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How To Find An Upper Cervical Doctor Near You With Billy Doherty

2 months ago

How can you find an upper cervical doctor near you? Is there an upper cervical care directory? This is why Billy Doherty, President of Doherty Marketing Group, joins us today. is a tool that patients and doctors need to find upper cervical doctors or areas needing upper cervical care. Signing up to the directory early on, the better. There is so much to unpack in this episode. So don’t miss this one!


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How To Find An Upper Cervical Doctor Near You With Billy Doherty

We have an excellent guest lined up for you. Billy Doherty is the Owner of the largest upper cervical directory in the world, Upper Cervical Care. If you are looking for an upper cervical doctor near you, this is where you go. He also has another page, Healthy Chiropractice where he helps chiropractors with their social media, marketing, and advertising. He is an excellent guest and a huge advocate for the upper cervical community. It was an honor to have him on the show. Please welcome Billy Doherty.


We have an awesome guest, Billy Doherty. He has the largest upper cervical directory out there, Upper Cervical Care. I'm very excited to have him on the show because if you are looking to find an upper cervical doctor, most of the doctors in the world are on it. It's a great tool for patients and doctors to get new leads on people that are looking for upper cervical care near them. Without further ado, please welcome Billy Doherty. How are you?

Good. Thanks for having me on.

Where are you from originally?

I grew up in Buffalo. Go, Bills. I’ve been down in Charlotte since 1996.

How many years have you been in the upper cervical space?

I was exposed to it in 2001.

Under care as a patient or how did that work?

I was exposed to it because our first child, Maxwell, was born in 2001 and he had colic and clubfeet. You can imagine first-time parents, not knowing what to do. The kid had cast from his hips down to his feet. He was crying every day from 4:00 to 7:00 at night. We did what we thought we could do with the MYLICON Drops. We did figure out that Drierites seem to stop him from crying. That's where I was introduced to Dr. Ray Drury.

My wife used to teach with his wife. He was an upper cervical chiropractor. I didn't know Ray. I just know from my wife that Sonia, Ray's, wife said, “Ray might be able to help Max with his colic.” I was very anti-chiropractic at that time. I was working for an advertising firm that did traditional marketing for traditional medicine. I was doing OBs, dermatologists, orthopedics, and whatever but that was handling marketing from that aspect. I was very anti, “Nobody's touching my kid, especially a chiropractor.” I was very ignorant of the whole idea of it.

How old was Max when he first went to Dr. Drury?

Max was probably four months old. He went in and reluctantly, I let Wendy. I didn't even go. Wendy took Max to see Ray. Lo and behold, the next day, Max stop crying. In my mind, it was more of, “It was Max’s time not to be colic anymore. It wasn't the chiropractic at all.” Shortly thereafter, my wife would go to Ray for migraine headaches. The migraine headaches subsided. I was like, “There's something to this. I want to learn more about it.”

I was in marketing for an advertising firm in Charlotte. Ray proposed an idea. It says, “I'm looking to do this franchise model and bring all these upper cervical doctors together. I'm looking for some marketing help and branding help.” That's where Dr. Ray, Thad Vuagniaux, and I collaborated and say, “There's something to this. I am interested. How can I get involved?” From a marketing standpoint, I got involved with Ray.

Fast-forward to 2007, we launched Upper Cervical Health Centers which is a franchise model to bring together doctors and provide them with process, marketing, and help to elevate the brand and create awareness. That's how I got involved in space. From 2007 to 2014, I was very integrally involved with helping Ray build this develop this franchise model which we did great over the years that we did it. We had 50 franchisees. There are some challenges in it. We learned a lot from it. It was hard to McDonaldize the upper cervical because there are many different upper cervical techniques. I didn't know that when getting into the space, but once I get into it, I understood the different channels and techniques that comprise this whole upper service.

What I love about Upper Cervical Care is it's the only site I can send people to probably find a doctor near them because as if you're sending them to a specific technique, there are states and countries that don't have that doctor even close to them. It is the one website I can send people to where all the upper circle techniques are under it. We have a better chance of getting that person under care than sending them anywhere else.

In 2017 is when we developed the Upper Cervical Care idea. Being from the outside looking in, at all this upper cervical chiropractic, these doctors, and different techniques, they all had these little islands that they played on. From a patient perspective, my perspective, I'm like, “There needs to be a resource where we can bring every upper cervical technique together and have one place where it can do two things. It could educate people about the care, and then ultimately, have doctors be there for these people who are looking for care.” That's the whole idea. That's how it's grown since 2017, to create greater awareness, allow people to learn about the care, and then find a doctor near them, regardless of the upper cervical technique that they practice.

For someone that's been in the space for a long time, do you feel like the upper cervical techniques are a little bit more cohesive and together now than they were many years ago, or do you still see a big separation within the techniques?

Each technique feels like their technique is maybe superior to others and that's fine. If you're in Orthospinology, NUCCA, Knee Chest, or Blair, whatever it may be, that's great. Wear that hat and put that feather in your cap, but the way I come out of it is from a perspective of a patient, they're looking for help. They have no idea that the search term upper cervical care or upper cervical chiropractor is not searched these days, but it started to gain some traction.

We've been in the space for a good number of years now. When you do a search for an upper cervical chiropractor or upper cerebral care, fortunately, the directory is coming up even before some offices that are in that area from that person searching because maybe they're not implementing the SEO strategy. Fortunately, they're finding help and they're going to the directory. They're able to find a doctor near them if there's a doctor listed close to them.

You mentioned a lot of upper cervical chiropractors like to be on their own little island. How does it work with Upper Cervical Care from the doctor's perspective? There are a lot of upper cervical doctors that need to be registered on this site because they're missing new leads. How does it work for an upper cervical doctor and your site?

We invite every upper cervical chiropractor to list their practice. There's no barrier to doing it. You can list for free to Upper Cervical Care Directory. You'll see navigation to allow you to do that. The whole idea of that is to build our directory, to get every doctor listed now. Once they do build out their profiles on the directory, they're selecting the technique that they practice. From a perspective of a person looking for a doctor, if they know they're looking for a Blair doc, they can do a search for a Blair doctor.

We make sure that every doctor is identified by the technique that they practice. My goal is to have, regardless of the technique you practice upper cervically, that you're on the directory. All they do is come in, sign up, build off their profile, and they're on the directory. It's as simple as that. We do have some upgrade opportunities on the directory, which give you more visibility essentially, what that means. It's free in level two.

The level two listing essentially gives you top-of-page placement. If somebody does a search for a doctor in your city or state, you're coming up top of the page. More features are visible, including your phone number, links to your website, socials, and bio about them. Ultimately, if somebody's doing a search for a doctor in Buffalo, they'll be able to see your phone number. They can read about you. They can they can understand.

Once they figure out, “Upper cervical care. I'm curious about this. I want to know more about it.” If there's a doctor next to me and you're coming up top of the page, then they can dive into that doctor's profile and see their phone number, website, bio, and all those things. They can contact that doctor and then that doctor will be notified via email with the email address that they signed up with on the directory and says, “You're invited to log in and accept or decline this lead.” Those leads are included with an upgrade. All you need to do is read the message and its entirety and then they'll present the phone number and email address. Free listings.

One of my favorite things that you guys do not only for the directory is the educational pamphlets. I have people in my waiting room that come in for migraine headaches and then they start reading about the pamphlets. You guys have a pamphlet for every condition. They'll start reading about high blood pressure, post-concussion syndrome, whiplash, and vertigo. It's amazing how well those educational pamphlets work for people. I'll get referrals from people picking up the pamphlets.

Getting back to level two on the directory. There's a partnership that we have with Healthy Chiropractice because there are two components. There’s a directory Upper Cervical Care which creates awareness and educates people about care and then it provides a resource for people to find doctors. That's one. With the benefits of an upgrade on the level two side, you get the enhanced listing on the directory, and you get built-in features, but then that's where the marriage of Healthy Chiropractice comes in. That's the marketing arm of the company.

To reference the brochures that you were talking about, at Healthy Chiropractice, what we provide is marketing resources to support the upper cervical space. If you're a new doctor in practice and you are looking to get a brand to get to have a website developed, whatever it is, we exist solely to serve the upper cervical space. We break our marketing strategy down into a road map. It's called Plan, Build, Reach, and Grow. Within each one of those steps, there are tactics to support.

We invite people to go there and download a checklist and find out where you are in practice, and then we talk and have a discovery call to find out where you are because a lot of doctors in practice, that's their seat on the bus. They're good at getting people well. We're good at creating awareness, driving traffic, generating leads, and doing the things that from a marketing perspective, you don't have the skills or time to do. That's where we fit in.

Getting back to that level two upgrade of what you get with that, where the overlap is, you get some marketing resources with the upgrade. Every month, we do a personalized monthly newsletter. We personalize the back of it with your upcoming event or promotion and then we send you a PDF and you can disseminate that in your office. Print them out, or put them at your check-in and check-out. It is what it does. It allows you to let your patients know that once they leave your practice, they can take you with them. They can be extended.

That's where the overlap is with the directory side and Healthy Chiropractice. What we’re trying to do is unite the professions. I would love to have every doctor listed on the directory. I'm sure a lot of people know me from Facebook. We've had a tremendous amount of growth in traffic to the directory, which tells me more people are looking for docs and looking to learn about the care. It's an opportunity for doctors to grab up some of that.

You want to be there. We want you to be able to help people. We have 800 doctors now listed. I know there are more upper cervical doctors out there. When people do sign up on the directory, especially early on, maybe they fail to realize that the email address that you sign up with is the email address when people fill out a form on your site that it's going to go to.

You might be missing a lead. I'm all over Facebook trying to message these practices and doctors saying, “I want to let you know you know that somebody logged in and message you on your profile on the directory. It's important that you either log in and accept it or decline it because I don't want you to ghost them. I want these people who are looking for a character to be able to find a doctor. I don't want the directory to be in a bad light, ‘I looked for a doctor there, but nobody got back to me.’ That's not good for the profession.”

It could be a little bit overwhelming for patients when they go on the site. Maybe they don't even know what they're looking for. When they type in upper cervical care near them, a Blair or Atlas Orthogonal doctor comes up, is there anywhere on the site where people can get a little bit of information on how to even sift through that and what that means?

We were backed with upper cervical health centers when I got into the space. We created these seventeen-question videos and they are timeless. They live on the site in the directory. What they do is answer all the common questions that people will potentially have about upper cervical. That's where we started now in the past because, like, “What is upper cervical care?”

We don't reference any technique in those videos, but if you want to learn more, once you dive in and you get into that doctor's office and you’re like, “You're a Blair doctor? I didn't know what's the difference between that and Epic or whatever it may be.” It's in the doctor’s hands to explain, “There's this and that technique. There are many ways you can deal with it. This is the way we move those top two bones in your neck. There are 274 ways.” You dive into all that once the doctor or that visitor is in their practice or office.

If you wanted to learn more about it, on the directory, on the bottom part of the site, each technique, you can scroll. You can click on it. It'll take them to them and say, “What is Blair? What are these different techniques?” You can learn more about it. I feel strongly about unifying everybody, all these doctors. From a patient standpoint, let's get them help. Once they get to their office, you can tell them, “This is the technique that we practice.”

That's very helpful and like what you mentioned before, maybe some of the doctors that have been in practice for many years missed that social media boom. They might feel uncomfortable about how to even get started. Does Healthy Chiropractice help with the doctors’ social media, get them started if they feel a little bit uncomfortable putting their practice online, videos, and stuff like that?

That's where you come in because you are pioneering that whole thing with TikTok and Instagram to younger generation doc, which is great. From Healthy Chiropractice standpoint, it all comes back to that marketing checklist. If you download it, “I need to post socially. It's important but I don't want to do it. My staff doesn't have time to do it.” That's where we can fill in the gaps. We can offer those services to you.

We get the question all the time about, “Is social still important?” This is what I say to that, “Back before the evolution of technology, word of mouth marketing used to be, ‘Who do you recommend for migraine headaches? I'm looking for something natural.’ They might say, ‘You need to go see Kevin Pecca.’ It would be as simple as that and they would call you.”

Now with the evolution of digital and technology, word-of-mouth marketing is now moved online. It's broken down into four steps. The first thing they do is after they ask, “Who do you recommend?” I say, “Kevin Pecca.” They're going, “The first thing I'm going to do is see if I can find them. Let me go online.” They go online and see if you're there and if you're listed. The second thing is, “If I can find them, can I trust them? What are the reviews saying?” That is important still with Google's algorithms. The last time I read, it was like 23% of the algorithm of these reviews that make up that 1 of 250 or so ranking factors that go into the algorithm. It's important to respond to reviews, positive or negative.

A little tip for you. When doctors are responding to reviews, make sure you mention your practice name in it. It's another signal for Google. You can find them. You can trust them. This is where social comes in like, “What are you doing on social? Are you relevant?” For some people, they may not make a difference but for others, they may want to go if you've been dormant for six months and have it posted anything, it's like, “They can't even keep up with their socials. How up-to-date or tune-in are they going to be?” For some people, that may make no difference, but for others, it might be that difference. You can find, trust, and like them.

The fourth one is, “Can I convert?” When they go to your website, is your site easy to manage or navigate? In three seconds, your site should convey the message of what you do, how it's going to make your life better, and what they have to do to get it. All of those things. If you can check those boxes, that's why it's important for every upper cervical chiropractor, regardless of where they are in practice, whether you're a new doctor. There's always an opportunity to hand off the marketing arm of your business. Let us do what we do and you do what you do and get people well. It all comes down to the doctor at the end. Are you getting results? Are you getting people well? We can lead that horse to water all day long.

That's another great point. The results are a thing.

People are skeptical. If you come in there, we get you that lead, you come in, and don't get results for that patient or educate them to the point, it's mind-blowing.

You guys can only do so much if the doctors are not delivering the results for sure. Where do you see Upper Cervical Care and Healthy Chiropractice in a few years? Is there somewhere you want to take this specifically?

My passion is the directory. It is creating global awareness of the best-kept secret in healthcare, which is upper cervical and to make it more of a household term. Make people understand that it's an option. In a pool of potential solutions, why wouldn't you want to at least investigate all of them? The more doctors we can get listed on the directory, we'll continue to add educational, research, and everything else to the directory to let people know when to go in there, “This is a legitimate resource for me to explore the pain, the element that I'm suffering from,” because unfortunately, that's how people are finding us.

They are finding upper cervical analysis as the last resort, “I've tried everything. I've heard of this upper cervical care thing. What's this all about? How can I get involved? How can I find some help?” The more doctors we have listed on the directory, it's going to make it easier for people to find them. A rising tide rises all boats. Everybody benefits. The more people we can have on the directory, the better it is for the profession I believe.

At the end of each show, I like to ask all my guests, what is one piece of advice that has resonated with you over the years that you would like to give the audience? It could be anything.

There are some quotes or motivational triggers that keep me grounded throughout life. I'm a big vision board guy. I've passed it down to my kids. I have two kids. They're both in college. I've been doing vision boards since they were three. It's funny because they still don't do it, but I know it's manifesting in their head and eventually, they will. They'll find it. It's funny because when they start talking about all these things that you throw at your kids, all these motivational sayings or thoughts, eventually, you don't think they're listening and all of a sudden, they come back and they throw it back at you and it's like their idea.

It's like, “I don't care where you got the idea from. I love that you got it.” I've got a bunch of little things that I say to myself. One is don't sweat the small stuff. You need to keep things in perspective from what's important. My family, friends, and my health are very important. You keep that first and foremost. I put that into a business perspective. I'm like, “Don't sweat the small stuff.”

All we're trying to do with the directory and Healthy Chiropractice is let people know about it. From a doctor's standpoint, we want to make it easier for you. Keep people well. Take action and fail fast. Get into something but don't let it go around in your head, trying to find the perfect solution to do it because it never gets there. You're better off. Just get started. Once you get started, then you learn from it, at least you're moving.

You'll figure out if you're going in the right or wrong direction pretty fast.

I've got a bunch but those are the two things that are resonating with me, “Don’t sweat with small stuff and fail fast.”

Where can people find you on social and your website?

Upper Cervical Care I encourage all doctors to list. There's no barrier. If you want to get on there, please list your practice. We've had them. We make sure that doctors who do list their practice are practicing an upper cervical technique. From a marketing standpoint, if you're looking for any marketing help, we invite you to visit Healthy Chiropractice, download a marketing checklist, and then we can have a conversation to figure out what we can make potentially help you in or what opportunities are available that we can step in and help.

Thank you so much for coming to the show. I appreciate your passion for trying to get Upper Cervical Care out to the world at Upper Cervical Care and Healthy Chiropractice. We would love to have you back on the show anytime.

Thank you very much. I've got some exciting news to share. We are getting into a channel that hasn't been economically feasible to do in the past, which is TV commercials. Chiropractors and upper cervical doctors haven't done TV commercials. We are created some patient-centric commercials to help educate people about upper cervical and with connected TV and people cutting the cord, it's a lot more feasible economically to jump into that arena and test the market.

By putting out their educational awareness commercials about upper cervical branded with your practice at the end of it, that's the new way and channel that is going to be very official for all the docs. We're going to have that out. I'll get with you and then maybe we can talk about it and how you get involved and implement it.

Thank you so much for coming on. We'll love to have you back at any time.

Thanks, Kevin.

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