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Anti-Aging And DNA Healing With Dr. Darrell Misak

3 years ago

Naturopathic medicine puts faith in the ability of the human body to fix itself through mechanisms that are already in place and introduces interventions aimed at healing the DNA as opposed to just treating symptoms. Dr. Darrell Misak, a naturopathic doctor based in Pittsburg, joins Dr. Kevin Pecca to talk about his work in bioelectric chemistry and restorative medicine. Dr. Misak introduces VI-Telometry, a product that combines the most powerful herbs that promote telomerase activity in the body and help it heal naturally. Stick to the end to get the promo code for a special discount!


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Anti-Aging And DNA Healing With Dr. Darrell Misak


We have Dr. Darrell Misak out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dr. Misak is a naturopathic doctor who specializes anti-aging and DNA repair. Dr. Misak has a great story. His original start was at pharmaceuticals and he realized that’s not the direction he wanted to go. He wanted a more naturalistic approach, so he became a naturopathic doctor. I love this interview because Dr. Misak really loves what he does. He’s very passionate about it. As a byproduct of that, he created an amazing product called VI-Telometry. I actually had the chance to try this product. The one thing I noticed was it gave me a ton of natural energy. Everything in the supplement is natural. He goes into all the ingredients he used. He really finetuned it. I was a big fan of the product. I’m definitely going to purchase it. You can catch Dr. Darrell Misak on his Saturday YouTube show. I am very impressed with this interview. I enjoyed it. Anybody that loves what they’re doing as much as he does is really fun to talk to. He’s doing a lot of big things. He’s changing a lot of lives. He has gotten a lot of sick people well, and that’s what it’s all about. Without further ado, please welcome, Dr. Darrell Misak.


We have Dr. Darrell Misak, a naturopathic doctor out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Doc, how are you?

I’m blessed. I hope you’re doing well yourself.

I’m doing well and surviving the crazy times. Everybody’s doing the best they can. It’s absolute craziness but everybody’s hanging in there. Doc, where are you from originally?

I grew up in Bluefield, West Virginia and I ended up at West Virginia University. I got my Pharmacy degree. I went to Duke Medical Center and I did clinical pharmacy there. I found the pitfalls where they’re not healing people working with oncology and general medicine. I took my family across the country to Portland, Oregon to study Naturopathic Medicine at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, now the National University of Natural Medicine. I did Compounding Pharmacy while I was in Portland.

Did you start out as a Medical Doctor?

No. I started as a pharmacist and then I went and got my Naturopathic degree out in National College.

What was it that made you make the switch over to naturopathic medicine?

We all have our gifts and mine is how to take things apart and fix them. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid with toys or whatever. I got to school and I studied Pharmacy. I loved anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and how things work. I got to Duke and I watched people dying and I’m like, “Why are we ignoring biochemical concerns with vitamin C or vitamin B depletion? These people are falling apart. Their chemistry needs this stuff.” That led me to the works of Ralph Moss who does cancer research and Julian Whitaker, these holistic natural approaching medical doctors. Julian Whitaker mentioned these naturopathic doctors.

I’m like, “What the hell is that? That makes sense, understand how the body works.” I took it a step further. Even in naturopathic medicine, you’ll learn that most talk about, “I’ve got a thyroid disorder so you need tyrosine, phenylalanine, get conversion factors, superoxide dismutase, a little bit of copper and some iodine.” It’s functional medicine from a standpoint of treating a disease, whereas I’ve taken it to the level of chemistry and looking at the energy aspects to quantum aspect and I call it bioelectric chemistry. I’ve been teaching these concepts and I have been practicing it for years.

What exactly is that? That’s the first time I’m personally hearing about it. How does it apply to people coming into your office and getting well?

Everything is energy. If you look at Einstein, he showed E = MC2. Energy is the same thing as matter with the speed of light constant so you are a matter which means you’re energy. It’s the same thing, but the energy and you are heat and electricity. If you break it down, it comes to positive and negative charges that dictate everything. You have cations that are positively charged and they are acidic in nature. You have anions that are negatively charged and they are alkaline in nature. There is a balance that needs to occur in the body. Dr. Carey Reams came about and he mathematically explained the Theory of Biological Ionization, that we are electrical-based beings. He showed that the chemistry is dictated by minerals.

If you go back to ashes, you’re 60% calcium, 24% phosphorus, 12% potassium, a bunch of trace minerals. He showed that the minerals are what dictates our ability to utilize energy. We need basic minerals and vitamins and we use an equation based upon what your body is putting out, sugars, pH, nitrates and cell debris. We explain that. I’ve written articles in Naturopathic Doctor News and Review and things like that. There’s a website called that people can learn more about those things. The bottom line is I teach people how to eat and then what minerals that they need because our soils are mutually depleted while we’re in a toxic world and our bodies can’t handle the stress load. I show people how to gain more energy from their food and basic supplementation. I watched miracles happen.

It sounds like people come to you with all types of deficiencies, diseases and inflammations. It doesn’t matter what the “symptom” is. You’re not treating symptoms, you’re treating almost it sounds like the root cause of the problem.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of EAV testing, Electrodermal Testing.

I haven’t.

We test people electrically because everything is electric, so you can measure acupuncture points. It’s like electronic muscle testing. You find balanced electrical points and then you stress them with frequencies where they’ve measured a frequency of a substance whether it be a virus, bacteria, food substance or an environmental toxin. You introduce that frequency into your electrical system. Reinhard Voll figured this out in the 1950s. If it shortens it out, it’s like a yes/no answer, “You need to stay away from this.” We do that to test people for food and chemicals and ay, “This is bad for you. Stay away.”

I do live blood microscopy, a drop of blood, look at the blood and look at the health of the cells. Certain patterns in the blood suggest whether you’re digesting appropriately or you have immune dysregulation. We could turn around and give you a visual picture like, “Your blood is looking crappy.” That’s consistent with B12, folic acid, iron deficiency, molds, stress and parasitic issues. We could turn around and see patterns that are consistent with various aspects. I look at the chemistry, the urine and the saliva. If you go to that, there’s a little video whiteboard ad that says, “Analysis versus Diagnosis.” I don’t diagnose anything. I analyze and say, “Based upon this, this has to be happening and here’s the logical sequence of cause and effect that we need to do to correct it.”

How do you balance out the correct amount of electricity in each person’s body?

It comes down to removing stress from the body. You have to generate more energy than what you’re consuming. You have a threshold and if you exceed that, your body says, “I can’t handle this.” Things start backing up. When we reduce food chemical sensitivities and get those out of the diet, when you identify specific stressors and you help support the body to deal with that, it gets them lower. When you give them the nutrients that they need to buy chemically work, it raises your threshold. I’m functioning here and I’m gaining more energy than what I’m consuming. The body naturally starts to detoxify. When the chemistry shows that detoxification, we support it. I use an infrared sauna, ionic foot baths, colon hydrotherapy, hyperbaric chamber and I use these things to augment. You observe when they’re ready to detox.

I know the treatment differs from each person to what they’re coming in for, but what’s the timeframe that you like to see people and keep a close eye on and then space out?

I do retreats where I have people come and stay for 3 to 4 days. We feed them, teach them how to do their urine and saliva testing, and how to eat based upon that. Certain foods are anionic and cationic, acid or alkaline-forming. We teach them how to eat and basic supplementation. If people do their testing, I have people from all over the country, they send me their numbers and we sit down based on height, weight and age. I wrote and finished the book and then we’re coming out with a book and a workbook that says, “Here’s the book that explains everything and here’s a workbook of how you can work through your health.” We’re in that phase of editing before we’re going to release that type of information. We put it together that way.

Is the book published yet or it’s coming out?

It’s in that editing phase before we throw it to the publisher. It’s got to be called Health by The Numbers.

Doc, it sounds like you have a great thriving practice out there in Pittsburgh. Why did you start making your own products and supplementation? You could have stayed in your practice and cut going elsewhere to get your products and give them to your patients. How did you start your line of products and why?

There are a lot of reasons. You can look at a thriving practice. I can have a thriving practice where I can cater to the rich and elite and charge what medical doctors would charge for providing the same service or I can make my services affordable. I make my services affordable. I have five kids and I get by just like everybody. It’s a God thing. In 2014, I learned about the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Telomere Activity. Three physiologists discovered the enzyme telomerase. As that enzyme is increased, it prevents the fraying of DNA and these telomeres control cell replication. I don’t know if you remembered in science and the Hayflick phenomena that cells divide to a certain period to where they got to senescence and they stopped dividing.

At that point, things that trigger senescence and stopping that dividing is inflammation. We sit here and say all disease is inflammation based. I could go energetically and talk about that, but I learned about this aspect of telomerase in 2014. I did a Google search and I looked up medical research, all research on telomerase enzyme activity. I printed out 200-plus abstracts. It’s over 100 pages. I start flipping through them and I see all these natural products. Lo and behold, natural products have been shown to have this specific activity. I turned around and looked at these natural products. Being the herbalist, I mix herbs and things for people, from going to naturopathic medical school. I love using our herbs. I turned around and said, “You can blend these herbs to affect multiple systems in the body and work as a holistic aspect.”

If you go and study telomerase activity, you’ll find the very first product was this product called TA-65. If you take the recommended doses of what they have, it can cost you $3,000 to $4,000 a month. This is what the rich and famous take. That cycloastragenols and the Astragaloside IV or these extracts from Astragalus. Astragalus is adaptogenic. It helps the adrenals and immune activity. It’s been long use for thousands of years in regards to medicine and Chinese medicine and stuff. You got that as your base and then you look at essential fatty acids. I put the purslane in there, which is a weed that we pull out of our garden, but it’s the richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids. That affects cell membranes and the ability of nutrients that go in and out of the cells.

What’s this weed called?

Purslane. It is in your garden, you’re pulling it out. I tell people to pull it out of their garden and throw it in their salads so you’re affecting cell membranes. We have green tea in there. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant. If you look at most telomere products on the market, they’re glorified multivitamins with a lot of antioxidant activity. If you look at telomeres and what shortens them, it’s a crappy lifestyle, environmental toxicity and stress. If people who meditate and find themselves, meditation alone increases the length of your telomeres. It’s amazing.

How long does it take for a telomere to repair itself?

The idea of the body is in restoration instead of repair. It’s like get rid of the old making new. That’s how the body works. The idea is to support the body to eliminate the old while it has what it needs to make healthy new.

It’s repairing DNA.

We can’t claim that. I put Sambucus in there, resveratrol, immune-boosting, antioxidant activity, Ginkgo biloba. What does that do? It improves circulation to the brain so blood flows to get those nutrients where they need to be and oxygen where it needs to be. Milk thistle was shown for the liver across the board. Every one of these herbs has been shown to have telomerase activity. One that I added was another called Cynomorium. It’s a Chinese Yang tonic and is used for sexual vitality. It helps with energy but it doesn’t give you that wired feeling. From that bioelectric standpoint, I added trace amounts of calcium phosphate because when you understand the electrical nature of us and you learn in medical school, everything about EKGs, EEGs, EMGs, these studies of electrical activity in the body and they teach you that it’s all based upon calcium ion movement and stimulus through sodium and potassium gate channels and stuff like that.

It’s all mineral-based. Calcium regulates all the minerals. What’s allowed to go in and out of the cell. A little bit of calcium phosphate in here and then I put lemon in. Lemon has vitamin C, strongly alkalizing to the body, but lemon isn’t 100% anionic substance, so it disperses. If you remember that commercial, Dawn takes grease out of your way. That grease is all cationic and clumping and soap is an anionic surfactant. One drop, dispersion. We put the lemon in there to disperse and we encourage people when they take the supplement to drink it with a little bit of lemon in their water. What you’re doing is you’re dispersing so you’re working on this whole-body system. What we find is people are raving energy and mental focus. If you look at the study in 2009, the rats that they reverse-engineered, their brains grew 25%. Their hair went back to the dark, kidneys restored, cataracts removed, muscle strength returned. They were at the ability to go through mazes and stuff like that again.

We’re hearing miracle stories, but we can’t claim them. If you go back, we’re working on Facebook and social media for people to put their testimonies, but we have people with their hair growing out dark. We have people with their hair coming back in. We have people in their 70s that said their sex life is restored. For me, it’s mental focus, energy and in these times, it’s immune-based. ‘ve got Sambucus, astragalus in there and it reduces the stress on the body with the antioxidant nature of the green tea. Overall, it’s one of those feel-good products. The science behind why we created it is all based upon telomeres and the aspects of this eclectic nature of let’s get these systems to work and be supported efficiently.

Doc, is this the product you’re talking about that you sent me?

Correct, Vi-Telometry.

How does it work? Somebody needs to have a consultation with you to know what to take and how much to take. What if somebody picks it up and wants to use it for themselves?

We’ve formulated both a 30-count bottle as a trial size for people. The original was a 120-count bottle. When I formulated this product, I made sure that there’s no ingredient in there that if you take more than up to twelve of them in a day, that you’re not going to exceed any recommended dose for anything that’s in there. I take four in the morning and then in the afternoon if I’m feeling run down, I’ll take 3 or 4 more. When you’re looking at a $90 price tag and at $3 a day, which is less than what most people are spending on coffee, they’re like, “I don’t know if I want to try that.” We came out with that 30-count bottle for people to try. What we found though is most people can get by with four a day, two in the morning, two in the afternoon or four all taken in the morning. We’re hearing these wonderful reports. We tried to send that to you.

I wanted to pick your brain about it first before I tried it.

The main question that people have is, “Does it interact with my drugs?” Because of Ginkgo being in there, Ginkgo and purslane essential fatty acids, they can’t thin platelets. If you’re on a blood thinner, I’ve taught medical doctors and as from a pharmacy perspective about drug, nutrient, herbal interactions. The thing is don’t fear the interaction, be aware of the interaction because they’ll give people that Ticlid, warfarin, aspirin and things like that that interact and they know about it so they monitor. Ginkgo can inhibit platelet-activating factor and both with essential fatty acids, Omega-3 fats can decrease platelet aggregation. Therefore, I might bleed a little more if I’m on a blood thinner.

It doesn’t mean that you’re going to have an open bleed, but if you start bruising, then you should adjust. Don’t go in and take full straight. Start with one, watch for bruising, those types of things if people are monitoring their INR, see if it varies. Other than that, we haven’t seen any nutrient drug interactions. We’ve had one person who has sent the product back. I think what happened was they were supporting their immune response and they started reacting to food when they were eating it because it enhanced their innate immunity and their body saying, “You’re eating crap.”

You see that with a lot of any great healing products, healing treatments that sometimes you get these flare-ups because the body is trying to get rid of everything toxic. Doc, the million-dollar question with any product is how long should I wait until I feel something?

We did a third party thing with Kathy Ireland. They came in and recorded and we’re going to be having a video that’s going to show up in that regards where it’s in final editing and stuff. We had a patient testimony where she came in and was going to give her testimony in regard to taking the product. She’s like, “The very first day.” We’ve seen that multiple times. People take it, they’ll take four and they’ll be like, “I’m not tired. What’s going on here? What’s going on tonight?” We have had people the very first day notice a change if they take four that first day. That’s why the 30-capsule bottle, so people can sit here for $28.95 and try it out. Usually, within 2 to 3 days people are like, “There’s definitely something going on here.”

Is it better to take with or without food?

I have found that it doesn’t matter. If something upsets your stomach, you take it with food. The small amount of calcium phosphate that’s in there is not affecting. I personally pop four whenever. I have not found that it makes a difference with or without food.

Do you have multiple products or is this the golden ticket right here?

If you look at the big picture, I’m working on developing a nonprofit to put retreat centers, train people, understanding this bioelectric concept and setting retreat centers around the United States where people can come, learn and start practicing, seeing restorative medicine at its best. I’ve always like, “Why did you put me in this position? That’s an incredible thing. That’s going to take millions of dollars. Where’s that coming from?” All of a sudden, this concept came in in 2014, 2015. I started right here mixing up herbs and making them so they fit in the capsules. I started experimenting on myself and be like, “Do I feel this?” I started asking, “Do you want to try this?” People were like, “Okay, I’ll be your Guinea pig.” Everybody that tried it came back. They’re like, “Can I get more of that?” Right now, it’s the one product.

It sounds like it’s unique. Not many people have anything similar to this on the market?

If you look at all the products for telomerase activity, 90% of them are based upon a basic multi and antioxidant. They’re glorified. You will see that Astragaloside IV and the cycloastragenol in products, but that cycloastragenol is $26,000 a kilo. That’s why there’s such a small amount in it. If you take up to twelve of them, then you’re getting the dose near what that TA-65 would be giving you. If you’re buying three bottles, that’s also $270 a month supply to do that. You don’t need to do it.

What’s the price on this?

The 30-count bottle is $28.95. The 120-count bottle is $89.95. We set up because we’re doing this show with you that if people use your last name in the discount code, PECCA, they’ll get 10% off at checkout. If they go to they can learn about me. If they click on Vi-Telometry and when they’re checking out and use. PECCA, they’re going to get 10% off for that product. They’ll pay whatever $89.95 minus 10% is.

Doc, you mentioned this before, but is there anything else that you can take this with to enhance the product? I know you mentioned lemon juice or lemon water.

I use a ratio of about 1 ounce of lemon to 9 ounces of distilled water. I’ll have people drink about 3 ounces after every meal. If you’re taking that, a wedge or two of lemon and a small amount of water, lemon disperses and it is anionic. You’re dispersing and it helps normalize the pH of the bio and strengthen the bio quality. Whenever we’re looking at energy, it’s heat and electrical energy. Heat is based upon the friction and the resistance of molecules moving across one another. When you do that anionic dispersion, you’re getting anions and cations creating so you’re going to gain more energy both from food and from the supplement.

That’s the main thing that we have people do. When you’re asking about if there’s any other product, I’m in formulation right now for a product that I’m going to call Moldeze. When I’m going and looking at chemistry, I find so many people are dealing with chronic mold issues where if they’ve had massive mold exposure, 90% to 95% have it growing in their sinuses. You’ve got to be on some type of sinus program, but if you go and look at the agricultural, their livestock industry, you’ll see that our beef, chicken and pork, which you shouldn’t consume anyway, and even marine life are fed herbs and giving clay and charcoal binders to minimize the mycotoxin exposure that they are because it affects their fertility, wellbeing, kidney function and cancer formation. Mycotoxins are rampant in our society.

Did you say stay away from pork?

If you’re looking at a chemistry standpoint, pork, shellfish and tuna mess up everybody’s chemistry.

I had pork and tuna for lunch.

I bet you have not felt very good. You don’t sleep as well. You’re probably waking up to pee at night.

That last statement rings true. I’ve been waking up a little bit going to the bathroom.

Your body is trying to say, “I’ve got to get rid of this.” When I run somebody’s chemistry, I don’t even look at their intake forms. If somebody comes to you and you look at, “You’ve got dizziness, fatigue and joint pain.” I look at none of that. I run a set of numbers on people, test them, look at their blood and tell them all the symptoms that they’re probably having and they’re like, “How do you know this? I didn’t even put that in my chart.” It’s because the chemistry dictates what happens in the body.

Doc, where can people find you online? The products, your practice, where’s everything at?

The easiest way is That has a link to all the above. We’re linking everything on that one website. I do a YouTube show every Saturday morning. Unfortunately, I’m a little shadow-banned because if you go and search for me, you won’t find me. I teach people to equip you with how to test at home and how to understand what you need to do to be healthy. It’s a life transformation. Everybody can be healthy and if you test yourself, there’s no greater way to show love to yourself than understand like, “If I eat that, I feel like crap. It’s showing me that I am.” If I try to learn to understand these numbers in a simplistic aspect with what I’m eating and drinking, I can take care of myself and live a healthy life. It’s not in the product, it’s in the process.

Doc, at the end of every show, I like to ask all my guests, what is one piece of advice that has resonated with you over the years that you would like to gift the audience? It could be anything.

I try to provide that with many things. I’m going to tell you to find you. You are you. Self-awareness and understanding. When you start becoming aware of the symptoms in your body and say, “Something’s wrong,” if you’re aware and loving yourself, you’re going to look for why. If you understand who you are, you’re going to understand your limits or how you could overcome those limits. If there’s one aspect of advice is to understand yourself. It’s self-awareness. We’re all caught up with all this emotional crap and stuff. Most of us are not taught healthy emotional responses and we live in these emotions in a very unhealthy way that affects how we interact with anybody around us or whatever else. Whereas in reality, we say, “You’re as broken as I am, but I’m going to accept you and I’m not going to hold that against you, but where we are, let’s move forward.”

Doc, thank you so much for coming on the show. I’m very excited to try the product out. Anybody that’s reading, you can use the promo code, PECCA, for 10% off. Thank you so much. Thanks for taking the time. Be well and be safe out there. I love to have you back anytime.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

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