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Drink Kangen Water to Improve Your Health with Dr. Vernell Lucas

6 years ago

The human body is made of 75% water which also contains an electric charge. Diseases and misalignment means our body loses water and its charge, resulting to every cell in our body needing a recharge to function at 100%. Every chiropractor wants to give every patient a drug-free solution for their pain. Discover why Dr. Vernell Lucas believes that the simplest way to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle is by drinking Kangen water.


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Drink Kangen Water to Improve Your Health with Dr. Vernell Lucas

Dr. Lucas, where are you from?

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Kangen Water: I think that’s important in life, just to meet different types of people so you can adapt to them.

I am from Southern California, born and raised. I grew up in San Diego. I should say I was born in Bellflower, then from there, to San Diego and then ended up in Carson and then El Cerrito. I moved around a lot. I got to meet a lot of different people and different varieties of people. I think that’s important in life just to meet different types of people so you can adapt to them.

What were you into growing up?

I started out playing soccer. Soccer was my favorite sport. I grew up in San Diego, soccer was the sport. When I moved to Carson, I started playing basketball and I actually ended up getting a state championship ring at Artesia High School. It was intense. Basketball was my sport.

Did you look to pursue it in college?

That’s where I actually got injured. I got injured in high school playing basketball. In getting injured playing high school basketball, I went to go see a chiropractor. I thought it was awesome. My back was messed up. I couldn’t turn my neck to the right, I was stuck. I couldn’t move. To be an athlete and not be able to move, that has to be the worst thing in the world. We were a state championship team and this guy is going to take my position if I can’t move, and I couldn’t move. I went to go see this chiro. When he adjusted me, I got life back in my body. I was able to move. We went on and got championship. At that point, I didn’t know what I wanted to do anymore. I was stuck. I got in a car accident and when I got in this car accident, I went to go see another chiropractor.

How bad was the car accident?

The car accident really wasn’t that bad. I hurt myself but it wasn’t bad not like the first accident. I think at the first time I saw a chiropractic is, “This dude is touching people and helping people.” It blew me away. It was a different concept. The concept prior to that was you take this Dimetapp. It changed my life. It changed how I looked at health at that point. From there, I went on to college, essentially junior college. I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Once I dialed into chiropractic, I got everything started. I went to school and it changed my life. I love it. It was absolutely amazing.

Where did you go to chiropractic school?

I started at Cleveland, the old school, then I transferred to LACC. You get a variety of both. Old school was just the philosophy, ADIO believing, above-down, inside-out, and you get all that philosophy. I think the philosophy is so important because philosophy tells you what you’re going to do; why are you going to do this or why are you going to do the other? It’s your blueprint. If a mechanic goes, “We have to diagnose something,” your philosophy on how that works is important. It’s not just cracking a back just to crack a back. That’s maybe what people think. Maybe that’s what I thought too. It is definitely the philosophy that goes along with it. I was able to pick that up at Cleveland and it helps me in my practice every day.

You have a special niche going on in your practice with Kangen Water. Most people don’t know what Kangen Water is. If you can just enlighten all of us on what is Kangen Water, how did you find it and all that stuff?

Let me start from maybe what I didn’t know. The company started maybe about 40 years ago. At that time in Japan, it started in Japan, there were a lot of people that had Type 2 diabetes and the Japanese said, “Let’s try something different.” They had this huge machine and it was the size of a wall. If you can imagine how computers were back in the day, it was set up like that. It would make all of this alkaline water or what they call hydroxyl, OH negative now. That hydroxyl water is a scavenger for free radicals. If you think about diabetes, diabetes is polluted blood disease. When your blood loses its function, the symptoms of diabetes is what people start to experience. In drinking this water, there was a line around the hospital. The first day, everybody is like, “This is great.” The second day, “This is great.” A week later, you can imagine, all these people are there.

That’s how it started. They started doing all these crazy, not tests, but these case studies on what was happening to people as they drink this water. They tested it on all these different diseases. There’s a lot of stuff that you can study and they started testing them on plants and then animals and chickens and dogs. What they noticed is whatever they gave the water to, it enhanced whatever it touched, which was interesting, which was the same thing that I found.

The machine charges the water. It actually puts electricity inside the water. That ends up being really important because everything in the planet is controlled by electricity. You say, “What do you mean?” If you think of plants, if you think of trees, if you think of anything that is alive, it has a charge, it has a frequency to it. That could actually be measured in this water in millivolts, in electricity. The ocean has an electric charge, your body has an electric charge. When you lose that charge, your body expires, it ends. What this machine does is it puts water inside your body that charges every cell of your body every single day, and you are able to restore function.

If you just think of disease as not being anything besides function versus dysfunction and then you go, “What causes function?” Electricity. “What causes dysfunction?” No electricity or no water. The way I look at health now is maybe you compare it to maybe a cavity. You go, “How do you get a cavity?” You get a cavity normally if you eat a lot of sugar and you don’t brush your teeth.” I guarantee that. There are not very many people that would argue with that. Not brushing your teeth would be a form of neglect. Whether you know it or you don’t know it, kids don’t know it, they eat all the candy and they get cavities and then that’s why somebody has to tell them. It’s the same thing with this. It’s just that we’re not taught. When I look at your body, your body has to have water in order for it to function. Without water, that’s the first disease. Without water, every single organism in your body is going to shrink and lose function.

We’re 70% water, , right?

Yes, 75% water, 85% water in our brain. When you start thinking about every organ, every muscle using water and then you not having the proper water inside of your body, you can imagine how that affects your health. To me anyway, when I first heard about it, it sounded like water is water, it’s the same. When you’re talking about restoring function and electricity and what this stuff does, it’s completely different.

That’s one of the major properties of the water, just the electricity. That charge lasts inside the water for three days. As you drink this water on a regular basis, you’re constantly charging every cell in your body. What that does for your health is amazing. For me, I was able to lose twelve pounds in the first week of drinking the water. When you start looking at all the things now that have happened to me, you start studying other doctors, other people that say the same things. There’s another doctor by the name of Dr. Hiromi Shinya and he actually invented the snare on the colonoscopy.

He came out here maybe ten years ago and he had a seminar. He’s since retired now. If you don’t know about Hiromi Shinya, he invented the colonoscopy. The thing that fascinated me about this gentleman was he could look at your colon and tell me what you ate. Imagine him looking up a camera and him looking at all the fecal material and the colors and how it’s shaped in your body and he’s able to tell you what your diet is. To me, that was fascinating only because you could see the different levels of decay based off of the foods that you ate. It was a direct correlation. This guy has had thousands, hundreds of thousands of colonoscopy that this guy has done over time.

He interjects the water. He puts the water in and he has the people change their diet slightly, but normally, it’s just the water. Just from flushing out all of this stuff, you’re able to change the inside of somebody. What I look at now is there’s a difference between health and fitness. Fitness is maybe how your muscles are functioning. You see a big buff athlete and he’s walking around with all these muscles, but that doesn’t do anything to tell you the function of his organs. The function of your organs is the stuff that normally kills you. It goes undetected. There are no pain receptors for your organs, for most of them. It puts you in a place where if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be led by the wrong guy. I say the wrong guy is the guy that gives you drugs.

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Kangen Water: Just from flushing out all of this stuff, you’re able to change the inside of somebody.

My whole thing is all preventative and all health. The reason I go all the way around to this point is that water is probably the simplest thing that you could do to improve your health. There are a lot of things, stretching and working out, but this water helps the internal organs restore function and maintain function. That ends up being the food your body needs in order for it to go.

One of the main problems too, because somebody could be listening to this and they’re saying, “I drink a lot of water,” but the thing is that some of the water that these people are drinking could be very acidic, right?

Yeah. I started doing a lot of research on water because I’m a curious-type guy. Once I started looking at what is alkaline water, what is hydroxyl, what is distilled water or reverse osmosis water, what makes all of these things different. They’re going to bottle it but the reality of it is the label will lie to you. You can see the label and the label is going to say, “This is made with this and dipped in this.” I saw a label and the label said the water was dipped in diamonds. I’m thinking to myself, “So what?”

What the hell does that mean?

It means it’s great marketing. The difference in this water is that all bottled water is exactly the same, that’s inside of a bottle. Normally, all bottled water is something they call acidic. In order to understand alkaline and acidic and what that means is the pH of your body is 7.365. You’ll probably remember the pH scale goes from 0 to 1.14. 7.365 being right there in the middle. Actually, the ocean is 7.365 also. Actually, 7.365 happens to be the oxygen level. If you think of all the goldfish in the world or all the fish in the world inside of an ocean, they have to breathe oxygen out of the ocean. When water goes through the process of reverse osmosis, it takes all the minerals out of the water. They take the potassium, the calcium, the sodium. It makes the water void. The minerals are how the water is able to transport the nutrition, electricity and so forth.

There’s no charge in that water.

The Japanese call this water, dead water. Dead water is dead, essentially. Dasani or Aquafina are two of the worst. If you take goldfish, you put them inside that water, the goldfish will die. There’s no oxygen inside of it. The pH of the water is a 3 or a 4. There are no minerals, there’s no oxygen, so the fish will go belly-up.

Imagine what it’s doing to our bodies. It’s hypoxia. Obviously, we’re a bigger organism and we get our oxygen obviously from breathing. You have to realize every single time you take a breath, you’re putting oxygen inside of your blood for your blood to function through your system. Maybe you’re drinking this bottled water, it suffocates you. With all the athletes that I have worked with over time, boxing was probably the most intense sport. The reason I say that is because boxing is one of those sports where you don’t get a chance to relax. You’re either punching or you’re being punched in the face. There’s no downtime. Out of any sport in the world, to me, these guys, I’ve noticed they sweat the most. If you can imagine, these guys sweat so much, they’re losing all of this water, they’re losing all of this vitality, all this energy and essentially, they’re going to become dehydrated. What are the symptoms of dehydration?

Fatigue, cramping, just not feeling well, sick.

Cloudiness. Have you ever been in the middle of a basketball or any game or any sport and you want to play but you’re like, “I’m just tired. I just can’t even think right.” You go, “Give me some water or give me something,” and then you’re better. Boxing is the only sport that traditionally, they don’t drink any water all through fifteen rounds. Can you imagine that?

One of the fighters I’ve been able to work with, two of them, one is Yeyo Thompson, one is Abner Mares. We’ve been able to introduce water during the fight, which obviously the fear is you could get a cramp and you’re not going to be able to continue. Normally, the reason you get a cramp is because of all the toxins that are in the water that you’re drinking. Just because you can’t see the toxins doesn’t mean those toxins don’t exist, because they’re invisible to the eye. Once you’re able to test it and expose it, you see how much gunk is inside the water.

Both of these guys are world champions. I was able to be around for both of them to win both of their world championships and I was the chiropractor for both of them. There’s a point where the energy in the water makes something happen to you to where you just keep going. It’s like if you drink alcohol, if you continue to drink, you’ll get to a place where you’re drunk. What’s happening is it’s polluting your body. It’s getting in all your blood and that’s why they’d say your blood alcohol level, because all that stuff is polluting you. If you can imagine what the alcohol does to your body, the water does the complete opposite. It flushes the toxins out, so it puts you in a place to where you’re functioning at a really high level. That feels good. You’re able to do more. Your performance is enhanced.

It’s not sitting in your stomach because of the micro-clustering?

Yeah. If you think about the micro-clusters of water, the way I look at it is permeability. Permeability is a big word that means that if you put lotion on your skin, it has to go through your skin, it gets absorbed. Everything in your body has to be absorbed. You put lotion on, if you eat food, it’s absorbed into your body. You become the food that you eat.

We have something there, it’s like a cell wall. That cell wall keeps the bad stuff out and allows only the good stuff to go in. The way that goes through is something called aquaporin. Aquaporin basically means it sounds like water because water is like a door. Every time anything goes through your cell, it has to have water to accompany it. That’s the aquaporin. These things are really, really small doors and the problem is when you drink bottled water, if you don’t know this, has something in it called BPAs. BPAs happens when in any bottled water as long as it’s not what they call a BPA-free bottle, what happens is that the plastic in the bottle leaches into that water. When that leaches into the water, sometimes you can taste it. You don’t know what you’re tasting, you go, “This water tastes good.”

You’re tasting the oil in the water. As you’re tasting that stuff, just like oil than water, oil than water is thick. If it’s big and everything inside your cell is supposed to be small, the water can’t get inside your cell. The water stays at what you call extracellular. Maybe it swells on the outside of the cell, makes it so that you can’t absorb the water the way that you should. That’s because of the oil that’s inside the water.

![EM 032 | Kangen Water](

Kangen Water: The electricity, by charge, it goes through phenomenally fast.

The Kangen Water has two things. By charge, the inside of your cell is negative. Your body has a negative charge, that’s life. On the outside of your cell, it’s positive. It’s an electric charge, a channel that goes through this aquaporin that allows everything to go through faster. Because the Kangen Water doesn’t have that extra debris and plastic and oil, it also has the electricity, by charge, it goes through phenomenally fast. The fastest thing we’ve been able to test is electricity.

When I was a kid, science was a big thing. We’d rub our feet on the floor and shock somebody in the ear or something like that. That’s electricity and our bodies are made out of it. The combination of the alkalinity of the water, the combination of the electricity of the water and the micro-clustering allowing the water to get into your cell, these three properties make the water uniquely different. You’ve probably heard water is life numerous times. Most of the water we drink is dead water. It’s one of those things I look at now that I’ve never tested before, but in testing it now, I see the greatest difference. It’s shocking to give people this water and let their body experience it.

The proof is in the pudding.

As a chiropractor, you can only hope to have something that you could give to somebody drug-free to enhance.

Especially if they’re a little stagnant in care and then you add the Kangen on top of that and you see so many things clear up.

That is a big deal because health is healthier habits. Now being 44 years old, I can look at people’s habits and I can look at them and tell what they’re doing and what they’re not doing. As you walk down the street, you may be able to see somebody who probably needs to work out more. You could probably see somebody who’s doing really good working out. You could probably look at these people and look at their habits and say, “Wow.” What I see is I see people that are dehydrated. It sounds really, really odd but I see people that are dehydrated. That ends up being the number one disease to me. The first disease is dehydration I think.

You have people not drinking enough water and the water that they are drinking isn’t doing them any good anyway. It’s like a vicious cycle that’s going on and on and on for years and years.

I think the truth is simple, which is the way that I look at things. There are all these different diseases and when I was a kid, there weren’t so many cases of cancer. There’s another doctor, his name is Dr. Otto Warburg. I always give Dr. Otto Warburg a shoutout because he got a Nobel Prize in 1931. At that time, cancer was one in 5,000; nobody had it. At that time, cancer being that low, he said cancer could only live in an oxygen-poor, energy-poor environment. You think about that and you go, if you hold your breath, what are you stopping? You’re stopping the oxygen. If you’re congested and you have mucus in your lungs, you’re stopping the oxygen. Essentially, you’re stopping your health. You’re stopping the function of your body. The longer that lasts, whether it be through infection or whatever the case may be, over a period of time, just like plaque on a tooth, it’s getting worse. You may not see it that way but little by little that tooth decay and that tar is building up. That’s what happens over time.

This is a habit. As you drink this water on a consistent basis, it’s like brushing your teeth. It’s like making sure your body gets everything that it’s supposed to. I’ve just seen so many amazing people get better who are interested in changing their habit by trying something new. It’s fascinating that way.

I think a lot of people aren’t aware of even if they’re not drinking Kangen Water, a lot of the stuff they are drinking is acidic, such as like even Gatorade, certain waters we mentioned, soda, obviously all that. Just the American diet in general has not been great.

There’s another doctor by the name of Dr. Sebi. He talked about alkaline diet. Everybody talks about alkaline diet and some people know what that means, some people really don’t know what that means. When it first came out, I can’t really say I knew what it meant. What that means though is that if you think of your body, your body is an alkaline organism. When you eat food, your body is looking to get other alkaline foods because that’s the charge, that’s the energy, that’s the life that it’s looking for. As you digest this food, that food will become acidic, so it turns to waste. Your body eats food and drinks water and it eliminates waste four ways: urination, you pee it out, defecation, and exhalation. Most people don’t know this, but every single time you breathe, you lose water. That water is necessary for your lungs and everything. The next one is sweating, perspiration. All four of these ways, you’re losing waste every single day.

As this process happens through your body, there are some places, maybe your gut or your intestines, to where maybe they get dehydrated. This is the part I didn’t know. Every portion of your body has to have water in order for it to function. Dysfunction means that that portion of your body will not be working anymore. When I look at some people, they have a distended gut, pot belly. Most people will say, “Look at that big, old belly.” That’s what they say and they laugh. You know this, you’ve done anatomy class, you’ve dissected bodies. How big is the stomach?

It’s not that big.

It’s about the size of your fist. When you dissect these bodies, what you’re dissecting is not a big, huge stomach that takes the full abdomen. What it is is you have now the stomach which is the size of your fist and you got a colon that has been distended and non-functional and bloated, full of fecal material. Because most people don’t know the difference between the abdomen and the stomach, they group it all together. That’s not good because it puts you in a position where this gut is growing and you say, “That’s the way it’s supposed to be.” When you start looking at people in other countries, they don’t have this.

I’ve seen people with these pot bellies, myself, I had one too. I thank God I was able to get rid of it. I didn’t see the pot belly as a cause and effect, as me maybe being constipated or being dehydrated or maybe the foods that I ate. What I do is I like to give people responsibility because if you have responsibility for your own health and you see it as a cause and effect. That means something could be done about it. The challenge with health today is I think a lot of people don’t look at it as a cause and effect and all of a sudden, they just got it. It’s like you don’t just get a cavity. It takes time. You don’t just get cancer. It takes time. It’s years of bad habits. You go, “I don’t have bad habits.” Your body thinks differently. What we have to do is we have to figure out what habits that you’re doing on a consistent basis that are putting you in a position where your life is threatened. When I see the Kangen Water, I just see it as maybe the first thing that you could do every day as that habit.

Are there other things? Probably. If you’re in a position where you have cancer or you have hypertension or you have this. There was a time when I used to always believe that this is family-related or had to do something with hereditary or these are my genes, you can’t do anything about this.

I had one patient in the office, he was a new patient and he goes, “Every once in a while, my ear will start roaring for a minute and then it’ll go away.” The mom behind him goes, “I get that too. It’s genetic.” I’m just thinking to myself like, “I don’t know about that.” You hear that all the time.

![EM 032 | Kangen Water](

Kangen Water: You need to find people that have answers because there are a lot of answers out here.

It’s a way out. It’s a way for you to say I’m not responsible for it. I think that’s awesome. The challenge with that is if you’re listening to somebody who says that, that person often doesn’t have the answer. You need to find people that have answers because there are a lot of answers out here. This is the information age. It’s all available.

When I was sick, I wanted to get healthy, so I started doing research. It took me this route. I’m in a place now where I feel very confident about what I’m able to do and how the body works. The thing about it is this. I think the two most popular careers may be doctors and lawyers. Everybody wants to be a doctor and everybody wants to be a lawyer. The consequence of being the doctor and losing, you die.

What do you mean?

Think about this. If you’re wrong and you’re following somebody and they don’t know where they’re going and they take you off the cliff. You can blame them but, ultimately, it’s your responsibility. That’s how I look at health. When I look at most of the doctors that you ask them what it is, they go, “I don’t know. Let’s run some tests.” I go, “When do you know? Don’t you get paid to know?” For me, I’ve been doing this for eighteen years. I can spot when somebody’s sick. I can see a lot of things. Now, granted there are certain things I might have missed, but diabetes is not a mystery to me. It’s more like a cause and effect.

It’s like that Matrix thing where it’s better not to know. Sometimes I feel that way. Sometimes it’s better not to know. I wish I could just say, “There’s nothing I can do.” What happened, and me not knowing, I had a lot of patients that had diabetes. For me to help them, they had to change their habit because you can’t adjust away diabetes. It’s a chemical problem. I would say prior to this, “I don’t know what to do. I don’t think you’re disciplined enough to change enough habits in order for you to get off of these drugs.” When I got the water, I was like, “Drink this water because this is another habit that takes away the other habit,” because the habit will cancel the habit out.

When you need to change habits, you need to replace it with something else so you don’t go back to that habit.

You’ve got to replace it with something. I said to all of my patients, “What we’re going to do is we’re going to have you guys drink half your body weight in ounces of this Kangen Water every day.” “What about my sodas?” “You’re going to have to take a time out on the sodas.” “What about my teas? What about my Gatorades? What about this? What about this?” You start seeing why people are dehydrated, because everything that they’re talking about is not water. I go, “If you think it’s water, go wash your car with it.” They go, “With the soda?” I go, “Yeah, wash the car.” “It will tear the paint off my car.” Because for me, I think the insight is the best thing. When you’re able to see what you’re doing is helping or hurting you, I’ve done my job. My thing is I want to equip you with habits that can improve your health. A dentist, when he says, “Brush your teeth and floss,” that’s what a dentist says and everybody loves the guy. He pulls your teeth out but he gives you great advice. You’ve got to figure out what that is for you. For me, I’m going to say, “Drink this water and see a chiropractor.” You’ve got to know what that is for you.

I think at some point in your life, you’ve got to think about health. I think about three things. I think about love, I think about health and I think about wealth. The abundance of all three of those things creates happiness. That’s what it is. If you lack all three of those things, you’re in trouble. When I didn’t have money, when I didn’t have health and love is self-love, which means you’ve got to love the dude in the mirror. I think we’ve all been in a position where we didn’t like the guy in the mirror so much.

You can’t love anybody else if you can’t love the person you’re looking at.

You’ve got to be able to look at it. Not having those things and taking the journey to having those things, you want to help other people because you see where other people are stuck. I think that’s really where this comes from for me. When I had acid reflux, 40 pounds heavier, I was a pre-diabetic, arthritic knees, I don’t know if I could have listened to anybody. You’re stuck. I don’t know how I was able to listen, but I started drinking this water. It was curious to me and it shifted. It wasn’t like everything shifted at once like I was jumping around and skipping, but something changed on the inside the same way you drink alcohol and you feel like, “Something’s different.”

You feel it within those first couple of glasses. You know you drank something that you’ve never had before.

It’s different. To me, it’s exciting to share that with people.

You could see it. When you’re talking to people, you’re alive. You can feel it. When you’re talking to people, you can feel it.

That’s what it’s about. I think that everybody deserves to have health. I think that a lot of times, people choose the wrong teacher. If I’m choosing health, I’m most likely going to choose a personal trainer before I choose a medical doctor. Somehow, medicine has become the be-all for everything. There’s a pill for every disease. It made me wonder, “We don’t have enough pills that’s why I’m sick?” When they get through there, they got ear pain, eye pain, nose pain, throat pain, everything. “A drug for everything?” I go, “I don’t know, I think it’s better just to take care of yourself than to get all that extra stuff.”

All that is just masking the symptoms and the smoke. It’s not going after the root cause of the problem.

I think that there comes a time in people’s life where they wake up to that. I like being that person who can help them with it because it’s like you get there and it’s like, “There has to be more.” They go, “There you are,” because it’s a different way to do it. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014. For my family, that was a tough one. My dad is now 70 years old. My mom is 68 now. 2014, it’s going to come down to you either know what you know or you don’t. If you’ve ever known anybody who’s been diagnosed with cancer, as soon as you go to that hospital, it’s like they’re going to hit you with everything, “You need this. You’ve got to do that. You’ve got to do this. You’ve got clubs and you’ve got this and this is how you’re going to lose your hair.” If you put that much energy into prevention, we wouldn’t have a problem.

They look at you like you’re crazy when you want to step back and go, “I’m going to try something else first.” “You don’t want to take all these pills?” It’s like, “No, not yet.”

The radiation and all of this. Again, I look at habits. When I look at cancer and I see somebody who gets cancer, is diagnosed with cancer, the first thing I say is, “If that person is diagnosed with cancer, what have they done up until now to get that result?” That’s how I look at it. Some people may not look at it that way, but that’s how I look at it. From there, I’m going to go, “If your doctor says he doesn’t know and then he goes, ‘I don’t know, but we’re going to give you all of these drugs and all of this treatment,’” the problem with that for me is that you’ve never discussed how you got it. It’s like, “We’re going to take out all your teeth.” You go, “You’re going take out all my teeth? All of them?” “We’re going to take them out. We’ll take them out.” “Is there something that I could do?” “We’re only going to wait until the tooth gets rotten and then we’re just going to extract it.” Then they say, “What happens pre-cancerous?” “Take out the gums, too.”

It doesn’t end and where does it stop?

It doesn’t stop. If you’ve never discussed or never thought about maybe a cause and effect, maybe you have to take responsibility for what’s going on in your body. Then you can back track. There was a time when you were healthy, so go back to that time and say, “When did I start going south?” I start looking at that place and then start changing some of those things. I know that the body rebuilds itself every 365 days. You’ve got to figure out what you’re putting in your body every 365 days if you want something to change.

![EM 032 | Kangen Water](

Kangen Water: You’ve got to figure out what you’re putting in your body every 365 days if you want something to change.

We are 75% water, so that’s not a bad place to start.

Not a bad place to start at all. It doesn’t stop moving.

Dr. Lucas, where can people get the Kangen and try it out and all of that?

Actually, the great thing about our company and the name of the company is Enagic. Enagic is a Japanese company. We have 28 offices around the world. In every office, they give away free water. I think that’s awesome. You can go to a demonstration there at the office in Torrance, or they also have a video called You can also find me on YouTube, Dr. Lucas on YouTube. I have a couple of videos and things like that where I talk about health and nutrition and stuff like that that you can check out for yourself. I don’t have a website right now. Everything that I have is currently on YouTube. I’m easy to find, I’ll be the black guy. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this.

Thanks for having me. You’ve done wonders for me. Doc, thank you so much for coming on. We’d love to have you back anytime.

Talk to you later.

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