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What is Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic

11 years ago

The Blair chiropractic technique is a specific system of analyzing and adjusting the upper cervical vertebrae (Upper neck) of the spinal column. When these vertebrae misalign in such a way as to interfere with the brain stem and spinal cord as they exit through the floor of the skull and into the neural canal. Special attention is given to the first two cervical vertebrae, the atlas and axis, as they are the most freely moveable vertebrae in the spinal column and the ones most commonly misaligned. These two bones also house the brain stem which controls almost every single function of our body and is the most essential part of our central nervous system. If there is any interference around the brain stem, the brain and body cannot communicate and heal, which is when disease and symptoms start occurring in the body. Your nerve system is composed of the brain, the spinal cord, cranial nerves and associated spinal nerves. The nerve system is the super highway upon which information travels between the brain and the body. These messages tell each and every cell in your body what to do and when to do it. Every second billions of chemical reactions are controlled and monitored in the body though the nerve system. Did you ever think what would happen to this communication system if you had a car accident? What about a head injury from sports? Fist fight? Bike accident? Anyone of these traumas and more can result in the displacement of the top bone in the neck, called the ATLAS, resulting in interference to normal transmission of information from the brain to the body. The Blair upper Cervical Technique re-aligns the nervous system by taking 3 dimensional x rays of the neck, measuring the patient’s own unique misalignments, and puts them back into place with a light tap on the neck. The Blair Upper Cervical Technique does not Twist, crack, or pull on the neck. All the adjustments are very light, precise, and designed specifically for that patient. Each neck adjustment can hold from weeks, to months, to years which is why we say Holding is Healing.

The purpose of the Blair Chiropractic technique is not to diagnose or treat diseases or conditions, but to analyze and correct vertebral subluxations in an accurate, precise and specific manner to allow the body’s intelligence, (see chiropractic philosophy) to mend, repair and maintain health from within.