured the strength of the electromagnetic fields coming off these common household items. One of the strongest is a hair blower. It has got a really strong electromagnetic field, but you have to remember what we said earlier. It is not only the strength of the field but it is the frequency.

When you get the two of them right or wrong, you can have a detrimental effect. One of the worst things aside from cellphones is electric beds.

I have heard about that.

They are not very popular these days, but in the ‘70s and ‘80s, everybody had a water bed that was heated with electricity. You asked me about water, so here's a good lead-in. The wiring underneath the bed heats up the water so when you lie on it, it feels warm. That energy from the coil goes right through the water. It goes through the skin and right into your body. That is a strong electric field and it is harmful.

There's a third factor. It is not only the strength and the frequency but also the duration. You are exposing your body for 8 or 9 hours every night to this energy. Any molecule in the body is surrounded by water. When you do a treatment, the energy has to go through the glass and the water until it gets to the molecule. Clearly, going through the water is not the issue. In this case, it is the strength of the signal and the duration. Nine hours a day is a lot. Most people are not on their cellphone that long. Those who are, get brain tumors where they put their cellphone. They have that documented pretty well by now. There are a lot of harmful electronic devices.

I want to talk about the biological effects of prayer because that was also in one of your research articles. How powerful are prayer and positive and negative self-talk on your body? Have you done any research on that?

The pioneer of all of that is Larry Dossey. He is a medical doctor who has been studying the effect of prayer, and usually at a distance, which makes it particularly interesting. There is a fair amount of research on that. Mostly, it is Larry Dossey's work. Let's think about this. What is the difference between praying over someone and healing over someone? I'm not even sure I'm going to answer that question here. I'll ask you a question. What do you think the difference is?

If you are standing over someone trying to heal them, you feel like it is coming through you to the person, whereas in praying, you are asking for any type of force within you or outside of you to accomplish whatever that person needs at the moment.

That is an interesting answer. Let's start with the prayer. Most people would agree that when people pray, they are calling on God to come through them and heal the person. Whether God comes through their body or not, God doesn't need our body to heal someone. I think that healing occurs at different levels. Healers can heal you directly from their energy.

Also, some healers claim that divine energy comes through them. In that case, it is an exact parallel to what happens in prayer. Some divine energy comes through and causes healing. Some people would say there is no energy from the body. It is all divine energy. That is one theory. The other theory is there is no God or divine energy. It is the energy coming from the body. You can interpret that. Either way, I do believe there is divine energy and all healing energy is a combination of both.

Some people do not believe in subtle energies. Do you think people can block themselves from that healing energy if they do not believe in it, or is it still going to work anyway, even if the person isn't responsive to it?

You could certainly block it. I do that every day when I meditate. I put up shields to block negative energy from entering my body and my consciousness. I do not know if it is going to work anyway.

I guess not if you can block negative energy from coming in.

Who knows to what extent I do that? That is a trick question. In principle, you can block it, but you have to be good at it. It is a skill. If the energy that is coming in is strong enough and your defense is weak enough, it will still have an effect. You got these two factors that are working side by side. In other certain circumstances, you can block it. In other circumstances, it is too strong or too weak and it gets through.

With all the research you have done over all the years. What are still some of the major unanswered questions that you would like to get to the bottom of?

The most fundamental question that is unanswered and probably will not be answered in my lifetime is what is the nature of the life force? The life force is energy. Those words define it as what it is, but we do not know what it is, how it works, how to keep it alive, how to augment it in times of need, the mechanism of action, and how it heals. In China, they do not call it the life force. They call it chi. In India, they call it prana. There are now scientists who are starting to look at these questions I asked, but we are so far away from being able to understand what is going on and what would be the ultimate goal.

If for some reason, your life force is weak and you are dying, can we generate the life force? We could do it from another person that is called a healer. We can generate that same energy from a machine and use the machine to facilitate our own natural healing abilities. I do believe that is possible. To a certain extent, all energy healing from a machine and a healer involves divine energy. It involves both the endogenous or intrinsic energy within us or that life force and the external energy which is coming in.

If you want to make the complete picture, you got the external energy coming in and then your own energy, of which there could be many types. I talked about that a little bit in the introduction. I talked about divine energy. That is one extreme and then you have electromagnetic energy at the other extreme. There's a whole bunch of energies in between that the physicists are learning about. Biologists have no clue, but there are many different types of energies. That is why I believe that the life force is a combination of all of them. We just know so little about the energetic nature of human beings. That is the unanswered question of the 21st century.

Defining that life force energy, how to possibly harness it, turn it up when somebody needs it, and find out where it is coming from, that would be it for you.

That would be good for mankind. In my field, that is what I would say. You can go to molecular biology and then there are all the mysteries of DNA and the genetic code, which is only one of many codes, by the way. We do know what the genetic code is, but we do not know much about the other types of codes in the DNA molecule. That is not my field, but there are many unanswered questions.

There is one more main question I have for you. There are a lot of people out there that have tried a ton of different modalities and therapeutic methods, and they are suffering. It doesn't seem like any are able to reach them or get them better. What do you think is going on in those types of people where it’s modalities that have worked for other people but are not getting through? How would you address that with all the research and everything you have seen? What do you think is going on there?

I can answer that question in one word, and that is the mind. That is integrally related to your belief systems because if you believe that healers work, then you are halfway there. You are receptive and then in comes the energy. You go, “Give it to me. I’m ready to get healed,” but if you believe that this is all hocus pocus and a new-age woo-woo, then you are not going to heal that way.

The same thing applies to all incoming energies. This is a big controversy these days with the Mormons. They do not do anything else other than heal with the word of God. Apparently, that is not enough because you need them all to heal. They all exclusively say, “We do not want electromagnetic fields and chemicals,” which is not an energy of their own. It is chemistry and not energy. Their belief that God can heal and all they need is God to heal them is enough to heal many of them. You now get into the question of not only do you believe or do you not believe but how strongly do you believe? What do you think is going on when people walk over hot coals? I have done firewalking myself.

It is mind over matter.

The power of the mind is so incredibly powerful that your mind can convince your body that you’re not going to burn when you walk on hot coals. The mind is ultimately what controls whether you get healed or not.

That is very nice. I love the answer to that. At the end of every episode, I like to ask all my guests this. What is one piece of advice that has resonated with you over the years that you would like to give the audience? It could be anything.

The advice is, “You can heal yourself.” I say that in the context of everyone not believing that we have the ability to do that, and everyone being dependent on their physician to heal them. There is a place for modern medicine. If you break a leg, there is nothing better than going that route. We are talking about the mind again. It is the disbelief and the unknowing or the forgetting that we have the power to heal ourselves. In theory, we do not need medicine, drugs or herbs, but we do need to heal at all levels. If you are going to work at the biochemical level, use herbs. The rest, you can do yourself.

Can you refresh our audience? What are those four levels of healing that everybody needs some level of?

Starting at the basic and most dense is the physical body, which is controlled by biochemicals and regulated by drugs and herbs. Moving up a notch, we have electromagnetic fields, which are controlled internally. We are talking about what is going on internally. The healing process is intermingling with these four different kinds of forces.

The electromagnetic fields in the body, which tell the biochemicals what to do, are controlled by external electromagnetic fields. From here on in, we are talking energy. There is a big chasm here between the physical biochemical level and the energetic level. Electromagnetics is the transition there, but it is still energy. You can't see electromagnetic fields. Sometimes, you can't even feel them. At the energy level, we are starting at the bottom of the electromagnetic, and then we have what I call non-classical energy fields. They are energy fields that do not obey the Laws of Physics of which the scalar is a good example.

I'm making a distinction here between classical and non-classical energies. I’m talking about electromagnetic, but it could also be light or sound. I probably shouldn't, but I lump them all into classical energy fields. It is not electromagnetic if we are talking about sound because that is a whole different kind of energy.

We've got classical energy fields and non-classical energy fields, and then the fourth main type of energy is quantum fields that work at the subatomic level. They are the most fundamental and the source of all the other kinds of energies. Therefore, in theory, you should be able to heal the body with just the quantum field. The energy filters its way into the physical. You only have to heal at the energy level, and it works its way into the physical. If you are healing at the most fundamental energy level or the quantum level, it will work its way all the way down into the electromagnetic and then to the physical. My theory is you need them all.

You touched on paranormal activity and ley lines. How does that affect everybody’s lives? You said you used to live in a haunted house and ley lines. Touch on that briefly. Are there any studies that have been done on physics with that?

We are moving into another whole category. You got billions of physical bodies running around on the planet and then you got different kinds of energies that we have discussed pretty carefully. Now, we are introducing a whole new kind of energy level. Let's call this category spiritual energy. This is the energy of the spirits or the energy that was associated with the physical body that has since passed on, but I believe that the spiritual energy still sticks around.

If you see a ghost and you go like, "There was something there. It looked like a person. I could see through it," so it was energy. There are millions of examples of that throughout the history of mankind. Clearly, spirits exist. I want to add yet another category of entities. Spirits can be angels if you want to go down the religious route, but there is another whole category and they are called extraterrestrials, and many of them do not have a physical form. It is a kind of a spirit.

In addition to what we’ve talked about before, we got two different kinds of energy now. You are asking the question if those kinds of energies can heal like the kind of energies we've been talking about up until now. All I can tell you is there are examples, not in the scientific literature but the mainstream literature on the history of mankind, where people have encountered one of these entities and got healed. God himself got into a whole different category. Therefore, these energies can heal.

We certainly know a very little bit about electromagnetic fields. We know virtually zero about how these other forms of energies heal the body. Let's have ETs, for example. There are people who have been taken up into a craft and come back and they’re healed. Their cancer has gone or their dog had cancer and then that was the end of that. These energies can also heal.

That is very interesting. Thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate you. This was a really interesting conversation we had. Everybody, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Glen, I would love to have you back anytime.

It was fun. You ask good questions. It is intellectually challenging for me, unlike many interviews I have given in the past. It is my pleasure. I hope everyone got their fill of weirdness for the hour. Keep up the good work. You are doing a great service here.

Thank you.

About Dr. Glenn Rein

Dr. Rein received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of London. For the past 25 years he has pursued an academic career in traditional biomedical research at prestigious institutions such as Harvard and Stanford Medical Schools, where he studied neuroscience, immunology, psychoneuroimmunology and bioelectromagnetics. His bioelectromagnetics research culminated with an assistant professorship at Mt. Sinai Medical school and a publication in the prestigious journal Nature.

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