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Getting Weller with Dr. Eddie Weller

3 years ago

Not many realize that oftentimes, healing can be found within your spine. This is what Dr. Eddie Weller discovered when he started his chiropractic journey. Growing up with chronic IBS, Dr. Eddie found the healing he needed in upper cervical care. Now with his Getting Weller Chiropractic practice, he has been helping others and witnessing chiropractic miracles every day. He joins Dr. Kevin Pecca in this episode to share with us his story and help us understand what upper cervical work is. He also lets us in on healing from the above down and inside out—tapping as well into the ways you show up and increase your energy vibration.


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Getting Weller with Dr. Eddie Weller

Thank you for reading. To leave us a review, like and subscribe to get our weekly episodes. You can find us on Instagram, @DrKevinPecca, Facebook @MontclairUpperCervical, my website, and Before we start, I wanted to say what a perfect last name our guest has for an upper cervical chiropractor. Dr. Eddie Weller, out of Getting Weller Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Eddie was played with chronic IBS growing up. When someone told him his IBS could be a result of brainstem interference, he decided to give chiropractic a try. Once under upper cervical care, the interference around his brainstem was removed. His body began to heal and the IBS was resolved. He has been in practice for many years witnessing chiropractic miracles every day. He is brilliant at conveying the chiropractic message and it was a true honor to have him on the show. Please welcome, Dr. Eddie Weller.


We have a special guest, Dr. Eddie Weller. He is a chiropractor out of St. Louis, Missouri. He is one of the best people that convey the chiropractic message that a lot of docs have forgotten about. He's got a great story. I'm excited to have him on and he's an all-around great healer. I thank him for joining us. Dr. Eddie, how are you?

I appreciate you. As I always tell everybody I'm losing my hair but I’m having fun. I'm doing awesome.

Doc, how did you get into the field of chiropractic? We were talking a little bit before. You were doing something completely different and those are my favorite life stories here. Where are you from originally?

I grew up a few blocks from Wrigley Field. I’m born and raised up in Chicago, a crazy town up there, and then moved into a suburb of Chicago. I was up there even prior to going to chiropractic school. Junior year, I struggled. A little bit of my history if you haven't seen or heard of me before through the TIC for the TOR stuff that we'll talk about. It's craziness. I talk with people about, “How did you get into this thing?” I said, “I didn't do it at all.” They're like, “What do you mean?” I said, “It got into me.” They said, “How is that?” I say, “In medicine, you're a medical doctor and you go to medicine. You pick your niche.” “Why do you do that? Do you have a passion for it? There's something educated that interests you.” Chiropractically speaking, there's something that innately that hits your heart. It says, “I have to serve people with this.”

It's changed my life. When we get into that mindset of wanting to serve that way, it's hard to stay the course because what happens is we've become a chiro-treater, not a chiropractor. I think the schools indoctrinate into our thinking about we're treating things versus serving humanity. Here I was seventeen years old, junior in high school, struggling terribly through school. I got a ten on my ACT and I was that kid. I graduated high school at a third-grade reading level. Junior in high school, stomachache real bad, go to the bathroom, have diarrhea of a Dumb and Dumber moment. It was craziness. I'm like, “Maybe bad cheese fries. Who knows?” I'm struggling with that. The irritable bowel went from 1, 2, 3, 4 days, 2, 3, 4 years of having this irritable bowel thing.

I open the book, close the book. I don't know what I read. I wasn't illiterate but my comprehension, but the words sucked. It was awful. There was a disconnect somewhere. I was having a colon issue and I was also having a learning one, an educated one. I graduated high school barely. I moved down to Florida to be a cop. I'm going to cop school down in Florida. I’m doing all my criminology classes. I meet this girl, we start dating and getting serious. I was young. Here I am 19-ish, 20 maybe. We're talking. She's like, “We’re getting serious. I want you to meet my parents.” I'm like, “Sure, I'd love to.” I go to her house for a little barbecue.

She opens the door and I’m like, “I need the restroom,” because you never know when the irritable bowel is going to be irritable. IBS is awful. It was irritable that day and it was irritable to the point like I need a restroom. I go to the restroom, a little pocket door next to the kitchen. I'm having my moment and her father comes in from barbecue and says, “Where's Eddie?” It's a hollow core door right there. I'm in the bathroom doing my thing. I'm right about to finish up. She's like, “Daddy, he’s in the bathroom. He has an irritable bowel.” Her father's like, “He doesn't have irritable bowel. He's got pressure on his brainstem.”

I'm like, “What's that? Why is this person talking about the brain? I got teased enough as a kid because my grade sucked.” I come out of the bathroom. I'm like, “I couldn't help it overhear you. First of all, hello, my name's Eddie. What’s wrong with my brainstem?” He’s like, “You have to understand that your brain sends life to the body. Why do you have irritable bowel? It doesn't send irritable bowel signals. Signals are distorted. Abnormal signals make abnormal things.” I’m like, “Go on.” He tells me a story. Needless to say, he moves a bone in my neck, he transformed my life. He was a chiropractor. This was a chiropractor that was a full-blown straight up through and through mixer. I hated this person because he’s from Pennsylvania.

He took my neck and I'm like, “Holy cow.” I still had irritable bowel issues, but it was every 3 or 4 days. It wasn't every day. Even in chiropractic school, I had irritable bowel, but I can deal with every 3, 4 days. You’re talking to the king of the wet wipes here. It was craziness and struggling with that. The reason I went to chiropractic school. He didn't teach me anything about chiropractic except that one thing that the brain and body must communicate the right way. That was it. This person was a full-blown mixer and he was doing therapies, PT and all the junk. I didn't know any different because here I am at nineteen. I knew nothing of chiropractic.

That's all he said. That was it. The fact the irritable bowel that I had that my health was affected by moving a bone in my neck, I went from cop to chiropractor. I chose Logan because the campus was nice. I'm a city kid from Chicago. I went to Palmer first. He mentioned nothing about BJ and chiropractic and history. Here, I get into Logan and they're pushing on my butt and I'm like, “Some person moved a bone on my neck, now I'm working on somebody's rear.” One is based on structure and the other one's based on function. Going through school, I’m still having some quoting issues.

I went through the organics and stuff. I went into chiropractic school on academic probation because my grades weren't all that great still. We had to have a 2.5, I had a 2.2. Here I am struggling, tri-one, tri-two, do the party thing too. It's still undergrad-ish. A big club C-guy, glow stick. I'm that person. I’m partying having a good time. Tri-three, I start going, “Why are we here? What are we doing now as chiropractors?” There are 187 students in my class and everybody's got all of this disconnect of what chiropractic is and all that stuff. I see this guy talking about Gonstead. I'm like, “What's Gonstead?” He was telling me he had this little instrument, see this needle moves back and forth. I'm like, “That's cool. Why haven't I seen this darn thing before? I have never heard of it.”

I start going to Mount Horeb and went up to the Gonstead Clinics and start doing their seminars and getting into this. I thought, “Who taught Gonstead, Gonstead?” He didn't create this on his own. I'm like, “Nobody ever thinks of that. Gonstead called it after himself but somebody had to teach Gonstead how to adjust.” Now it's tri-four and I see these three guys in front of the class. They listened to this seminar and they're all reading these books that are colored green. I'm like, “That’s interesting. What are those things?” They call me the Yankee of the group because one was from Kentucky, Arkansas and Alabama. They call me Edward J. They’re like, “Edward J, you all got to read this book.” I'm like, “There isn't you all. It's just me.”

He reads this paragraph to me. I'm like, “That sounds weird.” I get this book and I start reading it. It’s Palmer’s Law of Life. Now it's Thanksgiving break. Understand that I did not read a book to completion until I was 22 years old because my reading was poor. Here I am, I’m reading this book, I'm on an airplane. “Once you get a big idea, everything else will follow.” I’m like, “What are you talking about?” I'm reading. I'm 33,000 feet in the air, trimester four. I’m 24 years old. I put my finger in the book, close it halfway, look out the window, look at the plane everywhere.

I'm like, “Nobody knows what I'm reading. Nobody knows what I know.” I'm looking and I'm shaking. I opened the book and it hit me and I close the book. I look out the window and I'm freaking falling. Tears are falling from my face and I’ve got a smile this big, and I'm going, “I know why God put me here.” I didn't know that until a year into chiropractic school. In the chiropractic school, I was not teaching any of this.

What was the light bulb that went off in your head there?

It was the a-ha knowing that there's an intelligence bigger than my educated thinking that knows more than my educated thinking, and that some way somehow that thing resides within my spine. If I can find out where that junction is and where that disturbance is, as a chiropractor lay hands on a spine, shift vertebrae so that intelligence can do what it's supposed to do. It's bigger than me. We can transform humanity. I look at this lady next to me and she was like, “Are you okay?” I said, “You have to understand, I found out why God put me here about five minutes ago. Can I tell you a story?” She's like, “Sure.” I turned to her and I let it rip. She's like, “I’ve never heard of this before,” and I go, “Me neither.” I continued reading and it transforms my life. Here I am, I land in Florida. I talked to mom and dad. I go into my bedroom. I still have my room at their house. I'm reading a book. Mom's like, “What are you doing? You've never read a book on your own, Eddie.” I said, “Mom, I found it.”

It hit me and it started to snowball from there. I finally met a doc doing upper cervical work in tri-four. He moved a bone in my neck. It took eight months of holding the adjustment. Remember, holding is healing, people. Adjustments never helped the soul ever. When I was starting to hold my adjustment for 3 to 4 weeks, 2, 3, 4 months, I'm like, “This is nuts.” From there, it snowballed. I’m reading more and more. The initial adjustment was a knee-chest initial adjustment. I also learned within each adjustment through Dr. Kissinger, the knee-chest adjustment. I learned the head rotation, talking about structure, how you hold it and how the adjustments should be an invitation to innate.

It should entice innate to take the shackled body and free it up. When it does that, life happens. The chiropractor, we stand back and we check the soil when it needs to be watered. Less is more. This is how I get into the toggle work because as I watched BJ transform from the diversified. If you're doing diversified, that's 1905 chiropractic. It's straight-up manipulation. Cavitating a joint thinking you made an adjustment. It's the truth. It’s not my rules. 1923, BJ knows this guy named Dossa Evans. Dossa says, “BJ, check this out. This thing is called a thermocouple.” He studies it for a year.

1924 at Lyceum, he says, “Stop it. I have something here.” He introduced this objective gauge to the profession. We have thermography. With the thermography, that's what I utilize. It's doing the side posture toggle work, watching BJ go from 1935 to 1951. Sixteen years of research on the upper cervical, both knee posture and the side posture, solid headpiece. In 1951 is when Clay Thompson says, “BJ, I know you've been showing us some stuff, but check this out.” This drop mechanism came on out, the shift of vertebrae. It was over.

Dr. Eddie, we live in a world now with social media and you get these doctors on here that they put the microphone right next to the back and you've got a huge audible pop. The majority of the people are thinking that is chiropractic. What you were saying is a completely different blow your mind image of what chiropractic is. I was watching your video on your website of you explaining chiropractic. We touched on it a little bit here, but what is the above down healing from above down inside out idea? A lot of people have no idea what upper cervical work is. If you could explain a little bit about that. Most of my episodes are about upper cervical work, but I want to get a big idea out there.

For those that are easily doing the technique, upper cervical as a technique. If you want to go down to specific on the details, upper cervical is the best full spine application. I can show that to people objectively with a gauge. We're not in any competition with medicine. Many of the videos that have had on the TIC for the TOR video library, a carpenter's a carpenter, a plumber is a plumber. They're not in competition with one another. They're their own distinct thing. The medicine works outside and below us. Chiropractically speaking, we work from above, down, inside out, which means if life happens from the above down from the brain to the body, from the body to the brain, think of it like a safety pin.

Life lives in the nerve. If the body was neurologically sound, then you're thriving from the inside out. This is why you have something. Let's talk about this crazy scenario where we're called COVID. Everybody's worried about this virus. The only intention of the chiropractor, which is chiropractic adjustment done by hand, sorry for those instrumentals. Nothing's wrong with an instrument. The reason why there's an innate touch, that's a whole other story. What happens is when you shift vertebrae in this inside-out thing, the only point of the adjustment is to create an internal environment that stronger than the external stressor. Life can happen. Regardless of the stressors, that was one of my posts on Facebook. I talk about the three Ts. Chiropractors love saying thoughts, traumas, and toxins.

We all talk about toxins and chiropractors are on this bandwagon of vaccines. I don't know why. It makes no sense. It's not chiropractic. Even BJ and DD would talk about vaccines. It's not chiropractic. Chiropractic is to make sure that the body is innately sound. Any stress you give the body, if a parent chooses to give a child a vaccine, it can overcome the body because there's an innate suppression to the system because of that man-made chemical. If there's truly a sperm in the egg that united and that one cell was formed, and then nine months later trillions upon trillions of cells are organized in such a fashion in which there you are as a baby, that same intelligence is in us right now. Whatever created at one cell is creating a new liver every six weeks, new blood every four months. Maybe 35 days.

Our hearts are speeding, new stomach lining every ten minutes. That intelligence knows all. There was a lady I was talking to in the office and she's got full-blown cancer everywhere. I said, “You don't have cancer.” She's like, “What? Look at my blood work. Look at the DEXA scan. They say I have cancer.” “No, you don't have cancer. Your body does. You're living in this thing.” We have to separate ourselves. My cancer, my tumor, my diabetes. It's not yours. It's a condition. The body is trying to struggle through because there's a lack of normal function. If a chiropractor restores normal function at the right place and the right time, stands back and watches this miracle of life happened, that's how people attain their health. Also, we can put a spin on this.

I’ve had a gentleman that I talk to. He came on in, he was yellow as the sun. Jaundices all get out. Liver failure is breaking down. I said, “Brother, do you understand that you don't have liver failure, your body does. I have a three-day protocol that I start people with. I can't do that with you. You are knocking on death's door. We can talk a little bit of Christ right now, open the door on your spirit here, but I'm telling you right now. After our prayer, we need to turn the switch on and see what happens.” We go through this whole thing. I make an adjustment to him. I scan him, get images of his spine. I got all the data that I need, the fifteen exams that I do, pre the adjustment.

I do want to get all of this data, collected all. My educated mind is on the shelf now. It's totally prepared. It's good. It's ready to go to work and then adjustment happens. I rest him for two hours. He's chilling out. If you're not resting after your adjustment, shame on you. Outside of any technique, you have to rest. It shuts off the educated thinking and allows us to structure to adapt to the bumps of the new position. I get him back on up. I check him again objectively with my infrared thermography. Before and after, that crooked line is roped straight. He's like, “I feel weird.” I said, “Keep the weird. I like the weird because we're new. I don't know what's going to happen. I have no idea.”

Here's the spin that I talked with chiropractors and specialty students. Chiropractic is not about health at all. You can look anywhere into 33 principles and you will not ever see the word health. It's about the restoration of function. Health is up to innate, not the chiropractor. When I adjust this guy, I gave him a hug. I said, “God bless you.” I knew. He went home. He was beyond feeble. We sit him down at his car, give him a little high five, put a seatbelt on, give him a hug. He couldn't drive, so his wife drove him to the office. The next day, I get a phone call, he passed.

People are like, “I thought chiropractor is about health?” The chiropractor was like, “You have limitations in there.” Stop it. It's not about health. It's about a better expression of function to every cell tissue and organ of the body. That's what it's about. Medicine can't do that. When you can do that, you've given that person the best opportunity at that point in time. How long their adjustment holds? It’s not up to us. How well their body responds and develops to a problem? It’s not up to us. You are a better human being.

This is the story I tell to everybody. I had a family move in from out of town. Their daughter's got anxiety and depression, she's cutting herself. They say, “We have to move in town and get under care.” I said, “Do you want to do this? Play my game. You have to be here.” They moved. They sold their house and moved here. We'll do that when you're teaching the principle, but you're not only teaching it. You're applying it because if we believe in the thoughts, traumas and toxins, who's addressing thoughts? No one.

We have to understand, chiros, we have two brains. One we think with and the other one that's keeping us alive. Go to Palmer's Law of Life. It's the first diagram that explains humanity. I have it written all over my office. It's huge in my office. Those that are reading this that have never read Palmer's Law of Life and do not have a copy, contact me, I will personally mail you an original, not a digital copy of the book so you can get a printed copy. I’ve mailed off hundreds upon hundreds, almost thousands now. It's my way of giving back to the profession because we all need to be speaking this language.

We all spoke this. We talk the same talk. What's the percentage of the profession? It would be a normal conversation. I see my dentist every six months. I see my chiropractor once a month. It's a normal conversation. It's a way of life, but we can't because there are hundreds upon hundreds of chiros and they're all different. Who's right? If you’re doing physical therapist, you're not a chiropractor. If you’re doing acupuncture, you're not a chiropractor. If you're massaging people, you're not a chiropractor. It’s not my rules. Baseball has four bases. It is what it is. Chiropractors want to add a base, put PT Bay between 1st and 2nd. Massage between 2nd and 3rd. It's not a chiropractor.

How do you show up in the office? I'm starting to find that's as important too for the healing process in our patients and your overall wellbeing. You can't pour from an empty glass. How do you show up in the office? How do you increase your energy vibration to get it going for yourself and for your patients? As we know, sometimes we show up not as our best selves. I think that can also translate to results in the office as well.

That's the head, heart, hands. The heart is always in it but it gets tarnished with your educated thinking. How do you show up? We have several huge flat screens in our office and the lights are usually dimmed. It’s chill because I pre-rest everybody. We have a 65-inch flat-screen. We all show up at least 30 minutes before clients. We don't call them patients because we don't treat disease. We call them clients. We provide a professional service. It's in a book I wrote. It makes sense. I can send you guys that copy. We play a lot of Christian music. We're blaring it. We do our stretches and then we do practice on our tables, do our warmup. It's on our table. Every athlete warms up. We start the day with a prayer. We pray over our adjusting tables, we pray over our beds.

We hold hands with one another. We're high fiving at one. Music is rocking loud and we're getting in state. We have a green book moment. We need daily TIC. A daily TIC is something philosophical we can share the message with because they're not getting any message of the TIC outside of our office. What we do is grab a green book. We have a whole shelf of them. Grab anywhere a green book, open it up right there, whatever page that is. Find a TIC and that's how we relate to this day and age. That allows us to get full. You think of it as a pastor. If you're a pastor of a church, who feels the pastor? The pastor’s got to come on fire.

They come on stage on fire. You got to be ready to unload and unleash. As the chiropractor saying, “You, showing up with a Coke and smoke, do you have relationships at home that suck? Are you not fueling your body in the morning? Are you that thing?” It's not safe to be teaching everybody to swallow all these supplements and do all these green drinks and exercise. Nothing's wrong with that. It's part of the inside out lifestyle. Understand this. I teach this to everybody. You're the most important person in the world. It sounds selfish, but it's about serving because if something's wrong with me, how can I serve humanity? I need to make sure that I'm a priority. When you do that, you're able to serve. When you can serve from the inside out, lives transform because the fire is contagious.

We mentioned a couple of times, what is TIC for the TOR?

Chiropractic for the chiropractor. A few years ago, we had a video and podcast studio in the office that I’d built. We've got this whole studio, nice cameras that stuff. I’ve created hundreds of videos and offer them for free. I had maybe 250, 275 docs on there watching the videos, but like anything else chiropractors, when you give it away for free, there's no respect. There's no value. When chiropractors are doing these visits, $39 to start care and they're doing all this junk, why would you do that? The more people pay for it, the more we expect. I pulled those videos out and chiropractic for the chiropractor. I’ve been training hundreds of docs and I’ve had many different associates.

I have a new associate that has joined me and I’ve got a few of them, but he's a firecracker. He gets the TIC. He gets down understanding the teaching. I asked him to partner up with me and we have an event coming up at Parker. Now we're teaching all of these videos and hosting these one-day intensives and maybe do advanced courses, but it's about philosophy, science and art. We forget also that it sucks that it's a business, but it's a business. In order to keep the lights on, you have to get paid. Students are graduating with $285,000 in student loan debt. If you're charging $40 a visit for an adjustment, you will forever be in debt. SPJ, it was a business. This TIC for the TOR is bringing chiropractic back to the chiropractor. When the chiropractor is on fire for TIC, then that's how we can change humanity by using the same vernacular, same language.

How do you get involved in that? I'm revamping this website. The easiest way is to go to TIC for the TOR Facebook page and like the page. You'll see these upcoming events that we're traveling across the country. Yes, there's an art of it as I teach docs how to analyze the Atlas, regardless of technique. I show docs how we analyze the Atlas and the specificity of its misalignment. Believe it or not, if you're using X-rays outside of Blair views, we've been using X-rays to draw lines. God bless NUCCA and AAO-agnostic. It's a huge variable. You must establish the function aspect of it first, then take pictures of it. You are educatedly ready to look for that thing that you've named or funneled into that misalignment. It's hard because it's palpating and this isn't a gauge. It's a huge variable. There's a lady, I'm her fourth chiropractor and she is in trouble health-wise. Financially, emotionally, spiritually, relationally she's in trouble.

I sat down with her and took some images. She has a Genesis at her posterior and she's missing a transfer process. The docs were like, “You're out over here.” No, it's the other side, but they can't feel it because she's missing a TP. They're rocking her neck. This is why I get frustrated at our profession. People are like, “You're making fun or mocking others.” I would never mock you personally. This is a chiropractic thing. Chiropractically, there is a science, philosophy and art to it. If you're not adhering to all three, it will fail in your office and then you become a chiro treater. That's the goal and long story, to bring chiropractic back to the chiropractor, hence TIC for the TOR.

Dr. Eddie, how do you personally overcome adversity? We all face a ton of adversity in our life. Even with what’s going on, you faced it a lot. I'm curious about how because it's easy to put your head down and say, “This didn't work out.” How do you bounce back, get fired up again, keep pushing on?

This pandemic that happened, it's scaring humanity. I'm a little bit conspiracy guy. I'm in an office building and next door in the office building, they're doing some construction, they're jackhammering the floor. They put in a new bathroom. The plumber made a mistake and he tied in the sewer line to the drain line, the gutter in the building. Our office flooded not once, not twice but three times. We were closed for seven weeks and everybody's numbers dropped because of the COVID thing. Everybody was afraid to leave the house. They're stealing toilet paper from one another. When I see all these things that are occurring, we can focus on what's wrong with us and what we're disconnected with. We can focus on those that get us and get the principle and share more of that.

This isn't social distancing, this is human distancing. When we separate ourselves from humanity, chiropractic says, “Not on our watch. We want to combine together with humanity. We want to serve humanity.” If it's an inside out thing, a chiropractor is like, “Get your spine adjusted to enhance your immune system.” No, it doesn't. What it does is it creates an agitative ability for your body's innate response to a stressor. The adjustment, that's what we need to teach. Nobody talks innate the way we do, nobody offers an adjustment the way we do. PTs do a manipulation. Do you want me to do manipulation? They say, “We adjust too.” No, you don't. Adjustment is an inside-out thing.

If that's happening, there's no such thing as scarcity. God is about intention, purpose, and abundance. There's abundance everywhere, and people are praying for our help. They're looking for a way out. If we can share that message of hope, the good news of TIC, then there's no such thing as, “I'm not coming to your office ever.” We don't wear masks in the office. We don't do gloves in the office ever. We never have. I had a complaint about me from another medical doctor in the building. I put a sign on my door, “The only mask you have to wear as the smile on your face.” She didn't care for that because now she comes out with goggles, masks, gloves up to here like she's delivering cattle. I'm like, “What are you doing?”

She's in this fear mode. Chiropractors don't live in fear. We live in love, light, abundance and serving. When other chiros are mocking one another online, even though I’ve gotten mocking others, I'm calling out your chiropractic. I'm not mocking you and belittling you, because I call out the chiropractic. Understand that I didn't make the rules. I follow. Christianity, the rules are rules. It’s simple. “Accept them in your heart. You're good.” I didn't make that up. Accept the three tenets of philosophy, science, art and apply all three the way they're supposed to be applied, that's chiropractic. It's not a technique. We get away from our technique and we apply it and we'd love and serve. There's no such thing as darkness. It's only love and light and we get to serve humanity. We never live in scarcity because our principles say it as such.

When an office floods, most people would probably shut down and wait for everything to go back to normal. You took the power back in your hands. Tell everybody what you did and how you flipped the script.

The office that we have set up is to care for me. Your office should be set up to care for you. It means I love going to my home. It's my house. I love walking into the office. It's my home. When you do that, you set it up so you're in the right game plan. People don't care what your office looks like. Yes, it creates an experience, but have you ever noticed some of the best food you've ever had is at the craziest, biggest restaurants? It's not the décor. It’s a hole in the wall. In my first practice, the same office that I had was in a closet of an office building. It was the weirdest maze to find it. No signs everywhere.

We were rocking packed. What I did with the flood, I said, “Forget it. I have everybody on a monthly maintenance program.” We do family programs monthly like gym membership. There isn't a disconnect of income. Some of them say, “I want to wait after the flood.” Sure, I can put you on pause. Other ones that said, “I'm afraid to leave the house. I need to wear a mask.” Other ones that said, “When are you checking me?” I went to a brand-new hotel. It's not far from here. Nobody's going to the old hotel. It was easy. I said I'd rent a space, I got a little banquet room, I brought my scanner. I have all the resting beds laid up everywhere.

We saw 88 people one day. It was awesome. People didn't care. They don't care how close they are to one another. They want the power turned on and live inside out. That's the message. If you're offering that to people and you're serving people with that, those don't care what your office looks like. I'm many years out. As a new doc, you go, “I have to have this. I have to have the best this.” In my first office, I went garbage picking, straight up. I spray painted everything, stained it. My first X-ray machine was $3,000. It was a single phase. You should have heard this thing. It was like a Model T Ford. I'd hit the button and go, take this film. We’re literally dipping films. Silver bromide, stink everywhere, it was nuts, but you made it work. People came.

I think of this. I have a huge picture of my office of Herbert Weaver in jail. The most jailed chiropractor. He didn't go to jail for a massage, PT, acupuncture or telling people that we treat conditions. They're adjusting people in jail. Do you think they took the health history of these people? No. They did a chiropractic analysis of what they knew then and adjusted the spine because you're better off. That's what it's about. Get away from this therapeutic diagnostic thinking. There's no diagnosis in my office. We don't bill insurance. We're straight-up cash. If I had to toot our horns, we’re the most expensive in the profession.

If you don't think you're offering the best, I'd love to talk to you. I'd love to help you with that and help you make that shift because I am the best chiropractor in the world. You better think of the same thing to yourself. My son and I would play golf. As I teach him, I say, “You don't want to play golf like Tiger Woods.” He goes, “I don't.” He's third grade. He goes, “I'm going to play better than Tiger Woods.” That's exactly right. You want to be a better chiropractor than BJ. You want to be a better chiropractor than the one you were yesterday. How do you do that? Stick to TIC. Keep your nose in the green books, stay the philosophy. Teach it, sell it and serve it.

Doc, there's one question I like to ask at the end of every show. What is one piece of advice that has sticking with you over the years that you would like to gift the audience? It could be anything.

I remember BJ would say, “If you want me to write a book, give me a day. Do you want me to write a paragraph? Give me a month. Do you want me to write a sentence? Give me a year.” Gary Keller from Keller-Williams Realty wrote a book called The ONE Thing. Everybody should read that book. He said, “What is that one thing? How do you stay in your lane? What's your niche? What's your thing?” The thing is this. It's simple. It's not about you. It's about them. You are a gift to humanity. We are a vessel. That's how I walk into the office. God, whatever you want to come through me, let it be you.

If it's of you, then there's no ego involved. There's no money involved. It's serving involved. When you're doing head, heart and hands and your hands touch a spine, let you think about nothing else. Not your bills, your relationship, what you're working out later, your vacation, where you're going, the car you want to buy, the house you want to live in, the money or the bills that are coming in. The IRS that might be knocking on your door. It doesn't matter what it is. Let it be all about them. When you put others in front of you, only good can come out of that.

Dr. Eddie, where can people find you online? Practice, websites, everything.

It's a cool way to market. If you can, gets your phone and text. Contact me directly, Dr. Weller at 6400. You don't even need a website. This thing is called the EZ Card. You text that you'll get a mini-site on there. You'll get a free copy of the book. It's all about upper cervical care. Twenty-two pages of FAQs of this work. The book is called It Just Makes Sense. It's a killer handout for any office that's doing strict chiropractic work and hand it out to people and they will get TIC. It is a monster marketer. People are like, “How much money did you spend on marketing this and that?” Zero. I don't. Should I share, should I do Facebook Ads? Sure. Maybe I will one day, but our marketing is different today than being done yesterday because of this thing called the internet. When I went to school, there wasn't the internet.

It's easy to do that. TIC for the TOR Facebook page is another easy way to do that, but also contact me. I go by Eddie. I look at it this way. If Jesus walked in my door, I wouldn't say, “I'm Dr. Weller.” I'd say, “I'm Eddie. What’s up?” I wouldn't call him Mr. Jesus. I’m a Christ person if you can't tell, but it's awesome. If you could do that online, contact me. I will send you a green book if you don't have one. You need prayer and need a little hope, anything. I love to serve in any way. I want to love the profession, humanity and I appreciate you. Thank you again for having me. I know I get asked to do these and every story is going to be different, but the energy and the message should relatively be the same in heart and purpose.

Eddie, this was one of my favorite episodes. I love talking chiropractic and I would love to have you back at any time.

Thank you.

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